• • Title of the Project: Business Development Through competitor analysis & Customer Satisfaction Organization/Company: o Name of organization/company – mark 3 o Functional area – marketing o Nature of the organization and its business Introduction of the Topic: The project is directed towards : Understanding the needs of customer & identifying the recent changes in their preferences, so that we can adopt the desired action to make up with such changes. The purpose is to identify the SWOT of the company from the customer satisfaction point of view, so that we can work towards the development of the business, as fulfilling or meeting the changing needs of the customer is very important aspect for the growth and long term survival of any organization. The focus is also been placed on the various other players in the industry and their strategies. Objectives, Scope & Hypothesis: Objective: o to understand the need of the customer o to identify the changes in trends o to identify the competitor’s strategies o to identify the areas of improvement in terms of customer service o to highlight the strengths of the organization Research Methodology:
a. b. c. d. e. Research design - Descriptive Sampling design – Random Sampling Sample size - 50 Sample location – Central Delhi Data type -

f. Instrument used - Questionnaire g. Analytical Tools •

Expected Outcome: The output of the project will enable the company to identify its areas of improvements in terms of customer service as well as the recent changes in the behavior of the customer and company will get better understanding of its competitor’s strategies. Bibliography:

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