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King and Queen

King and Queen

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Published by: ataraxia_ galactica86 on Oct 30, 2013
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King and Queen

Procedure: This is a whole group activity that takes place at the carpet/benches and then we move to the desks. I will randomly flip one student’s name over on the name chart and that student will be the king or queen for the day. I will hold up the name card and we will say each of the letters, count the vowels, and count the consonants in the name. Then we do a name chant. Next, the students will go back to their desks. The king or queen will get a crown to color and wear for the rest of the day. Everyone else will receive a piece of paper with a green, yellow, and red dot on it. The green dot is at the top, the yellow dot is in the middle, and the red dot is at the bottom. The students will write “To (insert name)” by the green dot, “From (insert name)” by the red dot, and “I like you.” by the yellow dot. Then they will draw a picture for the king or queen. The king or queen will get to take all the papers from the other students home.

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