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Advertising Assignment - BBS 3M 2013 (1)

Advertising Assignment - BBS 3M 2013 (1)

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Published by Shashank Agarwal

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Published by: Shashank Agarwal on Oct 31, 2013
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Choose any advertisement from any source (from a magazine, newspaper, pamphlet or online) and analyze each for

its selling strategy by answering the following questions. Attach a copy of the ad with the assignment. You can include a photocopy or the original advertisement considered. For video ads, apart from giving the URL to view the ad, you can include a storyboard. 1. Who is the intended audience? 2. How does the ad appeal to them? Emotional or Rational connect? 3. What visual element(s) does the ad contain? How are they used? How do they help convey the message of the advertisement better? 4. What story component(s) are contained in the ad? How are they used? 5. What kinds of cultural beliefs are promoted in this ad? Try to imagine yourself as an outsider to this society, viewing this ad. 6. If there are people pictured in the ad, what can you infer about their states of mind from the ways they are presented? How might the intended audience respond to these representations? 7. What need(s) does the ad exploit? Explain. 8. Does the ad address a social issue? How? 9. In your opinion, is the ad effective? Give at least 3 specific reasons why/why not. The assignment should be handwritten, on A4 sheets of paper, and neatly punched together. It carries 10 marks, and is to be attempted in groups of 3-4 people.

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