IRMA Roof Drain

SPECIFICATION: Watts Drainage RD-100-85 epoxy coated cast iron IRMA roof drain with flashing clamp, 4” high stainless steel perforated extension, self-locking polyethylene dome, and no hub (standard) outlet.

Pipe Sizing (Select One)
Suffix 2 3 4 5 6 Description 2"(51) Pipe Size 3"(76) Pipe Size 4"(102) Pipe Size 5"(127) Pipe Size 6"(152) Pipe Size

11” (279)

4” (102)

Outlet Type (Select One)
Suffix NH P T X Description No Hub (MJ) Push On Threaded Outlet Inside Caulk

6 1/4” (159)

Options (Select One or More)
Suffix -13 -A -B -D Description Galvanized Body & Flashing Clamp Accutrol Flow Restrictor Sump Receiver Underdeck Clamp Adjustable Extension Flange Stainless Steel Ballast Guard Ductile Iron Dome Galvanized Dome Ductile Iron Low Dome (4" high) Rough Bronze Dome Aluminum Dome SS Mesh Covered Dome Vandal Proof Dome 2" External Water Dam Side Outlet (2,3,4" only) Fixed Extension (1-1/2",2",3",4") Buy American Compliant
4” Internal Water Dam

PIPE SIZE 12 3/8” (314) 14 1/8” (359)

-F -GSS -K -K13 -K40 -K81 -K80 -K83 -L -R -SO

Free Area Sq. In.


Deck opening 10" (254) with sump receiver 13-1/4" (337)

-V -US

Optional Body Material
Suffix -60 -61 Description PVC Body w/Socket Outlet ABS Body w/Socket Outlet

ES-WD-RD-100-85 USA 1342


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