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abide arise awake be bear become befall begin behold bend beset bespeak bid bind bleed blow

break breed bring broadcast build burn buy cast catch chide choose cleave cleave come cost crow

abode/abided arose awoke was/were bore became befell began beheld bent beset bespoke bid bound bled blew broke bred brought broadcast built burnt/burned bought cast caught chid/ chided chose clave came cost crew/crewed

abode / abided arisen awoken been borne become befallen begun beheld bent beset bespoken bid bound bled blown broken bred brought broadcast built burnt/burned bought cast caught chosen cleaved come cost crowed

lu tr, lu li pht sinh nh thc, thc th, l, b. mang, chu dng tr nn xy n bt u ngm nhn b cong bao quanh chng t tr gi buc, tri chy mu thi p v nui, dy d mang n pht thanh xy dng t, chy mua nm, tung bt, chp chn, la dnh cht n, i n c gi l gy (g)

chid/ chidden/ chided mng chi

clove/ cleft/ cleaved cloven/ cleft/ cleaved ch, tch hai

cut deal dig dive drew dream drink drive dwell eat fall feed feel fight find flee fling fly forbear forbid forecast foresee foretell forget forgive forsake freeze get gild gird give go

cut dealt dug dove/ dived drew dreamt/ dreamed drank drove dwelt ate fell fed felt fought found fled flung flew forbore forbade/ forbad foresaw foretold forgot forgave forsook froze got gilt/ gilded girt/ girded gave went

cut dealt dug dived drawn dreamt/ dreamed drunk driven dwelt eaten fallen fed felt fought found fled flung flown forborne forbidden forseen foretold forgotten forgiven forsaken frozen got/ gotten gilt/ gilded girt/ girded given gone

ct, cht giao thip do ln; lao xung v; ko m thy ung li xe tr ng, n ng; ri cho n; n; nui; cm thy chin u tm thy; thy chy trn tung; quang bay nhn cm on; cm tin on thy trc on trc qun tha th rung b (lm) ng li c c m vng eo vo cho i

forecast/ forecasted forecast/ forecasted

grind grow hang hear heave hide hit hurt inlay input inset keep kneel knit know lay lead leap learn leave lend let lie light lose make mean meet mislay misread misspell mistake

ground grew hung heard hove/ heaved hid hit hurt inlaid input inset kept knelt/ kneeled knit/ knitted knew laid led leapt learnt/ learned left lent let lay lit/ lighted lost made meant met mislaid misread misspelt mistook

ground grown hung heard hove/ heaved hidden hit hurt inlaid input inset kept knelt/ kneeled knit/ knitted known laid led leapt learnt/ learned left lent let lain lit/ lighted lost made meant met mislaid misread misspelt mistaken

nghin; xay mc; trng mc ln; treo ln nghe trc ln giu; trn; np ng lm au cn; khm a vo (my in ton) dt; ghp gi qu an bit; quen bit t; dn dt; lnh o nhy; nhy qua hc; c bit ra i; li cho mn (vay) cho php; cho nm thp sng lm mt; mt ch to; sn xut c ngha l gp mt lc mt c sai vit sai chnh t phm li, lm ln

misunderstand misunderstood mow outbid outdo outgrow output outrun outsell overcome overeat overfly overhang overhear overlay overpay overrun oversee overshoot oversleep overtake overthrow pay prove put read rebuild redo remake rend repay resell retake mowed outbid outdid outgrew output outran outsold overcame overate overflew overhung overheard overlaid overpaid overran oversaw overshot overslept overtook overthrew paid proved put read rebuilt redid remade rent repaid retold retook

misunderstood mown/ mowed outbid outdone outgrown output outrun outsold overcome overeaten overflown overhung overheard overlaid overpaid overrun overseen overshot overslept overtaken overthrown paid proven/proved put read rebuilt redone remade rent repaid retold retaken

hiu lm ct c tr hn gi lm gii hn ln nhanh hn cho ra (d kin) chy nhanh hn; vt qu bn nhanh hn khc phc n qu nhiu bay qua nh ln trn, treo l lng nghe trm ph ln tr qu tin trn ngp trng nom i qu ch ng qun ui bt kp lt tr (tin) chng minh(t) t; c xy dng li lm li lm li; ch to li toc ra; x hon tin li bn li chim li; ti chim

rewrite rid ride ring rise run saw say see seek sell send sew shake shear shed shine shoot show shrink shut sing sink sit slay sleep slide sling slink smell smite sow

rewrote rid rode rang rose ran sawed said saw sought sold sent sewed shook sheared shed shone shot showed shrank shut sang sank sat slew slept slid slung slunk smelt smote sowed

rewritten rid ridden rung risen run sawn said seen sought sold sent sewn/sewed shaken shorn shed shone shot shown/ showed shrunk shut sung sunk sat slain slept slid slung slunk smelt smitten sown/ sewed

vit li gii thot ci rung chung ng dy; mc chy ca ni nhn thy tm kim bn gi may lay; lc xn lng cu ri; rng chiu sng bn cho xem co rt ng li ca ht chm; ln ngi st hi; git hi ng trt; lt nm mnh ln i ngi p mnh gieo; ri

speak speed spell spend spill spin spit spoil spread spring stand stave steal stick sting stink strew stride strike string strive swear sweep swell swim swing take teach tear tell think throw

spoke sped/ speeded spelt/ spelled spent spilt/ spilled spun/ span spat spoilt/ spoiled spread sprang stood stove/ staved stole stuck stung stunk/ stank strewed strode struck strung strove swore swept swelled swam swung took taught tore told thought threw

spoken sped/ speeded spelt/ spelled spent spilt/ spilled spun spat spoilt/ spoiled spread sprung stood stove/ staved stolen stuck stung stunk strewn/ strewed stridden struck strung striven sworn swept swollen/ swelled swum swung taken taught torn told thought thrown

ni chy vt nh vn tiu si trn ra quay si khc nh lm hng lan truyn nhy ng m thng nh cp ghim vo; nh chm ; chch; t bc mui hi rc , ri bc si nh p gn dy vo c sc tuyn th qut phng ; sng bi; li ong a cm ; ly dy ; ging dy x; rch k ; bo suy ngh nm ; ling

thrust tread unbend undercut undergo underlie underpay undersell understand undertake underwrite undo unfreeze unwind uphold upset wake waylay wear weave wed weep wet win wind withdraw withhold withstand work wring write

thrust trod unbent undercut underwent underlay undercut undersold understood undertook underwrote undid unfroze unwound upheld upset woke/ waked waylaid wore wove/ weaved wed/ wedded wept wet / wetted won wound withdrew withheld withstood wrought / worked wrung wrote

thrust trodden/ trod unbent undercut undergone underlain undercut undersold understood undertaken underwritten undone unfrozen unwound upheld upset woken/ waked waylaid worn woven/ weaved wed/ wedded wept wet / wetted won wound withdrawn withheld withstood wrought / worked wrung written

thc ;nhn gim ; p lm thng li ra gi r hn kinh qua nm di tr lng thp bn r hn hiu m nhn bo him tho ra lm tan ng tho ra ng h nh ; lt thc gic mai phc mc dt kt hn khc lm t thng ; chin thng qun rt lui t khc cm c rn (st) vn ; sit cht vit

Base Form Backbite Backfit Backlight Backslide Be Bear Beat Become Bedight Befall Beget Begin Begird Behight Behold Belay Bend Bereave Beseech Beset Bespeak Bestrew Bestride Bet Betake Bethink Beweep Bid Bid Bide Bind Bite Blaw Bleed Blend Bless Blow

Past Simple Backbit Backfit Backlit Backslid Was/were Bore Beat Became Bedight Befell Begot Began Begirt Behight Beheld Belaid Bent Bereft Besought Beset Bespoke Bestrewed Bestrode Bet Betook Bethought Bewept Bid Bade Bided Bound Bit Blawed Bled Blended Blessed Blew

Past Participle Backbitten Backfit Backlit Backslid Been Born Beaten Become Bedight Befallen Begotten Begun Begirt Behight Beheld Belaid Bent Bereft Besought Beset Bespoken Bestrewed Bestridden Bet Betaken Bethought Bewept Bid Bidden Bided Bound Bitten Blawn Bled Blent Blest Blown

Ngha Ni xu, ni ln Tn trang b phn chiu sng mt sau Ti phm, li sa ng Th, l, Sinh, mang, chu ng p, nh Tr nn, tr thnh Trang tr (ting c) Xy n Gy ra, sinh ra Bt u buc quanh, bao quanh Th nguyn Nhn, ngm Ct, cm (thuyn) li Cui xung, un cong ot cp, lm mt Ni, van xin Nht, bao vy t, gi trc rc, ri, vi Ngi, ng ging chn nh cuc i, dn thn vo Ngh, nh ra Xem ch "Weep" t gi Bo, ra lnh i, ch i Tri, buc, lm dnh vo Cn, ngom Thi ( ch c) (lm) chy mu trn ln, hp nhau Ging phc, ban phc Thi

Bowstring Break Breed Bring Broadcast Browbeat Build Burn Burst Bust Buy

Bowstrung Broke Bred Brought Broadcast Browbeat Built Burnt Burst Bust Bought

Bowstrung Broken Bred Brought Broadcast Browbeat Built Burnt Burst Bust Bought

tht c bng dy cung p v Nui dy Mang, em Pht thanh Do nt Xy dng t, chy N ph sn, v n Mua

Trong bi ny, ta s hc nhng ng t thng gp nht m yu cu ng t theo sau n phi c thm ING. Trong ting Vit, trong cng mt cu, ta c th t hai ng t lin k nhau, v d nh: TI THCH HC NGOI NG nhng trong ting Anh ta hu nh khng bao gi c t hai ng t lin k nhau m khng thm g c. Ng php ting Anh i hi ta phi thm ING vo ng t ng sau hoc thm TO trc ng t ng sau. * ALLOW DOING SOMETHING: cho php lm g - They dont allow taking photographs in this supermarket. (H khng cho php chp nh trong siu th ny). * AVOID DOING SOMETHING: trnh n lm g - People should avoid eating after 8 p.m (Mi ngi nn trnh n sau 8 gi ti) * BEAR DOING SOMETHING = STAND DOING SOMETHING: chu ng c khi lm g - I cant stand listening to their singing. (Ti khng th chu c khi phi nghe h ht) * CANT HELP DOING SOMETHING: khng th khng lm g , khng th nn nhn lm g (thng l khng th nhn ci) - I cant help laughing every time I watch Mr.Bean (Ti khng th nhn ci mi ln xem Mr Bean) * CONSIDER DOING SOMETHING: xem xt, ngh n kh nng s lm g - He seriously considered resigning. (ng y nghim tc ngh n vic t chc) * DENY DOING SOMETHING: ch lm g - The woman denied killing her husband (Ngi n b chi ti git chng * DISLIKE DOING SOMETHING = khng thch lm g - I dislike being the center of attention (Ti khng thch lm trung tm ca s ch )

* DREAD DOING SOMETHING: rt rt s phi lm g - After a long holiday, many people dread going back to work (Sau mt k ngh di ngy, nhiu ngi rt s phii lm tr li) * ENDURE DOING SOMETHING: chu ng phi lm iu g - He cant endure being alone in a foreign country (Anh y khng chu c cnh c c mt mnh nc ngoi)* ENJOY DOING *SOMETHING: thch th, c c nim vui khi lm iu g , thch lm g nh l mt th vui - Young children enjoy helping around the house (Tr nh thng thch gip lm cng vic trong nh) * FINISH DOING SOMETHING: hon tt lm iu g , lm xong vic g - When I finish typing this lesson, I will reward myself with a coffee. (Khi ti nh my xong bi hc ny, ti s t thng cho mnh mt ly c ph) * GIVE UP DOING SOMETHING = QUIT DOING SOMETHING = t b lm g - I wonder when my father will stop/quit smoking (Ti khng bit khi no ba ti mi b ht thuc l) * GO ON DOING SOMETHING: tip tc lm g - Please go on working! (Hy tip tc lm vic!) * HATE DOING SOMETHING: ght lm g - Paul hates having his pictures taken (Paul ght b chp nh) * IMAGINE DOING SOMETHING: tng tng lm g - She cant imagine living with a husband 40 years older than she. (C y khng th tng tng c vic sng chung vi mt ng chng ln hn mnh 40 tui) * INVOLVE DOING SOMETHING:i hi phi lm g ,ng ngha vi vic phi lm g - Running your own business involves working long hours (iu hnh doanh nghip ring ca mnh ng ngha vi vic bn phi lm vic nhiu gi lin tc) * KEEP DOING SOMETHING: mi lm iu g , lin tc lm iu g - If you can keep studying English 2 hours a day for 2 years, you will certainly be very good at it (Nu bn c thhc ting Anh lin tc mi ngy 2 ting trong vng 2 nm, chc chn bn s rt gii mn ny)

* LIKE DOING SOMETHING: thch lm g - I like watching documentaries. (Ti thch xem phim ti liu) * MIND DOING SOMETHING:phin lng khi lm g (dng trong ph nh hoc nghi vn xin php, nh v) - Would you mind opening the window? (bn c ngi m ca s gip ti khng?) - I dont mind lending him some money as long as he promises to pay me back (Ti khng ngi cho anh y mn tin min l anhy ha tr li cho ti) * MISS DOING SOMETHING: sut lm g - As he crossed the street, the bus just missed hitting him (Lc anh y bng qua ng, xe but sut cht na m vo anh y) * POSTPONE DOING SOMETHING: tr hon lm g - They have decided to postpone having a child for a while (H quyt nh tr hon vic c con thm 1 thi gian na). * PRACTISE DOING SOMETHING: thc tp, thc hnh lm g - You must practise speaking English as much as possible to become more fluent (Bn phi thc hnh ni ting Anh cng nhiu cng tt tr nn lu lot hn) * REMEMBER DOING SOMETHING: nh lm g (khi ngh v qu kh) - Do you remember locking the door? (anh c nh l kha ca ri hay cha?) * RESENT DOING SOMETHING: ght lm g - He resented having to work such long hours (anh y ght phi lm vic nhiu gi lin tc nh vy). * RISK DOING SOMETHING: c nguy c b lm g - If you invest in the stock market now, you will risk losing your money (Nu bn u t vo th trng chng khon lc ny, bn s c nguy c mt tin. * START DOING SOMETHING = BEGIN DOING SOMETHING: bt u lm g - After his business started bringing in profits, his health started going downhill. (Sau khi vic lm n ca ng ta bt u em li li nhun th sc khe ng y bt u xung dc) * SUGGEST DOING SOMETHING: ngh lm g

- For those who want to improve their spoken English without spending money, I suggest finding a job in the back-packersarea. (i vi nhng ngi no mun ci thin k nng ni m khng cn phi tn tin, ti ngh tm vic lm khu Ty ba L) * TO BE USED TO DOING SOMETHING: quen vi vic lm g - She is still not used to getting up early. (C y n cha quen vi vic dy sm). * TRY DOING SOMETHING: th lm g - If you want to know how the poor feel, try living on one dollar a day. (nu bn mun bit ngi ngho cm gic th no, th sng bng 1 mi ngy i) * SPEND TIME DOING SOMETHING: b (thi gian) lm g - He spends 4 hours playing computer games every day. (Mi ngy, n b ra 4 ting ng h chi game vi tnh)