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DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY US ARMY INSTALLATION MANAGEMENT COMMAND HEADQUARTERS, UNITED STATES ARMY GARRISON, FORT MONMOUTH 286 SANGER AVENUE FORT MONMOUTH, NEW JERSEY 07703-5101 MAR 2 7 2007 IMNE-MON-PWE MEMORANDUM FOR Commanders, Directors and Office Chiefs SUBJECT: Fort Monmouth Earth Day & Arbor Day Observance 27 April 2007 1. The Army is proud to join with the Nation in celebrating the 37" anniversary of Earth Day. The Army restores, preserves and enhances natural resources entrusted to its, care by the American public. As such, this event represents an educational opportunity for all residents and staff, 2. In 2007, Fort Monmouth’s Earth Day Observance will be combined with Arbor Day. Both will be celebrated on Friday, 27 April, 1000-1500 in the Lane Hall atrium. Videos featuring relevant environmental topics will be featured throughout the day. Exhibitors representing public and private organizations will be present to offer informational materials. Please encourage all to attend this annual event. 3. The Point of Contact for the Fort Monmouth Earth Day/Arbor Day Observance is Kevin Gashlin, Directorate of Public Works, ext 2-7068. Rede dado RICKI L. SULLIVAN COL, FA Commanding DISTRIBUTION: M&R plus