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US Army Corps of Engineers St Paul District Crosscurrents No. 8 December 1986 Park Rangers Jerry Lee, (left) LaCres- cent, and John Knoble, Blackhawk Park, discuss the draft Shoreline “Management Plan with a workshop par- ticipant in LaCrosse, Participants had the opportunity to discuss the plan in- formally with Corps employees and to attend a formal presentation on the draft plan. Story on page 4. President Reagan signs new waterbill Washington, D.C.— The Water Resources Development Act of 1986, that ‘was imo law on Novernber 17, 1986, by President Reagan, begins new era for the Army Civil Works program. Robert K. Dawson, Assistant Secretary of the Amy for Civil Works, said atthe new omnibus legislation i the culmination Cf long months of effort by many dedicated individuals in the Congress, its various committees, the Administration, the Army Corps of Engineers, and the private seo- tor who never stopped working for its passage. ‘The legislation forges new and realistic charter for future Federal water projects and assures continued water resources development in spite of continuing fiscal austerity necessary to eliminate projected budget deficits, Dawson added. The om- us bill he said, breaks the long-standing npasse over user fees, cost sharing, and the appropriate Federal role in future water resources development. tase establishes new cost sharing requirements as well as national and local_user_ fees, thus ‘guaranteeing that non-Federal interests will play an important role in planning, finan- cing, and maintaining Corps of Engineers water projects. ‘The new omnibus legislation authorizes new work with a total cost of about $15 billion and includes 50 navigation projects, IIS flood control projets, 24 shoreline pro tection projects, 61 conservation and development projects, 38 planning studies, 63 project modifications, and 26 miscel- laneous projects. Consistent with the new ‘unding formulas, the Federal share of the cost of the new work is approximately $11 Dillion, with the initial non-Federal costs at more than $4 billion St, Paul District projects and studies in- cluded in the Omnibus Bill are listed on page 3. 2 Crascurems December 986 Holiday message from the Chief of Engineers Corps Calendar "As we approach another holdiay season you, the men and women in our Corps family, continue 10 serve our country Dee OE Se at eM too divea forms ou fmportact pert of whet the Compe of | bac Charles Spivak ext. 1637 Engineers has contributed to the nation’s security and well - Dee. 29 being: to te concept of Peace on Earth Retirement Party for Pete Fischer Working every day for peace and freedom in a troubled and ‘Contact Peggy Peterson ext. 7743 uneasy world, you each set a valuable example for future generations 10 look back to when it is their urn to cerry ihe torch for the values we cherish. Waite we have a legacy of greatness in teadership and SALTING or SANDING values from our Founding Fathere, your dedication and thot 4 of our soldiers, our retirees, and our family members is van aveld this LANDING heartwarming. Whatover our individual backgrounds, faiths, or hopes, we all value some degree of unity in sharing the message and colebration of this holidey season. The coming season is bountiful for most of us. Yet for some this holdiay season may ring empty. During this time, let us sil pause to remember those femilies who have lost 2 loved one in the nation’s service, or are separated because of distent dutios. Throughout the year I have taken several opportunities to express thoughts on how fortunate we in the Corps family DON’T SLIP-UP are. This holiday season, we can rejoice over our sustained ‘ON WINTER SAFETY! efforts ~-throughout the entire year--to give ond share with others peace, comfort, and encouragement. I congratulate each of you for helping 10 bring about our considerable achievements of this past year. 1 hope ell will have a very happy holiday season and a prosperous, peaceful Dee. 15 New Yeas “Statistics: A group of num- Lt, Gen. E. R. Heiberg Il bers looking for an argument.” Commander, USACE nonmous Approved General Schedule, 3% increase for January 1987 stop 1 2 5 4 5 6 7 « 5 a G1 $9,619 48,940 $10,248 st8,579 $10,099 1,807 STH as stIT2 sin, stz,e36 2 tos 11,8 1.488 11,735 11,812,202 Bhatt 2k 8 7 Maz 2yI95 12,588 2,981, 1D, TET.— 14181425 968 38 4 528TH 4152 14,57H TSI TBE 5 9B 86,342 16,704 17,228 5 4,822 5.8 16,308 16,798 12917] Tee 8,78 288 ‘ eon 1768 eh ee) 1 18.358 19.582 28,19 28,886 ate OSB 22,642 ISH. 866 ® 20,333 21689224367 OHS 3,725 aaa ETD 25,737 26,085 5 ase 15,986 24,152 ASA 26.2036. 952 27,781 7HLASB 29,108 6 24,02 26,980 21,204 28028 abe 29,6153 STs, 1 " rina 10,904 25,098 3,756 34,702 52,6Na 5,51 BHt8 55,326 2 32.587 349 35,025 36,911 37,997 3908S B61. B 30,727 41389 42,600 ayant 45,102 46,473 aT T6+ OSH 1" 5.13 49.013 58.352 51,863 53.38 B4.9TS 56a 57.965 50,488 5 53.80) 57.418 59,212 61,086 62,8084 5366388 8te 5,76 6 6.55, C735 65,058 71.555" Taba 5.5 77,6THN 19,915 1 Ts,98" 76425" T8,8HHF 81,2554 5,818" 1e ee,612 the rate of basic payable to enployees at these rates 1s Linited to the rate payable Zor Level Tnecutive Schedule, which vould be 378,000. Don't Let Ignite Your Holidays = * Purchase only UL listed outdoor/indoor lights. “Check and discard frayed strings of lights. * Don't overload electrical circuits. + Use flame- corations. sistant de- '* Soloct a fresh live tree or non-flammable labeled rans ReGen a bed aie ou ht, sew US ry cnet gn, Crosscurens December 19863 Water Resource Development Act of 1986 ‘The following is alist of the projects, studies and other objectives that are included in the Water Resource Developmeat Act of 1986 (H.R. 6): MINNESOTA: Redwood iver, MarshallFC—$4,370,000, Root River, Houston FC—$8,360,000. So. Fork Zumbro River, Rochester FC $61,500,000. Mississippi iver, St. PaulFC- $8,610,000. Noyes and Emerson, Mainitoba—FC_$250,000. Sauk Lake and tributaries Authorizes a program to remove silt and aquatic growth Red Lake River bank erosion— Authorizes a program to plan, design, and construct 1a Streambank erosion control project, Rainy River Basin—Authorizes feasibility studies in cooperation with Canada. Burns Valley Creek, Winona—Authorizes 4 $630,000 cost-sharing modification on ‘wo bridges for flood control project. NORTH DAKOTA Sheyenne River/Maple River—FC—$56,300,000. Park River, Grafton—FC—$19, 10,000, Souris River, Lake Darling, MinotAuborios feasibility stuces in cooperation with ‘governments in Canada to study and construct reservoir projects for storage inthe Souris River basin in Canada. WISCONSIN Wisconsin River, Portage—FC—$7,590,000 LaFarge Dam, Gays Mills) Viola—FC—$5,000,000, MULTE! ATE, Upper Mississippi River Plan—Authorizes interstate agreements with the states of Tlinois, Towa, Minnesota, Missouri, and Wisconsin for fish and wildlife habitat rehabilitation and enhancement, long-term resource monitoring, computerized inven tory and analysis system, and reersational projects on the Upper Mississippi River system, Cabin Site leases—Extends indefinitely cottage site leases in effect in December 1989 at fair market rental unless the property is needed for immediate public uses or the terms of the lease are violated, (EC-flood control)