Department Recruitment

Departmental Quality Objective Timely hiring of competent resources

arameter !"r #ea$urement From the date of receipt of Manpower Requisition Form (MRF)

%re&uency "! Data C"llecti"n Once in every quarter

Tar'et As assigned in the KRAs

uman Resource

!pgrade the s"ill levels of employees Achieve and sustain employee satisfaction

#o$ of training hours per employee *mployee +atisfaction ,evel Rating 2ue date 3s Actual date

Twice in every year

%& ' () hours per employee .) ' .&/

Once in every year


On time payment of utilities 0 service 1ills

Once in every month

4ithin due date (& ' %) days grace period)

5rovide high uptime for the office

!ptime of office equipment services

Once in every quarter


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