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org/learnenglish LearnEnglish Kids My favourite day-Christmas

Part 1 Look at the puzzle below. Can you unjumble the words and write them in the squares? You can find all the words in the story My favourite day. Use the pictures to help you, too!

becreDem teer * sebualb selnit stligh srta fyrai racsd * raclo signnig yekrut kaec crrackes
Now look at the letters with the star

* * * * * *

* *


you unjumble the letters to make a message?

Part 2 Think about a special day in your country. With your partner, ask and answer questions: Questions

Your name

Your partners name

Do you decorate the house? (Whatwith?) Do you send any cards? (Who to?) Do you sing any songs? (What?) Do you give any presents? (Whoto?) Do you get any presents? (Whofrom?) What do you eat? What do you drink? Whats your favourite part of the day?
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