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Ancient Art - 24,000 BCE until Egypt

Venus of Willendorf 24-22,000 BCE (Austria)

Lascaux Cave painting 15,000 BCE (S. France)

Stonehenge 3100 BCE (S. England)

Ziggurat of Ur 2200-500 BCE

Rapa Nui of Easter Island 386 BCE

Egyptian Art - 4000 300 BCE (until conquered by Alexander the Great)

Necropolises Valley of the Kings

King Tuts inner coffin Valley of the Kings


Amun local god of Thebes

Great pyramid of Giza King Khufus tomb

Great Sphinx of Giza at King Khufus tomb

Cleopatras Needle
1 each in Paris, NYC, London, & Luxor (already 1000 yo during Cleos reign)

Ancient Greece

Nike of Samothrace (left) Venus de Milo (right)

Temple of Zeus at Olympia

Parthenon atop Acropolis Temple for Athena

Temple of Apollo at Delphi

Ancient Rome


Pantheon in Rome Temple to all gods

Roman aqueduct Notice the roman arches

Coliseum Opened in 80 AD

Hagia Sophia Instanbul 537 AD

Ancient China


Ming dynasty 1368-1644 AD

Pagodas This one from Tang dynasty 686 AD

Great Wall 220 BCE-1644 AD 13,171 miles

Temple at Angkor Wat th 12 century largest Hindu temple

Old, but not quite Ancient

Ireland Book of Kells ca 800 (Bible) Manuscript of the 4 books of the gospel

France Bayeaux Tapestry ca 1066 Battle of Hastings/Norman conquest of England

Florence, Italy Fresco in Arena Chapel in Padua (aka Scrovengi Chapel) ca 1306 by Giotto

Renaissance period 15 -16 century Europe (mostly Italy)

th th

marks a rebirth of classical (ancient Greek and Roman) style

Florence, Italy David ca 1440 by Donatello (dont confuse

with Michelangelos David)

Florence, Italy The Birth of Venus ca 1486 by Sandro Botticelli

Venice, Italy Transfiguration of Christ ca 1487 by Giovanni Bellini

Italy Mona Lisa ca 1505-07 by Leonardo da Vinci

Rome, Italy Sistine Chapel ceiling ca 1508-12 by Michelangelo

Italy School of Athens ca 1511 by Raphael

Venice, Italy Assunta (Assumption) ca 1516-18 by Titian

Dutch/Flemish Arnolfini Portrait ca 1434 by Jan van Eyck

Four Horsemen of Apocalypse

ca 1497-98 by Albrecht Drer

Dutch/Flemish The Tower of Babel ca 1563 by Pieter Bruegel the elder

Spain View of Toledo ca 1604-14 by El Greco

Baroque period 17 mid 18 century Europe (1590-1725)

th th

sumptuous, voluptuous, extravagant styling

Italy Narcissus ca 1597-99 by Caravaggio

Germany Portrait of Henry VIII ca 1637 by Hans Holbein the Younger

Belgium (Flemish) The Three Graces ca 1635 by Peter Paul Rubens

Dutch Republic

Self Portrait ca 1659 by Rembrandt van Rijn

France Seaport ca 1674 by Claude Lorrain

Dutch Republic Girl with Pearl Earring ca 1665 by Johannes Vermeer

Spain Yard with Lunatics ca 1794 by Francisco Goya

American George Washington ca 1796 by Gilbert Stuart

England (romanticism) Mr. and Mrs. William Hallett ca 1785 by Thomas Gainsborough

France (rococo) The Swing ca 1767 by Jean-Honor Fragonard

France (romanticism)
Napoleon at the SaintBernard Pass

ca 1801 by Jacques Louis David

France (romanticism) Liberty Leading the People ca 1830 by Eugne Delacroix

American (realism) Cloud Shadows ca 1890 by Winslow Homer

Impressionist period early 19th early 20th century

captured the essence of a subject rather than its details

Boulevard Montmarte au Printemps

ca1897 by Camille Pissarro

France Caf Concert ca 1878 by douard Manet (not Monet)

France The Dance Class ca 1873-76 by Edgar Degas

France Still Life with Curtain ca 1895 by Paul Czanne

France Impression, Sunrise ca 1872 by Claude Monet

Dance at Le Moulin de la Galette

The Seine and la Grande Jatte

ca 1876 by Pierre Auguste Renoir

ca 1888 by Georges-Pierre Seurat (known for pointillism)

American (based in England)

Arrangement in Grey and Black no.1

aka Whistlers Mother

ca 1871
James Abbott McNeill Whistler

American Summertime ca 1894 by Mary Cassatt

Post-Impressionist period

France I Raro te Oviri ca 1891 by Paul Gauguin

France At the Moulin Rouge ca 1892

by Henri de Toulouse-Latrec

Dutch Starry Night ca 1889 by Vincent van Gogh

Norway The Scream ca 1893 by Edvard Munch

Early 20th century

art nouveau, surrealism, cubism, dadaism, fauvism, expressionism

Austria (art nouveau) The Kiss ca 1907-08 by Gustav Klimt

France (fauvism) Woman with a Hat ca 1905 by Henri Matisse

Russia/France (surrealism/expressionism) The Fiddler ca 1912 by Marc Chagall

Spain (surrealism/dadaism) Persistence of Memory ca 1931 by Salvador Dali

Mexico (realism)
Mural of (Aztec City) Tenochtitlan

ca early 1920s by Diego Rivera

Russian (expressionism) On White II ca 1923 by Wassily Kadinsky

Spain (cubism) Two Girls Reading ca 1934 by Pablo Picasso

Spain (dadaism/surrealism) Painting of Rooster ca 1940 by Joan Mir

(also my favorite coffee mug)

Dutch (surrealism?) Drawing hands ca 1948 by M.C. Escher

(M.C. = Mauritis Cornelis)

Mexico (surrealism)
Self Portrait with Thorn Necklace

ca 1940 by Frida Khalo

(married to Diego Rivera)

American/France (surrealism/dadaism)
A Night at Saint Jean-de-Luz

France (surrealism/dadaism)
Nude Descending a Staircase

ca 1929 by Man Ray

ca 1912 by Marcel Duchamp

20th century American Art

American (impressionism/illustration) Ridden Down ca 1904-05 by Frederic Remington

American (modernism) Blue and Green Music ca 1921 by Georgia OKeefe

American (abstract) Untitled ca 1948 by Jackson Pollock

American (illustrator) The Doctor and the Doll ca 1929 by Norman Rockwell

American (regionalism) American Gothic ca 1930 by Grant Wood

American (realism) Christinas World ca 1948 by Andrew Wyeth

American (nave style) The Pond ca 1953 by Grandma Moses

(Anna Mary Robertson Moses)
started painting at 70

American (pop art) Whaam! ca 1963 by Roy Lichtenstein

American (pop art) Campbells Soup Cans

(32 prints displayed)

ca 1962 by Andy Warhol

American (scuplture) Enseigne de Lunettes ca 1976 by Alexander Calder

American (Harlem

The Migration Series panel 1 ca 1941 by Jacob Lawrence

in no particular order

England The Crystal Palace ca 1854 by Joseph Paxton

Paris, France Notre Dame Cathedral ca 1163-1345 French Gothic style

Agra, India Taj Mahal ca 1648

made entirely of white marble

Versailles, France Palace de Versailles ca 1682-1789 it has over 2,300 rooms!

Moscow, Russia St. Basils Cathedral ca 1552-1560 commissioned by: Ivan the Terrible
actual name: Cathedral of the Intercession of the Virgin by the Moat

Barcelona Pavilion ca 1929 by: Ludwig Mies van der Rohe (German)

Villa Savoye in France ca 1928 by: Le Corbusier (Swiss)

Helsinki, Finland
Auditorium of the University of Technology

ca 1949-1966 by: Alvar Aalto (Finnish)

JFK airport, NYC TWA Flight Center ca 1962 by: Eero Saarinen (Finnish)

Mill Run, PA Falling Water ca 1937 by Frank Lloyd Wright (American)

Hong Kong Bank of China Tower ca 1990 by I.M. Pei (Chinese-American)

Los Angeles, CA Walt Disney Concert hall ca 2003 by Frank Gehry (Canadian-American)

Paris, France The Pont Neuf Wrapped

ca 1985 by Christo and Jeanne-Claude
random fact:They were born on the same day 613-35

London, England St. Pauls Cathedral ca 1708 by Christopher Wren

Athens, Greece the Parthenon ca 432 BCE partially destroyed 1687

Roma, Italy the Pantheon ca 126 AD (the rest of the building is circular)

Dubai, UAE
Burj Khalifa-worlds tallest building

ca 2010

Miyajima, Japan goju-no-to pagoda ca 936-951

Beijing, China Forbidden City ca 1406-1420

Architectural Elements

Art Nouveau 1890-1910 sinuous, floral designs Paris Mtro entrances

Arts and Crafts 18601910 simple designs, light colors started by William Morris in England

Art Deco 1920s-40s machine age designs Chrysler Building, NYC

Classic column styles

Moorish arches

Gothic arches

Roman arches

in no particular order

Louis Daguerre France

invented daguerreotype photography

Matthew Brady American

photos of the Civil War era

Ansel Adams American

b&w landscapes

Dorothea Lange American

depression era

photo of Mikhail Baryshnikov

Annie Leibovitz American

celebrity protraits usually VERY controversial

in no particular order

Greece Discobolus ca 460-450 BCE by: Myron

Greece Laocon and His Sons ca 25 BCE by: 3 sculptors from Rhodes
there is a lot of controversy about who did it

Greece Venus de Milo aka Aphrodite of Milos ca 130-100 BCE by: Alexandros of Antioch
She was sculpted with arms-they were lost during her discovery in 1820

Olympia, Greece Statue of Zeus (destroyed)

ca 430-422 BCE

by Phidias
one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world

Italy David ca 1501-1504 by: Michelangelo

Paris, France The Thinker ca 1902 by: Auguste Rodin (French)

Rome, Italy Trevi Fountain ca 1732-1762 by Nichola Salvi

Rome, Italy Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi ca 1651 by Gian Lorenzo Bernini

Liberty Island, NYC Statue of Liberty

aka Liberty Enlightening the World

ca 1886 by: Frdric Bartholdi (French)

Seven Wonders of the Ancient World

Great Pyramid of Giza

Hanging gardens of Babylon

Temple of Artemis

Statue of Zeus at Olympia

Mausoleum at Halicarnassus

Colossus of Rhodes

Lighthouse of Alexandria