The US is a most untrustworthy nation, whether as an ally or as an earthly adversary.

Its politicians are fully committed liars and very compulsive tricksters. Its intelligence services are all over the world, busily spying, hacking and committing all sorts of crimes including subversion, assassinations, and acts of false flag incidents plus putrefying numerous alien societes. How evil. Even worse, the US today has the most efficient and evil war machine or killing machine in the world. This machine is the largest of its kind in the world today contrary to many western and south asian sources who say that other machines are larger. The US killing machine has the largest annual budget known to man, typically over a trillion dollars yearly and has the biggest network of overseas bases and facilities numbering over ,!!!. Its special forces units currently operate in over "! countries, either openly or covertly, killing, maiming, kidnapping, raping and destroying designated soft targets usually unarmed civilians. It is truly the genghis of our time. The US is well on its way to economic armageddon and eternal perdition but it is fully determined to first bring destruction to the rest of the world. It wants all humanity to accompany it to hell.

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