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carruthers and cresswell

Art Foundation Distinction Michele Carruthers !ichard Cresswell Academic Qualifications MA (Commendation) Fine Art (Birmingham) PGDip Fine Art (Birmingham) PGCE Fine Art (Birmingham) BA Hons (1st) Fine Art (Birmingham) H D Graphic Design Distinction DipHe Fine Art Distinction Exhibitions $%1& $%1& $%1& $%1& $%1& $%1& $%1& $%1& 'arwic(shire Museum Arts Connect 'M) Creati*e Planning Da+ ,or -i.rarians ($& " Balsall Heath Biennale #o(ars(a Galler+) -ondon Eastside Pro/ects 0ummer Camp #he ew Art Galler+ 'alsall !esidenc+ (1une 2 August) 'arwic( "pen 0tudios #he Ghost #ree Pro/ect #he Ghost #ree Pro/ect is an Arts Council England3 ational -otter+ ,unded pro/ect and is located throughout 'arwic(shire in con/unction with the ,ollowing partners 4 #he ational #rust properties o, Baddesle+ Clinton) Charlecote House and Gardens) Coughton Court) Pac(wood House and 5pton House6 Compton 7erne+ !agle+ Hall Estates 'arwic(shire Countr+ Par(s 'arwic(shire District Council 'arwic(shire 'ildli,e #rust ational Biological !ecords Centre $%1& #or8uil Galler+) Henle+2in2Arden $%1& #he Both+ 7in+ards) "9,ord $%1& orth 'alls) "9,ord $%1$ :dlicote) 'arwic(shire $%1$ 'arwic( "pen 0tudios Academic Qualifications BA Hons (1st) Fine Art (Birmingham) DipHe Fine Art Distinction H D Mechanical Engineering Art Foundation Distinction " C Mechanical Engineering #echnical Apprenticeship

$%11 7erschran(ung $%1% MA 0how $%1% #he 'or(s $%1% Alumni 1 $%1% 0how.orough House outdoor art galler+ 2 1st pri;e $%%< -ondon Group "pen at the Menier Galler+ 2 1st pri;e31ohn 1ones .ursar+ $%%< H0 :nstitute ,or :nno*ation and :mpro*ement) 'arwic( 5ni*ersit+6 Permanent displa+ $%%< BA 0how 2 'inners o, the #ra*el award3:(on pri;e $%%< 'arwic(shire College $%%= "ut to -unch $%%= 0econd +ear 0how