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Infrared Tools LLC Whitepaper


Infrared Tools LLC passes two key benchmark tests at US Army Soldier Systems Center (Natick) using its new Sand Storm Technology.
The first test was a long distance test to determine if a 2 square could be seen from 800 meters. This was a test requested by the Marines. The test was run on 12SEP07 at 0003 hrs in Quantico, VA on range #4 as directed by the Soldier Systems Center. They successfully viewed the 2 patch from 800 meters using AN/PVS-14, AN/PVS-17C, and AN/PVS-27 scopes illuminating with an AN/PEQ-2A. The second test was a test to determine the peel strength exhibited between the reflective film and the hook fastener backing. The test was completed on 25SEP07 at the Soldier Systems Center In this test Infrared Tools product was tested at standard room conditions and after soaking in the following environments for 16 hours: A cryogenic chamber at -40F, A thermal chamber at 120F, Submerged in water.

In all 4 cases, the hook fastener was forcefully peeled back from the reflective film. The force required to do this was measured, and in each of the 4 tests, the patches passed. In this case as well, it is our understanding that this makes Infrared Tools the first glow tape manufacturer certified to the peel test standard. We are excited about these new achievements and look forward to helping the warfighters continue their mission as safely as possible. We will continue to invest in new materials, processes, and technologies to build better and better products.

Thomas R Boyer, PE, MBA