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Shell International Trading and Shipping Company Limited

Ship f nspection Observations Sheet

Draft Gopy for information only. Do not respond to these observations.

Jag Leela


Houstoo, Texas.


14 Feb. '10

During the above inspection the following observations were made all of which were brought to the attention of, and discussed with, the ship's Master.

It was noted that an enclosed space entry permit had been issued for the inspection of 4 Port ballast tank on I I January 2010. This was 12 days after the tank had been de-ballasted. The ventilation method was stated as natural ventilation rather than by the use of forced ventilation. Atmosphere checks had been made and it was reported that personal gas monitors were used by personnel entering the tank. It was noted that the fall blocks for the port lifeboat had not been lowered onto the davit horns
on completion of the last drill (rectified during the inspection).

Oil residues were observed floating on the surface of the water in the observation tank
(rectified during inspection).
The door closers for the purifier room doors were out of adjustment (rectified during inspection)


On behalf of Vessell

3z 5837 a 3003 7 166Eo

Capt. Nicholas H. Moore pp Shell International Trading and Shipping Company Ltd.

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