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Tim Burton Report

Tim Burton was raised in Burbank, California. He spent most of his life drawing, making cartoons, or drawing cartoons. He was in ninth grade, his talents at art was recognized garbage company when he won a prize for an anti-litter poster he designed. The company used his poster for over a year.

Tim Burton began drawing at a young age, and then going on to attend the California Institute of the arts, studying animation. Tim Burton was then awarded a fellowship from Disney, for whom he then went on to work for. Tim Burton thought that the Disney movies, like The Fox and the Hound, were not suitable for him as an animator. Tim Burton then went on to create is own movies and short films like, Vincent Prince in 1982 and the live action film Frankenweenie. Those two films were not

appropriate for children so the films were never released. But, Paul Reubens saw it and decided that Burton would be the ideal person to direct his new debut, Pee-wees Big Adventure in 1985 when he was still in his mid twenties. The success of the movie led to the supernatural comedy, Bettlejuice in 1988. That movie also led burton to the hugely successful movie of Batman in 1989. Edward Scissorhands, which was made in 1985, was another great hit and brought him to the peak of his career, which landed him the job working with the actor Jonny Depp. Batman Returns, which was made in 1992, was far darker and quirkier film then the original.