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TEACHING ENGLISH TO YOUNG LEARNERS (Pengajaran Bahasa Inggeris Awa Kana!"!ana! # KAB%&'% % ('& h)*rs Ni +irs, - Se.)n/

(1 Kn)w ,he ,he)ries )2 ,ea.hing Eng ish as se.)n/ ang*age 2)r 3)*ng .hi /ren an/ 2i4e essen,ia s .)56)nen,s in ear 3 i,era.3 6ra.,i.es1 '1 Un/ers,an/ ,he i56)r,an.e )2 a s,r)ng 2)*n/a,i)n )2 )ra ang*age in .hi /ren7s i,era.3 development. %1 Kn)w ,he .hara.,eris,i.s )2 a s*66)r,i4e i,era.3" earning en4ir)n5en, an/ *n/ers,an/ h)w ,) i56 e5en, ,h)se .hara.,eris,i.s in ,heir 6res.h)) en4ir)n5en,1 81 Re.)gni9e ,he earning .hara.,eris,i.s )2 Eng ish ang*age earners :1 Un/ers,an/ ,he 4a *e ,ha, , )g3 .an ;ring ,) i,era.3 a.,i4i,ies an/ !n)w h)w ,) i56 e5en, , )g3 in ,heir i,era.3 a.,i4i,ies1



Tea.hing Eng ish ,) 3)*ng earners is /esigne/ 2)r s,*/en,s wh) ha4e e e5en,ar3 !n)w e/ge )2 Eng ish1 The );je.,i4e )2 ,he .)*rse is ,) ;*i / a s,r)ng ,he)ries an/ 2)*n/a,i)n )2 ,he ang*age *sing .)n,en, ;ase/ 5a,eria s re a,e/ ,) ,heir a.a/e5i. se,,ings1 This in,egra,es ,he 2)*r ang*age s!i s )2 is,ening< s6ea!ing< rea/ing an/ wri,ing1 U6)n .)56 e,i)n )2 ,he .)*rse< ,he s,*/en,s wi ha4e 6ra.,i.a !n)w e/ge )2 ,he ang*age an/ ;e a; e ,) *se i, wi,h s)5e 5eas*re )2 .)n2i/en.e in ,ea.hing Eng ish ,) 6res.h)) .hi /ren1 (Pengajaran Bahasa Inggeris !e6a/a awa !ana!"!ana! a/a ah ;er,*j*an *n,*! 6e ajar 3ang 5e56*n3ai ,aha6 Bahasa Inggeris 3ang asas1 O;je!,i2 !*rs*s ini a/a ah *n,*! 5e5;eri!an ,e)ri /an asas ;ahasa 3ang 5an,a6 5engg*na!an ;ahan ;erasas!an ,)6i!1 Ini 5e i;a,!an e56a, !e5ahiran ;ahasa iai,* 5en/engar< 5e5;a.a< ;er.a!a6 /an 5en* is1 Se,e ah 5ena5a,!an !*rs*s ini< 6e ajar a!an 5e56er) ehi 6enge,ah*an 6ra!,i!a Bahasa Inggeris /an 5a56* 5engg*na!ann3a /engan e;ih 3a!in *n,*! 5engajar Bahasa Inggeris

i5e/ia .*/3 )2 Se.)r3 .egies CONTENT : %1 Li..e .a.3 Press1 Frigh.)r3 Te ing Te.e ing wi.< A1 ('&&%#1 S.ies :1 Lang*age an/ >).es C 5* .) i56r)4e i. assr))5 r)*.3 ri.3 a.hi /ren ('1 Crea.)n/ Lang*age Learning '1 Se.)n/ Lang*age A.i4i.hni=*es ((1 Using .h Chi /ren1 UK: OE2)r/1 Assign5en.< C1< M))n< 01 an/ T)ng*e< R1 ((BB(#1 Tea.i)n 81 A66r) a i.ra.=*isi.hing Eng ish .era.) Chi /ren: +r)5 Pra.hing Rea/ing A1 Cir.) Prin.=*isi..i6 e1 L)n/)n: Har6erC) ins1 E is< R1 '&&A1 The S.i4i. e Ti5e A.i4i.i4i. )2 /ai 3 .ines an/ a..i)n1 USA: OE2)r/ res)*r.!e6a/a !ana!"!ana! 6rase!) ah#1 HOURS (1 Se. ?1 Ph)ne5i.e Use )2 Eng ish in C assr))5 A.h earning s6a.* ar3 $e4e )65en. Awareness @1 Using Ph)ni. +ina EEa5 ?& D 8& D % % % % % % % % % ? % % % 8' .e (%1 Assess5en.3 $e4e )65en.ies (&1 S.a. )2 Eng ish Lang*age TOTAL ASSESSMENT RE+ERENCES : : Br*52i. in Ear 3 Chi /h))/ e/*.ies 2)r 3)*ng .)n/ Lang*age A.i)n an/ Se.i.era.)56*.3 e an/ S..)n/ Lang*age Learners7 S.s in Tea.)n: Pears)n1 Swan<M1 ('&&&#1 Practical English Usage1 OE2)r/: OE2)r/ Uni4ersi.ies B1 Using S)ngs C Rh35es in 6ar.era.3 Press1 M)rr)w< L1M1 ('&&:#1 Literacy Development in the Early Years 1 B)s.

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