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5cooby is no ordinary cntcrtaincr. Hith ovcr a
dccadc of cxpcricncc in thc cntcrtainmcnt industry
charmin¿ audicnccs on corporatc sta¿cs, in circus
bi¿tops and at strcct fcstivals all ovcr thc world,
it is safc to say 5cooby is much morc than
']ust anothcr ]u¿¿lcr'.

Thc oftcn bcardcd 5cooby has always had a natural
ability to turn any ¿roup of ordinary pcoplc into a
cncr¿iscd audicncc. Mis quick comcdic timin¿ and
hi¿h cncr¿y charactcr makcs 5cooby onc of thc
most cxcitin¿ intcrnational pcrformcrs at any fcstival.

Mavin¿ pcrformcd at hundrcds of fcstivals
all ovcr Australia and £uropc, 5cooby Circus has thc
knowlcd¿c and cxpcricncc to crcatc and dclivcr
cntcrtainmcnt that is tailor madc to suit your nccds.

ºor ovcr a dccadc 5cooby Circus has tourcd thc
world hcadlinin¿ fcstivals whith his uniquc, quirky
brand of comcdy circus. ºcstivals includc 8ambcr¿
Zaubcrt in Ccrmany, Altstadtzaubcr in Austria, thc
lntcrnational 5omcrºcst in 8cl¿ium and thc famous
£dinbur¿h ºrin¿c ºcstival in 5cotland.

Hant cxcitin¿ cntcrtainmcnt which will crcatc that all
important lastin¿ imprcssionº