Official Release of Ebook Trailer "Haee's Quest for The Greater Prairie" by R.S.

Vern Middling Industries launches a sneak preview of upcoming ebook ªHaee's quest for the greater prairieº, the final book in trilogy series ªHaee and the other middlingsº by R.S. Vern. Singapore, October 31, 2013 -- Unable to find a reason to stay on, Haee leaves W hie and his banal life at Green Alley. Lost and nowhere to go, he lingers in Mid dling City and ventures into the back alleys in the city. Desperate for a home, he finds himself drifting in and out of places he can neve r fit in. Finally, he decides to return to a familiar place, Tom and Jane¹s home a place whe re he once found comfort and solace. But is this where he will truly be warm, ha ppy and safe? R.S. Vern¹s simple and lucid tale is not so poetic, perhaps less intense, but like ly to last following the likes of Edward Gorey and Shel Silverstein. This award winning series takes us on a slow walk in urban middling city, painting some eve ryday encounters, which are so ordinary yet, uncomfortable to many. Through the eyes of a curious black cat, this final book sums up what many of us experience in life¹s various stages ­ our constant thirst for the extraordinary mostly, out of boredom and curiosity; only to culminate in a much poignant view on a somewhat v ery un-extraordinary middling life. As R.S. Vern quips, ³Life is one big joke when we find ourselves coming back to wh ere we started. But no matter, it¹s the journey that matters, not that perfect end ing." The first book of this series, "Haee The cat with a crooked tail" won the IndieR eader Discovery Award 2013 Kid's category. To watch book trailer, please go to Contact: Press Middling Industries 14 Robinson Road Singapore, 048545 65 63334638

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