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RTRRT The Real Time Reality Rendering Tools have O5 or Oberon V for core “discreating” technique. O5 is like confession: once one has fully confessed negativity, one disposes of it: in this way, a space for positivity is created. Manifestation happens within 5 minutes.

TAURUS RISING Businessmen have been perusing their 5 minutes of taurine chance in order to raise funds, make winning stocks purchase or launch new enterprises. Taurus ascends for 5 minutes.

TIMING A RITUAL Te ancient initiates timed their own magick rituals according to a specific angel or star.
Equator Equator Phaethon Huya 2002 GZ32 Libra Titan Iapetus Hyperion Tethys Saturn Rhea Enceladus Dione Phoebe 1999 HD12 2001 XA255 1999 KW4 Deucalion 2004 PR107 Eunomia Mercury 2002 CA249 Corvus 2008 SO218 2004Hathor NE32 Sun Rhadamanthus 2002 FY36 Crater 2004 XP14 Talos Ecliptic 2000 CO104 1999 DE9 2004 DG77 Cacus Equator Equator

2005 EO302

2006 KZ39 2005 VJ119 2004 CJ39 Lameia Anubis 2006 RH120 Icke 2002 KX14 2007 JJ43 Ecliptic Venus Ptah 1996 AR20 2001 BL41 1999 JV127 Adria 2004 GV9

Centaurus LINEAR (MPC 49591) Horizon Amycus Scorpius Local time: 12:49:01 2013/10/20 JD 2456585.95 Lupus Field of view: 90° 00' 00" Azimuth: 180.0000° Altitude: +20.0000° Magnitudes: 31.0 31.2 31.4 31.6 31.8 32.0 Single star Multiple star Variable star Antlia Horizon

Viewed from: Fiumestate 14° 26' 44" E 45° 19' 38" N

It would happen so that a trained magus would pick perfect timing even by sole intuition. PERSONAL BUSINESS MAGICK Personal business magick will of course tend to rely on much more than mere intuition: precise “directional” calculi. The second is critical in stocks purchase much as the minute of a successful marriage is crucial for posterity.

This very project starts with the Sun precisely on the meridian – an excellent manifestation omen.


1999 HD12 2001 XA255

Ecliptic 2006 2004 C

Galactic Equator




2006 RH120 Anubis Lameia 2002 KX14 2007 JJ43

Ptah 1996 A 20

Sagitta Quaoar 2002 MS4 Aquila Scutum Hylonome Olympiada

Icke Venus

C/2004 Q2 (Machholz) Ixion 2003 CO1

Horizon Delphinus E Olympia Pluto Charon Voyager II Nemo Crantor Alice Sagittarius Ecliptic Magnitudes: 31.0 31.2 31.4 31.6 31.8 32.0 Single star Multiple star Variable star Pandora

SE Amycus

Horizon Scorpius Chariklo

1998 QE2 Equuleus Viewed from: Fiumestate 14° 26' 44" E 45° 19' 38" N Equator Local time: 12:49:20 2013/10/20 JD 2456585.95 Field of view: 90° 00' 00" Azimuth: 111.6208° Altitude: +06.6503°

Galactic Equator

INSTANT MAGICK BESTSELLERS Instant Healing Cancer Cure Immortality MINI RTRRT Initiation Maverick Seduction Love & Money MINI RTRRT ETER Emotion-time-energy-retriever Reboot! INTEGER Personal Cosmic Secretary O5IRIS Instant Healing Marriage Rendering Personal cO5mic Avatar Mini RTRRT Prosperity Rendering Wish Wheel
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