Dear Bender Avenue Resident, As much as we love Halloween, we all know that things have gotten a little out of hand on Bender Avenue in recent years. With Halloween being disrupted for two years running, we may have an opportunity to calm things down a bit. We'd like to see a safe, festive atmosphere without attracting uncontrollable amounts of attention to one particular area . To be clear, the Borough of Roselle Park does not sponsor any Halloween activity or event, and this includes any activity on Bender Avenue. That said, the Borough does play a role in terms of safety and security. While we never want to cut down on safety measures, it seems that some of these provisions may be backfiring and making it seem like a major destination for the whole region. To help control the situation, when anyone calls Borough offices with inquiries about Halloween on Bender Avenue, the caller now will be advised that there will be trick-or-treating in all of Roselle Park, but won't get any specific information about Bender Avenue. They won't get directions to Bender Avenue, either (residents presumably will know where it is!). The Police Department and other appropriate Borough departments will be at the ready to take any steps necessary as events develop. However, streets won't be blocked off in advance and the large lights won't be set up unless it's clear that they are absolutely necessary. We hope that this answers any questions you might have. As always, we wish you and your family a happy and safe holiday. Sincerely, Andrew Casais and Charlene Storey First and Second Ward Councilpersons Second Ward: cstorey@rosellepark.net; 482-2271

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