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Shell International Tradingand ShippingCompany Limited

ShipInspection Observations Sheet Draft Copy for information only. Do not respond to these observations

JAG PRAKASH lMo 9 3 1 5 7 2 1


Januar y 2010

During the following were madeall of whichwere brought the aboveinspection observations to the attention of, and discussed with,the ship'sMaster Tanksadjacent 5.29 AftFuelOil Bunker to CargoSlopPort(in service for gasoline cargo)not included in the routineportable instrument atmosphere testingof other adjacent spacesto detectcargoleaks pumps in aft scuppers catchment are not fitted/fixed to the starboard slop tank 6.14 Air-driven (underlG) such that only depressurising into the slop tank of spiltcargo and splashloading (gasoline) wouldbe possible from the dump valvesin the aft Notedalso that only the port slop receives any draining catchment but that it is the starboard slop,with 2 valvessegregation on the deck scuppers line,that is the sloptankwhilstportslopis the cargoslop- if any slopsare carried at all)

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Signed of thevessel on behalf Master

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Signed o n b e h a lo ff T arla d r n g Limited S h e l lI n t e r n a t i o n a n dS h i p p i n C g ompany 7929) Tom Edmunds (+44780267 EMC Ltd

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