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Completion of 220 kV XLPE cable project in Qatar

May 19, 2009 S. Mashio, T. Shimizu, K. Kumagawa, M. Doi

Outline of Project • Power Utility(KAHRAMAA) developed 7th and 8th power line projects with 220kV and 400kV XLPE cables in the vicinity Doha City. LDS 2 Umm Al Super Amad 400kV XLPE 2 cct x 22km (JPS supply 1cct) Al Super Wajbah Al Waab Super 220kV XLPE 2 cct x 12km (JPS supply 1 cct) • J-Power Systems (JPS) supplied one circuit 220kV Line and it was recently commissioned in April 2009. • 400kV line is under construction by JPS and planed to be commissioned in May 2010. • Two circuit 220kV line construction started in 2007. .

100% load) Cable Type : 2500mm2(4934KCM) Lead Sheathed Cable ( against saline contamination in soil ) Route Length: 7.Features Heavy Duty and High Transmission Capacity Design       Transmission Capacity : 515MVA (1352 A/cable. FEM thermal analysis for optimum duct bank design. .5miles (12km) Premold Joints: 66 (w/ copper sleeve in FRP box) Section length :1600ft (500m) (32 tons/reel) Installed in Trench (Major section is direct burial) Special concern about soil dry out:   DTS monitoring system provided for entire route.

m/W) whilst Bedrock was 0.7Km/W.7Km/W) Normal soil in over layer was assumed dry out ( 2.FEM analysis in plural soil condition Bedrock (0. trench width was optimized by FEM analysis .7K. Due to difficulty of cutting trench and procurement of backfill.

[ System approach by JPS ]  Qualification & training for joint team  Keeping clean & low humidity circumstances  Process control of jointing work by engineer [ Final verification in commissioning test]  AC high voltage test for entire length  PD measurement at each Joint with PD sensor . Though premolded joint can be tested in factory.Jointing Work JPS has supplied more than 1500pcs of 220kV premolded joints. previous experiences showed vital importance of jointing work.

5 Miles (12km) ・ Resonant Frequency : 25 Hz .AC High Voltage Test Frequency Resonant AC Transformer AC High Voltage Test (IEC 62067) ・Test Voltage :AC 180kV (1.4Uo) for 1 hour ・ Route Length : 7.

then gradually decreased to Uo considering PD inception voltage ratio. of Joint : 66 (22JB) Test voltage was raised to 1.PD Measurement ・Test Voltage : Uo ・ Nos.4Uo for 10sec. Termination Portable PD measurement device Coaxial Cable 220kV XLPE Cable Insulating Joint with Coffin Box Capacitive PD sensor Terminal Box in .

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