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Sara Lawrence

2914 180th St. Clarinda, IA 51632 (712) 438-0162 sara_mid !stins"m!dia#$m%%.n!t

Bachelor of Science Degree with majors in Business Management &!#!m%!r 2008 Harvard University Cambridge , Massachusetts 50 of educational funding !rovided by scholarshi!s and wor"ing #0 hours !er wee"$ and attending school full time% Com!uter s"ills include Microsoft &ffice$ 'nternet$ e(mail$ and )*M +Customer database software,

Insurance Agent ~ Midwest 'nsurance *ssociates$ --C% Clarinda$ 'owa

December #0.. / 0resent

Develo! base for long(term sources of clients by using referrals and occu!ational grou!s to com!lete lists of !ros!ects Determine clients1 !articular needs and financial situations by scheduling fact(finding a!!ointments Determine e2tent of !resent coverage and investments Develo! !rotection !lans by calculating and 3uoting rates for immediate coverage action and long(term strategy im!lementation 'n!ut customer information$ !olicies$ !ayments$ etc% through the use of )*M$ a customer database and information software$ used by the com!any

Sales Associate 4 5aster1s )rue 6alue78adioshac"$ Clarinda$ 'owa

&ctober #0.. / 9uly #0.#

0rocessed !ayments made by customers 'nteracted with customers and gave recommendations on devices :ained "nowledge with cellular devices and other technological e3ui!ment Develo!ed basic understanding of licenses$ !aint e3ui!ment and mi2ing$ cutting "eys$ U0S !ac"ing and !rocessing$ and basic hardware tools

Server 4 )om ;ooleries 8estaurant and Bar <ansas City$ Missouri

*ugust #0.. / =ovember #0..

0romoted e2cellent customer service to each customer by friendly attitude$ attention to detail$ and interaction with others Handled money e2change by calculating each individual chec" -earned time management within a restaurant during busy times with as many as #5 tables at a time

Area Supervisor ' >orlds of ;un7&ceans of ;un

&versaw food o!erations between 50(.50 wor"ers at a time Su!ervised cash handling amid em!loyees Hired and fired !ersonnel

*!ril #00? / &ctober #00@


0ro!erty and Casualty insurance license for the state of 'owa .00 !aid tuition softball scholarshi! ( #0.0 of tuition / #0..(0resent 0ell :rant for A0