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/~ 178 Green Street Philadelphia, PA 19134 December 2, 1996 Pat C mmin!" #ana!er, Acc$ nt" %ecei&able An' C$rp$rati$n 114( #ain Street #ac n!ie, PA 18(62 Dear #r) C mmin!"* + ,$ ld li-e t$ e.pre"" m' intere"t in appl'in! m' rele&ant e.perience and bac-!r$ nd t$ a p$"iti$n in the acc$ nt" recei&able department at An' C$rp$rati$n) +n additi$n t$ an A""$ciate/" de!ree in Admini"trati$n, + p$""e"" 0$ r 'ear" $0 b$$--eepin! and !eneral $00ice e.perience) 1hile at +ndependence 2an-, + per0$rmed ,$rd pr$ce""in! and data entr' in&$l&in! tr "t 0 nd in0$rmati$n, dail' "ale" rec$rd", pa'r$ll e.pen"e", and in&$ice") A" an Academic %ec$rd" A""i"tant at Dre.el 3ni&er"it', + ,a" re"p$n"ible 0$r the maintenance and inp t $0 th$ "and" $0 al mni rec$rd") + can t'pe 64 ,pm, and am pr$0icient in m$"t ma5$r c$mp ter pr$!ram" and "pread"heet applicati$n") 60 additi$nal intere"t, + ha&e a 0l ent c$mmand $0 the Spani"h lan! a!e, b$th $ral and ,ritten, and ha&e a readin! -n$,led!e $0 +talian) 7he rec$rd8-eepin! nat re $0 m' pa"t e.perience ha" !i&en me a 0acilit' 0$r detail, m ch patience, and the abilit' t$ -eep acc rate rec$rd", all $0 ,hich + am c$n0ident can be " cce""0 ll' applied t$ an Acc$ nt" %ecei&able p$"iti$n ,ith An' C$rp$rati$n) #' re" me i" encl$"ed 0$r '$ r in"pecti$n) Sh$ ld '$ ha&e an' 9 e"ti$n" $r ,i"h t$ "ched le an inter&ie,, plea"e d$ n$t he"itate t$ call me at :214; 44484444) + l$$- 0$r,ard t$ hearin! 0r$m '$ "$$n) Sincerel',

Chri" Smith <nc) re" me

~/ = 3nrelated ,$r- e.perience i" $mitted) = #enti$nin! t'pin! and ,$rd pr$ce""in! "-ill" can be ad&anta!e$ " 0$r admini"trati&e and $00ice " pp$rt p$"iti$n")