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______________________________ s English chart

The alphabet Aa "b #c Dd $e Ff %g &h 'i J( )k *l Mm Days of week Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday the

n Oo +p ,- .r Ss Tt /u 0! Ww 12 3y 45
The four seasons

"asic greetings &ow are youE A 'Fm fine WhatFs upE A nothing much &owFs it goingE A greatG WhatFs newEA nothing much

Months of the year January February March Dates April 7st 8nd 9rd :th ;th May <th =th >th ?th June 7@th July 77th 78th 79th 7:th August 7;th 7<th 7=th 7>th September 7?th 8@th 87st 88nd October 89rd 8:th 8;th 8<th o!ember 8=th 8>th 8?th 9@th December 97st

Spring Summer Autumn CFallD Winter

#olorsA#olours .ed %reen 3ellow Orange "lue

purple brown grey black white

umbers6 7 8 9 : ; < = > ? 7@ 77 78 79 7: 7; 7< 7= 7> 7? 8@ A 9@ :@ ;@ <@ =@ >@ ?@ 7@@ oneB twoB threeB fourB fi!eB si2B se!enB eightB nineB tenB ele!enB twel!eB thirteenB fourteenB fifteenB si2teenB se!enteenB eighteenB nineteenB twentyB thirtyB fortyB fiftyB si2tyB se!entyB eightyB ninetyB one hundred