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US Army Corps of Engineers St Paul Dstrict Colonel Joseph Briggs concentrates on briefing materials during one of the nany project briefings he atended Crosscurrents Vol. 8 during his visit in April, Colonel Briggs. will take over command of the St. Paul District from Cotone! Rapp on July 8. ‘toby Kes Garr New Project Scheduled to Begin at Weaver Bottoms “Over the yeans, the habitat in Weaver Dottom has detesiorated,” suid Dan Krum. hol, river resource coordinator. “A com. pleted biological study shows that a strong, flow of water from the main channel of the Mississippi Riverisentering theough the side channels into the Bottoms This flow deposits sand and sediment that is slowly killing the squatie vegetation that fish and ‘wildlife depend on for habitat.” ‘Another part ofthe study shows that the ower end of the Bottoms receives strong, ‘These winds create turbulent waters that also prevents the {growth of vegetation,” Dan explained, To correct this problem, the Corps 4s in the process of developing 2 plan for implement ing the rehabilitation of the Weaver Bottoms \whicl was GREAT study recommendation Dennis Anderson, PD-ER, is the study manages for this phase of the project which, involves extensive coordination with resource manggersfrom other agencies, The Fish and Wildlife Service is cooperating, southeast. winds agency on the project and Is expected 1 participate in the construction and moni- toring, Clif Schlueter, ED-GH, is working, vith the Warerway Experiment Station on 2 hydraulic model for the rehabilitation The model will hopefully answer questions 45 (0 whit Hpe of design Is best sulted t0 ‘correct this problem and what the potential effects ace on flood levels and sediment transpor,” Dan st, “the Corps and other agencies are confiden: that islands are needed to beak ‘up the wind fetch and side channe} closures ate needed to redhice the flow and sediment Gepostion in the Bottoms. By constcucting these islands, the vegetation would be able to reestablish and waterfowl habitat would improve in the Botoms,” Dan stid. In addition t0 the habitat improvernent, the project is expected to reduce dredging. requirements, therefore providing benedts to the district’s channel maintenance program. Construction on the project is scheduled 1 begin in 1986, No. 6 June 1985 Army Celebrates 210th Birthday The US. Army was established as the Continental Army on June 14, 1775. The following resolution of che Continental Congress established the Army Resolution of the Continental Congress Resolved that six companies oF expert riflemen be immediately raised in Penasyl vania, ewo ia Maryland aad two in Vieginia, Udateach company consist of a captain. three lieutenants, four sengeants, four corporals a drummer oF trumpeter and 68 privates. ‘That each company, assoon as completed, shall mareh and join the Army near Bosten, tobe there employed as ight infuncry under the command of the chief officer in that Army, That the pay of the officers and privates be 25 follows vis, 2 captain $20 per month; fetenant $13.50; sergesar 88:4 corporal $7.50; and privates almost 87 «0 find their ‘own arms and clothes. That the form of the enlistment be in the following words: Have this day, voluntarily cealisted myself asa soldier in the American Continental Army, for one year, unless sooner discharged: and Ido bine myseit 10 conform in all instances to such rules anc regulations as are, o¢ shall be, established for the government of sa Arty. Upon motion resolved. that Mr (George) Washington, Me. (Philip) Schuyler, Me (Sis) Deane, Mr. (Thomas) Cushing and Me. (Joseph) Howes be a committee to Dring in a draft of cules and segulations for the government ofthe Ary Old Timer’s Lunch Planned The 10th annual Old Timer’s luncheon is scheduled for September 11, The luncheon will be held at the Prom Center, 1190 University Aveaue in St, Paul, Watch Crosscurrents for further information, ne 198 Commandert’s ‘CUSTOMER CARE js a term that you will bbe hearing 2 lot about in the coming days. From the ChieFof Engineers on down, Corps managersare looking at how we do business with our customers and how we can Improve customer sauisfiction with our products. Who are our customers? Who reilly are we working for Who really provides procluetsand services to these customers? Our customers are the permit applicant, the family recreating, people in the flood: rain, the hoae captain transitting ou locks, the shipper, the farmer geuting his goods to world markets, lots of mayors and city engineers, the Congressional staffer, the Army/Alr Force family, ahost of professional ‘societies and many more, We have custo mers who are not even born yet. Our ‘customers even include the fst and wildlife that inhabit our project lands and waters Notice that these customers are not us We do not serve us, we serve then. IC is ot the District Engineer that actually provides these services. It is you who are jn direct contact with that family ariving at our park or lock, In that contact, we need to emphasize CUSTOMER CARE, Viewpoint by Colonel Ed Rapp Care can be summarized like this: © —Confidence: Develop and maintain the confidence and the trust of our customers, All ‘contacts with our customers must be based on honesty and openness. A “cusiomer isthe most important person ‘ever — in person, by mail or on the phone A Attention: Be responsive, follow up, avoid Mip-cff Tetters or responses which don’t really address the concems of your custo ‘mers. reat yourcustomers the wayyou ‘would like 10 he treated as an individ. ul. A customer is aot someone with ‘whom to argue oF match wits R —Responsibility: ‘This involves duty and accountability We need 0 be ready 10 share the bad news as well as the good news with ‘our customers. A customer is not dependent on us. We serve them and are dependent on them for our exist- E— Excellence: ‘We need to produce 2 quality product, fon time, within budget and safely. A ‘customer tells us what he wants. It is ‘our job to manage the project in such away a8 10 serve the Dest interests of oth the customer and the United States Generally, we do a good job, but we can do better. I challenge all St, Paul emaployees to reexamine the work they do in terms fof customers served and products and services provided. If you are not sure how these concepts apply to your work, sk your supervisor of section chief, It is importent {ot every employee 10 understand the basics ‘of Customer Care know that many district employees have been following the concepts of customer ‘care without calling it that, That is one of the seasons why St Paul District has ‘continued for years to be ane of the best districts in the Comps. But now we need to develop a passion for excellence, “Best Js not necessarily good enough. Followed by every district employee, Customer Care ‘can mrake St Paul not last “one of dhe best” bat truly “the district of excellence.” Property Inventory John Mena, from the office of administrative services, will be conducting a. property inventory of each office within the next few months. John will be comparing property Joan receipts with the equipment in exch office. The inventory will help insure that all government property is properly accounted for, “One problem in the district is locating property. For instance, a typewriter may be issued to one office, but when an inventory ‘8 done that typewriter ie no longer there. Jt ts very important that each person who signs a property loan receipt know where that property is at all times, because that person is responsible fori” John said. “it 1 piece of equipment is no langer needed and is given to another office, make sure the hand receipt is changed. Remember whoever signs for 4 piece of equipment is responsible for it no matter who uses it” evs an wl cto ator wer be secs el nt an oe {f ouoners or oe Lagarmen fe Amey Deine fot Smt tes tbe moh Prec poles ‘Cregeen a ha a SON Vern Gunderson, captain of the Dredge ‘Thompson, checks the gauges and makes adjustments to the main pump engines. Vern has been working on the ‘Thompson for about 32 years. ‘Pts by Bun Kumble Reads Landing Project Nears Completion ‘The Reads Landing Dredging Project, which began in April 1984, is scheduled to be completed by carly July. "The Corps Is in the process of evaluating the effectiveness sof dredging sediment trap st the Chippewa wer delta,” std Dan Srumholz, river resouree coordinator. “A survey taken this spring indicates significant filingof the trap since it was dredged 14s fil, However, the trap should still be effective in extching the material before it enters the navigstion ceannel: ‘The project has been developed based on ‘one of the recommendations of the Great saver Environmental Action Team study that ‘vas completed in 1980. I invoWves dredging 1.5 million cubic yards of material fom the ‘main channel, the Chippewa River delta and from a former disposal site across the river from Reads Landing, Minn, The total cost ‘of the project ssapproximately 82.5 milion. According io Dan the project is regarded 8 a potential long term solution t0 nav gation and environmental problems asso ated with channel maintenance at this location me 1399 210th Anniversary Message This month we celebrace wo very important anniversaries, On the Mth we ‘nuk the Aemy’s210th year anclon the 16th, the Corps 210th, Asa nation, we've heen united for more than 200 years, Unfolding one ater another, ‘those years extracted military and etvitan frentness that only courageous actions ard lonely decisions render. During the Revolutionary War, pursat for the Fights privileges ane responsibilities of fice people triggered our commitment 10 act Today, we are sll committed to those ‘imeideals Much has changes, but ‘Our commitment to the security of o4 ion triggered our mission on the batileficld as part of the combined ares team and our mission 10 provide engineering sipport to the Army, the Air Force and to other mammoth national tasks. ‘Our commitment co the livesand livethood. of our citizens fuels our missions of thoughtful development of our water resources. Our committment to our soldiers, oue customers and onr neighbors inspites the qualities we bring to these missions: our professionalism, our enthusiasm, our determination, our caring and our integrity ‘With the lelding ofthe ight division andl modern wexpons ystems, Army Engineers now work withia the framework of aacional support for strong modernized, revitalized rca. We are taking fll advantage ofthat support to make up for lost time in building and repairing facilities for the teaining readiness and sustainability of our Armed Forces, both here and abroad, Reduced civil works resources pose a Ceallenge for the future, but wef the Corps are no strangers to challenge. We will require enlightened leadership, selfless dedication excellence, and thoroughgoing professionalism by all of us. ‘The nation will not lose sight of the need for continued public investment in wisely chosen water resource projects which Promote future growth, reindusirialization, and stroag ageicaliure and energy resource postures. “This month we celebrate the victory and. the fortitude and the commitment of hose who formed our first Army. Their villingness to sacrifice (“essayons!”) and Unity ofpurposeset ia motion wre beginning (of 2 nation. They gave us the chance we ceded to realize our poceatial Now. more san ever, We must De ial oF tht legaey and to the need to produce a product chat reinforces the reputation for quality that we ‘the Comps lave earned ever ihe years ING ER. Heiberg IIL Chief of Enginecrs Notice Farewell Luncheon Planned ‘A farewell luncheon 4s planned for Col award Rapp on July 2. The luncheon will, bbe heel at the Auhletie Club at 11:30, Change of Command A Change of Command Ceremony is scheduled for July 8 ia the District Office. ‘Gol, Joseph Briggs will become the St. Paul District Commander. Watch for further information Open Enrollment ‘The office of Personnel Management announced an open enrollment period for Federal Employees’ Group Life Insurance (FEGLD, Theenrallment opened june Land ends July 1. According to Debi Busch, from the Personnel Otice, all enrollments oF ‘changes must be into the Technical Service ranch mo later than July 1. 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