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NSIT - Crosslink Magazine- facebook'd

NSIT - Crosslink Magazine- facebook'd

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Published by Pulkit Aggarwal
This Magazine contains the experience of those students who are able to able to go under the ups and down to finally get placed at the grand daddy company of siicon valley - Facebook
This Magazine contains the experience of those students who are able to able to go under the ups and down to finally get placed at the grand daddy company of siicon valley - Facebook

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Published by: Pulkit Aggarwal on Oct 31, 2013
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Compiled by : Akanksha Dangi Anshay Deshwar Harveen Oberoi Nilanjana Goel Veeresh Goswami Videt Jaiswal Designed by : Gaurav Gupta

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Amongst all. So. from the diaries of ALUMNI CROSSLINKS CROSSLINKS .As the placement season continues. the one company which is the most anticipated and leaves everyone agape is Facebook. it seemed only plausible that we bring to you an exclusive issue of interviews covering students and alumni who overcame all obstacles to realize the Facebook dream. every student has his or her eyes set on the seniors and the companies that they are being selected in. Each student draws inspiration from the seniors who overcome their phases of stress and apprehension to finally land their dream job(s).

Mahesh Chandra Sharma is an Electronics and Communication Engineering graduate from the Batch of 2011. He was placed in Directi via on campus placements. What did your college give you? Mahesh Chandra Sharma I think a good college really helps in building a good career and giving you a platform. CROSSLINKS CROSSLINKS by Videt Jaiswal . Mahesh Chandra Sharma You are placed in Facebook. How was the selection process? Mahesh Chandra Sharma It was a long process which comprised of 1 online test. I think they were more interested in programming skills than algorithmic skills. Please share your experience with us. Ireland. Questions that were put forth were not very difficult but I was being closely observed as I coded the solutions.About Mahesh Chandra Sharma Mr. Mahesh Chandra Sharma How far is your college responsible in making you what you are today. I did initiate a programming group on Facebook. I realized software companies were more up my alley (not completely though). People use this group as a forum for asking programming and algorithmic problems. 1 telephonic and 3 onsite interview rounds. I can’t really say whether it helps or not. By the end of 2nd year I became aware of my penchant for solving mathematical and algorithmic puzzles opposed to the core electronics stuff. In NSIT. I got placed in Directi through on campus placements. How did this transition of fields come about? What was your inspiration? Mahesh Chandra Sharma When I took admission I randomly made a choice between ECE and COE. you became a Software Developer for Directi and now for Facebook. As the placement season approached. Mahesh Chandra Sharma Were you involved in societies in NSIT? Did that help you in any way? Mahesh Chandra Sharma I was not involved in any society in NSIT. Later on I realized that the choice didn’t match my interest. He applied to Facebook Off-campus after a year and is now a Software Engineer at Facebook. So. Mahesh Chandra Sharma In spite of being in Electronics department in NSIT. I met some brilliant people who have inspired me a lot. though.

I had set pretty stiff targets for myself. Another big advantage that I believe I had was the projects I worked on during my 4 years at NSIT. Ekansh Preet Singh According to you.About Ekansh Preet Singh Ekansh Preet Singh. Everybody has high hopes from himself/herself and so did I. I believe. California. I was pretty nervous entering into the placement season. I was mainly targeting the big software firms like Adobe. got placed in Facebook in the year 2011. CROSSLINKS CROSSLINKS . His name is synonymous with competitions like GSoC. My practical knowledge plus my genuine interest in computers gave me an edge over the others (or so I feel). I did numerous things in the field of computers and that helped increase my knowledge and depth and provided multiple facets to my resume. everyone is. A two time GSoC-er. But then again. Google and the like. it does help. Ekansh Preet Singh What is your profile at Facebook? And at which Facebook office have you been posted? Ekansh Preet Singh I am a Software Development Engineer at Facebook at their Menlo Park campus. Ekansh Preet Singh What was your approach while entering into the placement season? Were there certain companies that you were targeting? Ekansh Preet Singh To be honest. these companies want you to not just know the theory but be able to implement it practically also. Also. Crosslinks interviewed him and following is an excerpt from the same. what to study and from where. I remember our batch had performed pretty poorly during the internship process in 3rd year so that was another reason for anxiety. he is a known stickler at his work. Amazon. Also. who is an Information Technology graduate from the 2012 Batch of NSIT. what gave you an edge over others during the Facebook placement procedure? Ekansh Preet Singh If you have been geeky since the beginning.

You shouldn’t sit for a company thinking that Isme toh hona hi nahi hai. CSS and the like.Ekansh Preet Singh You were selected for GSoC. particularly GSoC. there is a lot of luck involved in placements. one should have at least one or two good projects. most importantly. only then will you actually be able to do it. Finally. Ekansh Preet Singh I have learnt a lot from the placement season. placement season is one of the most tormenting times. First. were primarily in PHP and Javascript and were a massive learning experience. I organized events and thereafter took seminars. but it is certainly a big help. At NSITonline. twice. stay positive and be strong! You shall definitely have your day! Ekansh Preet Singh added a new photo by Veeresh Goswami CROSSLINKS CROSSLINKS . These can be projects with teachers or with organizations. I was asked about my favourite project. They taught me about the various architectures being used in the industry. any open source work or anything that you wanted to work on. through these societies I came into contact with seniors who guided me whenever I required their help. Main toh bas experience ke liye aaya hoon. if not more. At CSI. JavaScript. I learnt PHP because I had to work on an NSITonline project. It sort of set the tone of the interview for me. How was the learning experience there? Ekansh Preet Singh NSITonline and CSI provided me with the start I needed. ThinkUp (Expert Labs) in GSoC 2010 and StatusNet in 2011. Being a Google intern does leave a good impression with the interviewer. HTML. Ekansh Preet Singh You were one of the most active members of NSITonline and CSI-NSIT. Ekansh Preet Singh You are among the most influential figures at NSIT. both in Amazon and in Facebook. Just make sure you learn something from them. Second. You should have worked passionately on the project. it is the knowledge gained and the learning experience. I had basically been a web developer in college and did projects using PHP. What would be your word of advice for fellow NSITians. And honestly. helped me a lot during placements. you shouldn’t think that someone who is better than you has to get placed before you can get your chance. Study well. I started working actively in these societies right in my first year. Both my GSoC projects. It is not the ‘certificate’ of internship that is important. As much luck as hard work. How was the experience? What type of projects did you work on while you were in NSIT? Do you think your internships helped you during placements. Also. with the intention of cracking the company. I’m not saying that it is compulsory. especially at Facebook? Ekansh Preet Singh My projects. During two interviews in Amazon and two interviews in Facebook. mentally and emotionally. They taught me how to write a professional code which is easy to understand and is optimized. things that helped me build confidence. I did projects which helped me improve my technical knowledge. You must come with a positive frame of mind. taken it to completion and learnt a lot during the process. You should be able to present it to the person sitting in front of you.


One thing that I believe paid off was the CAT coaching that I did for aptitude tests in placements.Thankfully. They also asked me about the project that I did at Amazon.. a friend of mine.About Saurabh Modi He is a Computer Science student of the Batch of 2013. Fumbling on a question isn’t a major issue if you can eventually produce a code that works fine. His word of advice to his fellow juniors at NSIT is to be engaged in projects and various activities in college and gain practical knowledge via online courses and maybe even coaching institutes. He describes his college life as a prodigious one and believes that NSIT gives you a lot of free time to pursue your interests. The interviewers were quite friendly. The academics don’t really pose any hindrance. currently in his fourth year. my sole aim was to just survive instead of trying to do extremely well. They expected us to code whatever solution we could propose and preferred clean code. but I just joined CAT coaching so that I could do well in the aptitude questions that most tech companies tend to ask. it was a really nice experience. or success mantras as you may like to call them. of course. I started doing this after 3rd semester break with Mukul. Don’t get me wrong. So. To answer the last question. Overall. is subjective. even if you don’t want to do an MBA. The unfortunate thing is that people who plan on doing an MBA tend to crack such aptitude exams and those who want to stay in tech don’t. I wasn’t really targeting any specific company. So. But this. We had to write codes that could pass some test cases. The other thing that helped me a lot was that I have always been active on platforms like spoj and codechef. I wasn’t looking forward to the placement season. read on! Saurabh Modi What was your approach while entering the placement season? Were there certain companies that you were targeting? Saurabh Modi See. I was sitting for Adobe . there were 4 interview rounds in the college guest house. Frankly.Since I hadn’t really prepared myself for placements as such. After that. CROSSLINKS CROSSLINKS . Saurabh Modi Take us through the entire placement procedure of Facebook. The interviews continued for the entire day and were based on DS/Algorithms only and not on subjects like OS and Networking. with us. or if possible. He is placed at Facebook and is satisfied and happy. The transition into the placement season was quite sudden for me. I was interning at Amazon IDC. CAT coaching definitely helps in general. One day I was interning in Hyderabad and the next day. so I never really found any time to prepare for the placements. This is such an anxiety ridden time . you’re on your own again and only your technical skills help. Written round tends to be the hardest one. I have no intention of doing an MBA right now. dream companies like Facebook or Google. The best part was that we were allowed to code in any language we were comfortable with. MS. I didn’t have to face any of its fire. etc. Saurabh Modi The placement procedure of Facebook consists of a written round and 4 interview rounds. His best moments at NSIT were those spent in Moksha’11 during the pop night. which eventually gave him a headache that lasted for three days. I just wanted to get into one of the good A++ companies like Amazon. Once you clear the written exam. He shared his experience. from the written rounds till the final online interviews.

The interview questions by themselves weren’t too hard. Again. it wasn’t really a long process. Saurabh Modi My advice to NSITians would be to do whatever they like to do. Don’t do anything just because your friend is doing it. Don’t do interns just because others are doing it too. so how were you able to maintain the ‘self-belief’ that you could pull this off? Saurabh Modi Haha. During boot-camp a person gets to work with different teams. He understood the challenges an intern faces. Plus. that exists in NSIT too. what gave you an edge over others during the Facebook placement procedure? It was a slightly long process. What would be your word of advice for fellow NSITians. I am a very lazy person. and have fun while doing it. at Amazon. Saurabh Modi You are. Apart from this. it was a nice experience. So. at present. CSI and Rotaract when I was a fresher. and at the end he has to choose the team he/she is best fit for. and unfortunately. Message sent by any one client was broadcasted to other clients. It was basically a system wherein a central server existed and clients were connected to it. California. I participated in one or two drives. I have done one intern project at Amazon. didn’t really coincide with the work these societies did. all in all. Saurabh Modi Do you think your internships helped you during placements. is one of the best and most respectable teachers I have ever had. Saurabh Modi What type of projects and technical activities did you work on? How did they help you? Saurabh Modi I did a simple chat client application project in my 2nd year with my friends Rachit Goel and Varun Sharma. Above all. especially at Facebook? Saurabh Modi For most of the part. So I stopped being a part of these societies. Saurabh Modi What all societies had you joined in the college? How was the learning experience there? Saurabh Modi I had joined IEEE. find your passion and pursue it. Saurabh Modi What is the profile you are being offered and what type of tasks would you be entrusted with. Thankfully. Mr Abhay Dang. at Facebook? And at which Facebook office would you be posted? Saurabh Modi The profile that I’m being offered is that of a Software Engineer. All the interviews ended the same day and the results were announced the next morning. So. by Akanksha Dangi CROSSLINKS CROSSLINKS . There’s this constant rat race in almost all technical colleges. The only technical intern that I’ve ever done was the one I did after my 3rd year. do it because you want to. There are a variety of teams at Facebook.Saurabh Modi According to you. Each person has to go through 6 weeks of boot-camp. online judges do help a lot. The results of the written round were announced 3-4 days after the test and we had the interview rounds after that. the fact that I was able to code the solutions fast (faster than the others) was the main thing. wherein he/she learns a lot of things. They asked a lot about the challenges that I faced and the ways in which overcame them. Separate yourself from the rat race as soon as possible. one of the most influential figures at NSIT. because of the intern I had a lot of stuff to say. have fun and never give up on what you like because it seems hard at the moment. there’s a great deal of freedom and responsibility entrusted to each engineer. It did help quite a lot in the Facebook interview round 4. I’ll be posted at Menlo Park. Don’t do things just for adding another bullet point to CV. But then realized soon enough that my interest. programming on online judges and algorithms. Implementation/thinking skills improve drastically when you’re active on such competitive platforms. and tried to make my project as enjoyable as possible. it wasn’t really a long process. My mentor at Amazon. I learnt a lot from him.

namely Google. CROSSLINKS CROSSLINKS . Our interviews were scheduled with the DTU students. It was a difficult graph based problem. from overnight hostel CS to sleeping in class and many others things. from fests to boring college routine. Vaibhav Mittal There was a written test first. the interviewers introduced themselves to me and proceeded by asking for my introduction. from the written rounds till the final online interviews. rather than targeting any and every software company. Although the questions asked were easy but the interviewers expected a bug free solution in the first attempt.” Vaibhav Mittal What was your approach while entering the placement season? Were there certain companies which you were targeting? Vaibhav Mittal I wanted to study further so I just wanted a job at the back end. It is good to decide what your target is before the placement session because it helps you streamline your efforts towards a particular goal. “There is so much to enjoy. I had limited my dictionary of companies to a few. He describes his life at NSIT as full of fun and excitement. they asked a couple of technical algorithms-data structures based questions. attitude and personality. design and testing skills for top-end companies but they also test your confidence. Vaibhav Mittal What do you think. gave you an edge over others during the Facebook placement procedure? Vaibhav Mittal Confidence is what gave me an edge over others. consisting of 1 coding question which we had to complete in an hour. they gave me some time to ask anything about Facebook. It is important to have good communication skills. Facebook. Apple and Adobe. and finally. development. Then. Every moment spent with them is special to me and I would always cherish those memories. First.About Vaibhav Mittal He is a Computer Engineering student of the Batch of 2013. Microsoft. There were 4 technical interviews all of which had a fixed pattern. Vaibhav Mittal Take us through the entire placement procedure of Facebook. It helped me focus better. This is the place where I made friends for life. In his words. It was followed by selection of 5 students from our college for further interviews. from movie outings to copying assignments. Every aspect of interview was important.

I was able to compete with my batch mates and seniors and work on my weaknesses. Under the guidance of seniors. at present. I had gone through the written questions generally asked in various colleges in the past. Menlo Park office. the Interview Book. It is because the process followed by Facebook is more rigorous than the one at Microsoft. To refresh the knowledge of basic data structures and algorithms. Stop thinking about placements/package. one of the highly commendable personalities in the campus. Apart from the normal curriculum at NSIT. That was it for Microsoft. Math wrath The thing which helped me the most was the NSIT programming group on Facebook. Apart from societies. I am doing a project on E-learning systems under Dr. you are at one of the best institutions of our country for engineering. It helped me get familiar with cloud computing and the software development process of an IT-giant. in gaining experience in your field and also for placement season. Shampa Chakraverty. Vaibhav Mittal Guys. I went over the interview questions asked in Microsoft. Vaibhav Mittal You are. I went over geeksforgeeks. coding on various online judges was the key pillar to my growth and learning process. Vaibhav Mittal Do you think the internships and projects you did were helpful to you? Also tell us a little about the projects and internships you were associated with. What would be your message for fellow NSITians. Vaibhav Mittal added a new photo by Akanksha Dangi CROSSLINKS CROSSLINKS . Preparing for Facebook is entirely different. I interned at Microsoft IDC and was given an opportunity to go through the interview process for the job (PPI). Vaibhav Mittal Internships and projects help a lot. Also I did CLRS.Vaibhav Mittal How did you prepare for the placement season? Vaibhav Mittal I sat for the recruitment process of two companies. at Facebook? And at which Facebook office would you be posted? Vaibhav Mittal I am being offered the Software Engineer profile at Facebook. I did my internship at the end of my third year at Microsoft IDC in Server Tools and Business Division under Developer Analytics team. Code battle. California. I started a week before my scheduled interviews. After clearing the written.org and Crack. Find your passion in engineering and you will get the best in life. Vaibhav Mittal What is the profile you are being offered and what type of tasks would you be entrusted with. enjoy the college life. I just revised CLRS once. Vaibhav Mittal What all technical events or societies were you a part of? How did they contribute in making you what you are today? Vaibhav Mittal Societies: CSI Technical Events at college: Bug the bug.

Abhay Pruthi. Each academic year. One such society is Crosslinks. The Team 4th year .Akash Malhotra. Anshay Deshwar. Ragini Lalit. Over the years. Akanksha Dangi. Sumant Arora.About CROSS LINKS NSIT has umpteen number of societies. ranging from technical to cultural. Videt Jaiswal CROSSLINKS CROSSLINKS . it has endeavoured to create a niche for NSIT in the educational arena. Sahil Pruthi. This is followed by ‘The Freshers’ Week’ wherein the newbies get to understand the functioning of various clubs and societies and can select the ones they want to be a part of. Jalaj chadha. Akshay Pruthi. Crosslinks organizes the orientation of various societies for the freshers. Crosslinks has emerged as a student forum which provides the students with comprehensive information. Crosslinks is the official media management society of NSIT. It also provides NSITians with the platform to participate in talk shows conducted by NDTV and Doordarshan. and are an integral part of the college. At the same time. Harveen Oberoi. Gaurav Gupta. Sreetika Ray Mohaptra. Rachit Jain. Vibhor Relhan 3rd year . which works for promoting the brand name of NSIT in and around Delhi. Crosslinks brings forth various student initiatives. Nilanjana Goel 2nd year . But then there are those which cannot be classified into categories. accomplishments and activities through frequent newsletters and the official college magazine.Sakshi Jain.

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