Lesson Plan Template

School: Cranmer Primary Address: Cranmer Road, Mitcham Teacher: Mr E. Smith Curriculum Area / Area of Learning: Science Year: Year 6 The lesson objective: Science week : Investigating: Bugs -: Habitats, locomotion, Body parts 4x JPEG Images of visualiser being used in lesson:





How the visualiser was used? • To enhance the size of the bugs – Zoom tool was used • To make the object visible to the whole group – Still images of different bugs were taken and comparisons were made. • The Visualiser’s arm was rotated so that we could see the bugs in 3-D • We did a Crime Scene Investigation lesson on and enlarged a biscuit with teeth indentations, in order to find the perpetrator who ate the treat. The benefits of the Visualiser to teaching & learning: • All Children could see the bugs, no matter how small the subject being studied. • Structure and movement was easy to see. • 3-D visuals were good because it adds a new dimension to an otherwise 2-D picture. • Got children talking about what the were observing.

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