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Prophetic Messages for Today's Church

Prophetic Messages for Today's Church



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Published by Patricia Backora
Through the spiritual gift of prophecy, Patricia Backora shares God's message of edification, exhortation and comfort (I Cor.14:3). The common theme of the Love of God in Christ runs through all seven categories. Believers must be rightly related to one another in the Love of Christ and remain true to the Word of God as it applies to the church.
Through the spiritual gift of prophecy, Patricia Backora shares God's message of edification, exhortation and comfort (I Cor.14:3). The common theme of the Love of God in Christ runs through all seven categories. Believers must be rightly related to one another in the Love of Christ and remain true to the Word of God as it applies to the church.

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Published by: Patricia Backora on Aug 03, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Prophetic Messages for Today’s ChurchFrom the Heart of God
Presented by Patricia BackoraCHAPTER 1
PEOPLE Problems in the Church
Love One Another
Isaiah 53:2; 45; John 15:12,17; Luke 16:19:31; I John 4:11When will My people learn to love one another as I have loved the Church?Behold, I have created diversity in nature, for I love variety in My handiwork.But many believers cannot tolerate diversity in the personality or appearance of one another. The hypocrite views with distaste anyone who hails from a differentcultural or economic background from his own. Or he feels contempt for theperson whose personal theology in all things great and small does not exactlymirror his own.The hypocrite harbors prejudices against that humble person I love. The onewho is “too fat” or “too unpolished” to sing or minister publicly. Often the hairor dress style, jewelry or some other trivial aspect of that person draws fire. Forexample, if you refuse to befriend a Muslim woman until she removes her headcovering and dons Western attire, what sort of witness is that to the Love of Christ? How shallow your “love” is when you show an interest only in peoplewhose culture is exactly the same as yours. Such a “love” is not My love, so it isreally not even worth sharing!If a heavyset individual shares My Word, his size is all-important to thehypocrite, who thinks:
If this person truly were Jesusdisciple, he or she would fight the Good Fight of Faith_the Battle of the Bulge.
His or her lack of spiritualqualifications could easily be overlooked, but not those extra pounds whichprevent that person from being fashionably thin and glamorous.I see so many of My children self-obsessed, looking about them, wondering if others are sizing them up in the wrong way. One woman sucks in her cheeks andrestrains her smile for fear people will think her face is too fat. Her tight belt iscutting off her circulation, but at least it’s still fastened in the last notch. A manstands stiffly, sucking in his stomach and hoping no one notices the weight he’sput on since Thanksgiving. His friend worries about his receding hairline.My Son did not come to earth to win a beauty pageant or popularity contest,but to win back souls enslaved to satan. In the book of Isaiah it is written thatthere was no beauty that anyone should desire Him. When He was bloodied andbruised, He hardly looked glorious to the natural eye!The worth and integrity of the low-income saint are questioned. Speculationson him or her abound.
Could it be that he harbors secret sin in his life, and isunder God’s judgment? Is he being lazy, or is he just too stupid to know how toattain to earthly prosperity? So why waste time on him anyway? 
People look askance at the lonely saint who attends church unaccompanied byfriends or family. He just don’t fit into their neat little scheme of a cozy “family-oriented” fellowship. He doesn’t make a good advertisement for picture-perfectconservative values.The hypocrite is often willing to travel to the far ends of the earth to convertthe man of a different culture and color. Gladly would he immerse himself in thestudy of a strange tongue and adapt himself to alien, and often unhealthy livingconditions. Sometimes it’s just to gratify his adventurelust. Yet there is a mission
field in church which is being neglected. When the hypocrite does befriend alonely saint, it is more often than not with the ulterior motive of converting thatperson to her own mindset on all things important or trivial. The saint is viewedonly as raw material to fashion something else from! And if that individualpersists in being what I made her to be, she is dropped like a hot potato. I wouldhave My worshippers to lift up their hands and voices in the sanctuary, not theirnoses.Will it take persecution from the world to knit My people together in love?When will all these petty, childish, unloving attitudes be forsaken, and the love of My Son be allowed to manifest itself instead? He associated with harlots, thieves,and tax collectors. Yet the hypocrite shuns the man in the paisley shirt or theobese woman with blemishes on her face. Don’t lukewarm saints realize that Iconsider impurities of the soul far worse flaws than these?I have been forced to take too many precious, deeply spiritual saints homeprematurely, simply because no one on earth would love them. They had noplace of rest on earth, and from the depths of their being they cried out to Me intheir unmet need. So I finally took them home to Paradise, where all things arerooted and grounded in love, and where there is no hypocrisy.Many have been driven out and scattered like lost sheep back into the worldbecause they found no love in their churches. And when they finally leave, noone truly cares or misses them except Me. Some take refuge in false cults, whicheagerly offer acceptance to souls rejected by cold congregations.Remember the story of Lazarus and the rich man. No one cared much aboutthis penniless, diseased beggar wasting away with hunger on the steps of thewell-fed, complacent rich man’s house. No one offered him friendship, andscarcely a scrap of bread. Only dogs were his companions.I was Lazarus’ only hope. He had no other help, not even from My people.Only after he was borne by angels to the Paradise of the Righteous did he findfellowship and comfort among the Redeemed. For even Father Abraham didreceive him in love.Do not force your brothers and sisters to wait till after death to enjoy the lifethey should be participating in right now. Each and every one of My children isextremely precious in My sight. Do not despise your brethren whom I havepurchased with My own shed blood. Do not exalt yourselves over one anotherwith haughtiness of mind, or I shall be forced to allow negative circumstancesinto your life to abase you.I tell you solemnly that whatever coldness or cruelty is inflicted upon your lessglamorous brother is inflicted also upon Me. When you try one another’s patienceby looking for ways to vex or criticize, you are sinning against My Body and Mychastisement must swiftly follow, if you are not careful to judge yourself andrepent.Do not seek to amputate the weaker or less comely members of My Body, forthey are necessary. When you inflict pain or rejection upon My son or daughter,you touch the apple of My eye and will by no means be held innocent.I warn you sternly but lovingly: I have reached the point where I will shortlyremove My Power, Protection, Presence, and Glory from churches and individualswho knowingly and deliberately turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to Mycommandment to love one another. All of My commandments have their roots inthe kind of love that induced Me to give up My very Life on the Cross for yoursake. If you reject the root, you reject the entire tree.You can toil slavishly to gain the praise of men, or even to gain position orrewards in the world to come, but I will burn up as chaff all works which were notmotivated by My perfect Love. All these vain works shall be destroyed before MyJudgment Seat.Love is not an option. It is a commandment! And if you refuse My Love to theleast of these My brethren, you might as well quit following Me right now. Youcan progress no further in the life of faith until you are obedient in this area.
The time is extremely short. I am about to appear in the heavens to gatherMy jewels to Myself. What you would do to show forth the love of God, do it now.For after the Rapture takes place, it will be too late to relive your sojourn on earthand remedy the harm done by your reluctance to love one another. 
A Weighty Matter
Nehemiah 8:10; Matt. 5:28; Luke 16:15; 22:28-30; Romans 14:3-4; II Cor. 4:7;Galatians 4:8-9; I Timothy 4:3-5
When will My people learn that to keep their priorities in line with what Ispecifically put My Church into this world to do, and stop wasting My time tryingto get Me to hallow the twisted cultural values of this world? My House is meantto be a refuge from the oppressions of the world, not a promoter of them.When will My people realize that I did not create everyone to look the same?There are differences in height, bone structure, skin tone, and musculature, evenwithin the same racial groupings. And_are you surprised_ I did not design allwomen to be tall and willowy! Those who break this cultural beauty edict are notsuffering from some demonic affliction which needs to be cast out by prayer andfasting!Satan has taken a perfectly sound concept_healthy eating habits_andoverblown it to employ as a weapon against the female sex in particular. He hasconvinced worldly women that the heavier they are, the less they’re worth.Hollywood actresses are setting the trend, defying even death to makethemselves ever thinner; just so their popularity will not die. Good health is farless important to these vain women than being able to count their ribs. Althoughit is natural that women’s forms mature out of early childhood, society pressuresthem to defy nature itself and strive to reverse their own maturation. Satanwants women to look like starving boys!Satan’s original lie: Eat from the forbidden tree, and you’ll gain in prestige.His current lie: DON’T eat, and others will respect you more. His aim is to distortthe image of womanhood in revenge for the verdict and judgment of the Gardenof Eden, which cost HIM status. He hates to see women healthy and feminine-looking, as I intended for them to be. He knows people can’t focus on more thanone issue at a time, so he drives the worldly woman to worry so much about her"fat" that she never spares a thought for her eternal fate. The devil keeps herfixated on her body image and other people’s opinions of it. Above all, he isdelighted with the current attitudes of vainglory and self-obsession whichmotivate the trend-setters of this wicked end-time culture. It is bad enough thatthe beautiful, the popular and the wealthy have grabbed all the best things of theearth for themselves and shoved aside the humbler souls, saying: Make way forus that we may walk over you to get what we want. But it is not to be so in Mychurch. People might have been renowned for their outward comeliness in theOld Testament, but in this dispensation I take pleasure in working throughhumble vessels full of the Glory of the Lord, that the excellency may be of Me andnot of the flesh.A strange new doctrine is taking shape in My Church, one I never ordainedthrough the mouths of prophets or apostles: Girls, get skinny for Jesus! Itsprincipal tenet: In order for a female saint to qualify as an overcomer, she mustfirst subdue her flesh; that is, eliminate as much of it as possible. Thesemisguided women interpret My Word to mean that the more meat they banishfrom their bones, the more acceptable they are to Me. Thus, a woman’s body isseen to be her greatest spiritual foe, something to vanquish via dieting. Nocorresponding sacrifice is demanded of the male believer. I didn’t write one setof rules for women, and another for men. Where in My Word does it stipulatethat men are saved by grace alone, but My daughters grow closer to Me by

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