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Speech-2 : Organize your speech

Thoughts on how to become a stand-up comedian

Checking your stand-up IQ- (Test -1) Please identify who is the stand-up comedian below:

Your stand-up routine

Find your funny: * There might be humor underlying in the way you look at the world * Draw on material from everyday life. (Family, relationships, fears). Styles for delivery of material: * Using mastery of body language / facial expressions /voice inflection. (George Carlin) * Deadpan (Not much change in emotion or body language. (Seinfeld, Cosby)

Conclusion & some places to watch live comedy or try out for open-mic

My prospects as stand-up comedian Local live comedy venues:

Dallas Comedy House 2645 Commerce St., Hyenas Comedy Club Mockingbird Station Backdoor Comedy Club DoubleTree Hotel Improv Addison, Arlington