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nderstandng Brecht

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Introduction S:onle .i:ckell vu
hat is tpic Theatre` [Iirst versionj :
The Country here it is Ior Lidden to
Conversations ith 5recht :o;
hat is tpic Theatre` [Second version | :;
S:udies or a Theory o tpic Theatre :
Irom the 5recht Commenury :;
^ IamiIy Drama in the tpic Theatre
Mention the Proletariat ;
Commentaries on Poems Ly 5recht

5recht's 7kreeenn 7ovel ;;
The ^uthor 3 Producer 8;
5iLliographical Iotes :::
Index ::
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grolcI8rnzIOn hc dOtbcs n hc fuUIor toduOcr. a hc
gained a univetsity post it is dimcuIt to say ho his thought might
have deveIoped. i:h hindsight, many o his Marxist ideas are
traceaLIe in diEerent orms to the days Leore his proessionaI ate
decided. Hoever, hat is certain is that his precrious economic
position sharpened his attraction to Marxism. ^t one point he con-
tempIated joining the Communist Party.
The period as the Iate tenties and earIy thirties. ^sya lacs, a
Communist theatricaI producer, hom 5enjamin had met in Capri
in :gzq,introduced him to 5recht hom he visited requentIy during
the thirties, staying ith him or Iong periods during the Iatter's
Danish exiIe. Throughout the decade, :gjO to :gjg responding to
the rise and triumph o ascism, 5enjamin rote the present sketches
and studies. less ortunate than 5recht Iuck as not one o his stars,
5enjamin took his Iie in hight rom the Cestapo, hiIe attempting
to cross the Iranco-Spanish Lorder in :gqO.
5enjamin's riting is essayistic, aphoristic, ragmentary. tven his
doctoraI thesis is more a phiIosophicaI meditation than a systematic
exposition and demonstration. ^t 6rst it might seem odd that 5recht
came together ith 5enjamin and not ith someone more poIiticaIIy
committed, Ceorg lukacs, or instance. 5ut 5recht and lukacs
never sa eye to eye. hereas lukacs hostiIe to the experimen-
uI art o the tentieth century Lecause it Iacked a sense o totality
and perspective, 5recht shared ith 5enjamin 8 scvenging, magpie
temperament, receptive to the oten agmented nature o modem
art and Iiterature. 5enjamin an extravagant coIIector and anti-
quarian, a passionate roamer and oLserver o cities, ho couId
extract cuIturaI histories rom ayside odds and ends.
The diary extract, 'Conversations ith 5recht', hich concIudes
this voIume, seems to sho 5recht as the giver, 5enjamin the taker,
hich as no douLt true psychoIogicaIIy. 5enjamin's oId Zionist
riend, Cershom SchoIem, rote: '5recht as the harder nature and
made a deep impac: upon the more sensitive 5enjamin ho entireIy
Iacked athIetic quaIities.` InteIIectuaIIy, the reIationship is certainIy
more compIex and to-sided. There are, or instance, strong indica-
tions that the ideas and impIications o 'epic theatre' ere common
to them Loth Leore they met.
7n:room:ion ix
Jhis diary exuact (never intended or publication) is so vaIuabIe
because it gives the immediate atmosphere o the two men's con-
versations, their cst o mind, manner o speech, ondness or
image, parabIe, aIIegory, aphorism, aII o which we 5nd separateIy
in their writings. Yhereas ben|amin was the more mephoricaI
thinker, rom brecht he Ieamt - what his ormer associates, rom
Gershom SchoIem to J. Y. ^domo, aIways depIored, considered
disastrous- 'crude thinking' (laes Deoken ), that need or thought
to simpIi[ itseI, crystaIIize out into essentiaIs beore it couId be
made practice.
ben|amin beIonged to a generation o thinkers who, in the years
|ust preceding the Iirst YorId Yar, rebeIIed against the Iinguistic
barrenness o German academic discourse. 1n diherent ways these
thinkers sought to vaIidate and discover meaning by revitaIizing
the semantic and metaphorical attributes o Ianguage itseI. Marxism
bene5ted rom this generation in the writings o ben|amin, bIoch,
and ^domo. ^t the same time, IittIe wiII be gained rom these Marx-
isu, i they are approached with a 'commonsense', materiaIistic
gauge. Here, as or poetry, one must oIIow Goethe`s dictum:
Per den Licbter wvercteben
ucc mLicbterc 1=e Jeo.
[f the poet you'd undersnd,
You must go Into me poet's Iand.]
Yith ben|amin it was the poet, brecht, who was abIe to toughen
the materiaIist sinews o the critic.
7ke .ooe Soge
Jwo things, essentiaIIy, Iinked brecht and ben|amin: a simiIar
historicaI imagination and a simiIar humanism. like Gramsci they
were distinguished rom the ociaI Communist movement o the
thirties by a deep historicI pessimism into which, according to
!omain !oIIand's ormuIa, 'essimism o the 1nteIIect, Cptimism
o the YiII', they pIanted seedIings o hope, and upon which they
grounded a diaIecticaI unders:anding o past and uture. ^s with
LtamsC thCt QCssmsm Was shaQCd Oy thC VCtOrCs O! !asCsm.
LCtmany sCCmCd OCnt On ts thOUsand-yCat CmQtC. n addtOn, thC
dC_CnCtatOn O! OOCasm n thC USSB QUCnChCd a hOQCh: atttUdC
tO thC QtCsCnt.
hC QCssmsm sttatC_C dCs_nCd tO Cn_CndCt hOQC nOt !Ot
!OtCsCCaOC VCtOtCs Ot tCVCtsas O! !OttUnC OUt !Ot thC sUtVa O!
thC sQCCCs as sUCh. hs Was nOt yCt IhC nUCCat a_C OUt tCCht
sQOKC QtOQhCtCy. `hCytC Qannn_ !Ot thtty thOUsand yCats
ahcad .... hCytC OUt tO dCsttOy CVCtythn_. LVCty Vn_ CC COn-
ttaCts UndCt thCt OOWs .... hCy CtQQC thC OaOy n thC mOthCts
WOmO. n hs !r:Cnd, Cnamn dsCOVCtCd `a QOWCt that sQtan_ !tOm
thC dCQths O! hstOry nO Css dCCQ than thC QOWCt O! thC !asCsts.
tCCht and Cnamn thOU_ht n mCnna _COO_Cay, O! nCW
datK and CC a_Cs. hCy dsCOVCtCd OQtmsm n mCns mOst anCCnt
tCaChCts. `hC hatd thn_ _VCs Way s IhC maXm WmCh tCChts
CUstOms OmCa CCts !tOm thC LhnCsC sa_C n thC QOCm `LC_Cnd
O! thC \t_n O! thC OOK aO C Lhn_ On aO 2U s ay ntO
LXC. nd Cnamn COmmCnts. `hC QOCm COmCs tO Us at a tmC
Whcn sUCh WOtds tn_ n thC Cats O! mCn KC a QtOmsC WhCh has
nOIhn_ tO COnCCdC tO thC QtOmsCs O! a NCssah. Ot thC COntCm-
QOtaty tCadCt, hOWCVCt IhCy COntan nOt Ony a QtOmsC OUt a Cs-
` . . . hat yCdn_ WatCt n mOtOn
LCts thC OCttCt n thC Cnd O! _tantC and QOrQhyty.
O a_n OnCsc! WIh a thOsC Ihn_s WhCh KC WatCt atC `nCOn-
sQc\iOUs and sOOCt and \nCXhaUstOC WOUd tCmnd OnC Cnamn
ar_UCd O! thC CaUsC O! thC OsCts and thC OQQtCssCd. n hs `Oxth
hCss On thC hOsOQhy O! stOry [n 7llumino:ions), hC WtOtC.
`\ny IhC hstOt:an W: haVC IhC _!r O! !annn_ thC sQatK O! hOQC n
thC Qast WhO s !rmy COnVnCCd Ihat even :ke oeoo W nOt OC sa!C
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VCtOtOUs. stOry Was !Ot hm an CVCt-QtCsCnt atCna nCVCt [as
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tbat nOtm t. rCCbt dCsCrOCs 8!Kas OUtOOK as tbat O `a man
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n Ac's cAc, tbC WsdOm O a man `WbO Cts tbC COntradCtOns
O CXIstCnCC CntCr ntO tbC Ony QaCC WbCrC tbCy Cn tbC ast anay-
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tbC WbCCs. `CVCrtbCCss tbCy nUmOCr aOn_ Wtb OCbWCyK and
COQOd OOm amOn_ tbC QOtCnta `WsC mCn O tbC `Oad nCW
days. t s Wtb tbCm VCtms and Otsam O mass sOCCty tbat rCCbt
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nOt QrOdUCn_ `rOUndCd ObaraCtCrs rCCbt rCOnCd tbat dCbUman2-
atOn WOUd nOt OC tCd Oy CaVn_ tbC mass OUt Oy OCCOmIn_ Qatt
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QCtty OOUr_COs UndCr tbC WbCCs OCCOmCs tbC rCCbtan . tbC
Canny Ctt CUnCt. Omaty Cnamn tCmatKs O! Lay Lay. `
mans a man: ths s nOt !CCty tO any sn_C CssCnCC O! OnCs OWn
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Cays CCsttOy QCtsOnaty CtCatC anOnymty. tCCht anC Cnamn
statt Wth thC anOnymOUs man anC CnCOUta_C hs tCsCnOC sO that
thC `hatC thn_ may _VC Way. Ut OCCUsC O! thCt !Cat O! a nCW
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Iy WhCtC QUatCs KC CUnnn_ anC CnCUtanCC atC mOtC mQOttant
than hCtOsm. tCChts Ctama anC QOCtty !Otm a hUmanst vooemecum
!Ot CatK a_Cs. s `hCtOCs atC tCsOUtCC!U hUmOtOUs nOOOCCs.
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`Qa_atsm hs tCWttn_ O! OhaKCsQCatC anC NatOWC a CX-
QCtmCnts n WhCth0t a hstOtCa CVCnt anC ts tCtaty ttCatmCnt
m_ht OC maCC tO tUC OUt CUCtCnty Ot at Cast OC VCWCC CUCtCnt-
y ! thC QtOCOssCs O! hstOty atC tCVaUCC. nChts Ctama s a CC-
OCtatC UnsCatn_ O! thC sUQtCmaCy O! tta_CCy anC tta_C nCVtaO-
ty. s `hstOtC QCssmsm CUts thC _tOUnC !tOm UnCCt thC ttUy
QCssmstC `OQtmsm O! a thOsC WhO QaCC thCt !ath n hstOtCa
nCVtaOty. LChOn_ hs OWn `hCsCs On thC hOsOQhy O! s-
tOty Cnam!n COmmCnts. `t Cn haQQCn ths Way OUt t C asO
haQQCn QUtC a CUCtCnt Way that s thC !UnCamCnta atttUCC O!
OnC WhO WttCs !Ot CQC thCattC. hC QOssOty that hstOty m_ht
haVC OCCn CUCtCnt W nsQtC a ruo res oirur n thC mnCs O!
QtCsCnt-Cay sQCCtatOts: hstOty may nOW OC CUCtCnt; t s n yOUt
hanCs CVCn thOU_h thC mCans at yOUt CsQOsa atC s_ht anC thC
QUatCs tCQUtCC O! yOU atC QCthaQs UnCtamatC UntOmantC.
CnCC n tCCOVCtn_ thC Qast thC CQC Ctamatst W `tCnC tO Cm-
Qhas2C nOt thC _tCat CCCsOns WhCh C aOn_ thC man nC O! hs-
tOty OUt thC nCOmmCnsUtaOC anC thC sn_Uat.
Cnamns CnCOUntCt Wth tCCht CaCs hm n `hat s LQC
hCattC: [O! WhCh thC tWO CXstn_ VCtsOns atC _VCn hCtC] tO
sKCtCh OUt a nCW thCOty O! thC hstOty O! Ctama WhCh s atCaCy
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siels. Cnamn saW amnty bCtWCCn tC aC_CtC ma_natCn C! tC
LCrman barCQUC dtamatsts and tC artstC nCCds C! tC tWCntCt
CCntUry rst n tC mCanCCy sQrt C! tC !CtmCr Wt ts Cm-
bCmatC bUt nsCrUtabC ns_na WC C rCdsCCVCrCd n a!Ka
tCn n tC CC_natC QrnCQC C! mCnm_C WC C !CUnd n tC WCrK
C! sCnstCn and rCCt. %Cnta_C bCCmC !Cr m tC mCdCt CCn-
sOUCtVC aCtVC UnmCanCCy !Ctm C! aC_Cry namCy tC abty
tC CCnnCCt dssmars n sUC a Way 3 tC sCCK QCCQC ntC nCW
rCCC_ntCns and UndCtstandn_s. ^ _rCat dCa C! Cnamns Crt-
cWrtn_ CCnCCCs tsC! Wt sCCK as tC Qrmary CXQCrCnCC C!
dsCCatCn n mCdCt Urban mass ndUstra !C. C CCnsdCrCd
aUdCarC and rCUst !Cr CXamQC sCnstVC rCaCtCrs tC tC nCW
`sCCKs C! mCdCt !C WC at tC samC DmC UsCd tCr art as a
mCans C! sC!-QrCtCCtCn. OUC sC!-QrCtCCtCn C ar_UCd s nC
Cn_Cr nCCdCd by tC rCVCUOCnary artst WC WCCCmCs sCCK Wt
CrOC dstanCC Wt C_tCnCd QrCsCnCC C! mnd. Us Cnamn
CamC tC rC_ard mCnta_C .C. tC abty tC CaQtUrC tC nntC sUd-
dCn Cr sUbtCttanCan CCnnCCtCns C! dssmars 3 tC maCr CCn-
sttUOVC QrnCQC Cf tC artstC ma_natCn n tC a_C C! tCCnCC_y.
Cr UU antCCCdCnts C CCKs baCK bCyCnd LCrman barCQUC
tC tCsC !Crms C! drama WCrC tC mCnta_C QrnCQC tst madC ts
aQQCaranCC. C nds t WCrCVCr a crtC ntC_CnCC ntCrVCnCs tC
CCmmCnt UQCn tC rCQrCsCntatCn n CtCr WCrds WCrC tC rCQrC-
sCntatCn s nCVCr CCmQCtC n tsCl bUt s CQCny and CCntnUay
CCmQarCd Wt tC !C rCQrCsCntCd WCrC tC aCtCts Can at any
mCmCnt stand CUtsdC tCmsCVCs and sCW tCmsCVCs tC bC
LnCC mCrC LnCsC CUtUrC Qays ts Qart n tC tnKn_ C! tC tWC
mCn. Cnamn QCnts tC tC CUstCm C! LnCsC tCaOC tC `maKC
Wat s sCWn Cn tC sta_C UnsCnsatCna and UndCrnCs rCCts
dCbt tC ts tCCnQUC, Cn VCty Cr_nay C sKCtCCs CUt a byWay
C! UrCQCan tCatrC WC C sU__Csts ad aWays sCU_t tC Cs-
CQC !rCm tC CCsCd drama C! LrCCK tra_Cdy ad aWays sCU_t
!Cr an Untta_C dtama. C Untra_C drama and tC mCnta_C Qrn-
CQC WCrC CCsCy CCnnCCtCd n Cnjamns mnd. at byWay Cd
V8 thc mcOcV8! mystcty Q!8y LcC8n O8rOQuc Ot8m8 Cctt8n
sCcncs O oh8KcsQc8tc 8tt O LOcthcs Fousr, tO otrnOOct_ 8nO
hn8!!y tcCht 8nO `cQC thc8ttc. `1 th8t s Onc C8n sQc8K O 8 Q8th
8t 8!! t8thct th8n 8n OVct_rOWn st8!Kn_-tt8CK 8!On_ WhCh thc
!c_8Cy O mcOcV8! 8nO O8tOQuc Ot8m8 h8s CtcQt OOWn tO us OVct thc
suO!mc Out O8ttcn m8ss O C!8ssCsm.
cnj8mn QuOtcs tOm thc c8t!y LuKCs tO OunO 8 thcOty WhCh
Kcs 8n Cnttc!y OQQOscO OtcCtOn tO LuKCss OWn suOscQucnt
Om8!ut_y. hc !8tct LuK8C COnCcCcO Wth thc `m8n !nc O
hstOry ttc8tcO st8!Kn_-tt8CKs 8s Cthct nOn-cXstcnt Ot unWOtthy
O mcntOn. 8sn_ hmsc! On c_c!s COnCcQt O tt8_cOy hc ctc-
_OtzcO thc Or8m8tC hctO 8s 8n cXQOnCnt O W!! thc QtOt8_Onst
O 8 COnCt OctWccn !WO mu!8!!y cXC!usVc cthC8! Ocm8nOs. O
crry thtOu_h hs W!! 8_8nst 8!! OOst8C!Cs thc hctOs sO!c 8m,
hs _!Oty 8nO hs Occ8t. cn8mn hOWcvct nOtcO: `!8tO LuKCs
WtOtc 1Wcnty yc8ts 8_O 8!tc8Oy tcCO_nzcO thc unOt8m8tC n8tutc
O thc h_hcst Otm O m8n thc s8_c. nO yct n hs O8!O_ucs hc
OtOu_ht hm tO thc thtcshO!O O thc st8_c. h8t s Wth !8tO
Oc_ns cn8mns 8!tcC8tVc hstOty O LutOQc8n Or8m8 Whctc thc
Wsc 8nO OsQ8ssOn8tc m8n s hctO. 1nOccO oOCt8tcs 8QQ!8uOcO thc
ncW t8tOn8!st Ot8m8 O LutQOcs WhCh COnC!uOcO thc _tc8t
QctOO O LtccK tr8_cOy. nO cn8mn COnsOctcO tcCht 8 `oOCt8-
tC Om8tst. `\nc m8y tC_8tO cQC thc8ttc 8s mOtc Ot8m8tC th8n
thc O8!O_uc [t s nOt 8!W8ys): Out cQC thc8ttc nccO nOt Ot th8t
tsOn Oc 8ny thc !css Qh!OsOQhc!.
1n tcChts tt8nsOC8tOn thc s8_c tOm L8!y L8y n .on's
o .on tO zO8K n thc Coucosion Cko 6i:le 8nO M8tt n He
1unrdo, s 1hc DWhO h8s suhctcO 8nO tt8Vc!!cO muCh WhO Ch8n_cs
Ds tO!c tO sut hs CrCumst8nCcs. c s n cn8mns WOtOs `8n
cmQty st8_c On WhCh thc COntt8OCtOns O Out sOCc!y 8 8CtcO
Out. 1t s thtOu_h ths `cmQty COnscntn_ Q!8nt 8O8QO!c `hctO
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cXCh8n_n_ tO!Cs 8nO OcnttCs m8y Ocst Oc cn8CtcO. ouCh 8 OcvCc
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7n:roouc:ion xv
a traditionaI stoic sage who speaks the Ianguage o snobbish irony
and C bequeath nothing to posterity but the primaI syIIabIes o
the 1ndo-uropean tongue. brecht's sages or 'thinking men' are by
contrast men o sense and vimIity. GaIy Gay Ieams his Iesson,
masters his situation, and or aII his adaptabiIity, indeed because o
it, proves the onIy humane person in the pIay, abIe to show 'riendIi-
ness' to the man whose identity he aIIowed himseI to rob. ^zdak,
the rogue, C make justice reign or a brie taIismanic hour. GaIiIeo,
though not a man o the peopIe, but who beIongs with the 'adapt-
abIe' heroes, C in the second version o the pIay, which ben|a-
min did not Iive to read, make a seI-critique o the scientist that
encompasses the history o proessionaI men rom the !enaissance
to the present.
1n his metaphysicaIIy probing thought, ben|amin sees brecht's
epic theatre as a orm not mereIy o 'Socratic', but o truIy Iatonic
drama. Jhe aim o the address, 'Jhe ^uthor as roducer', is to hnd
a poIiticI answer, a poIiticI roIe or the artist that wouId pIacte
Iato's strictures in the FeUlx. benjamin's historicI imagination
uncovers a path that Ieads rom the diaIogues to epic theatre. 1n his
disquisitions on brecht, benjamin seeks to rescue the artist in Iato,
whom Iato himseI eared.
r: ono 1oli:ics
1n one respect, by eIiding the poIiticization o art with the use o
artistic 'means o production' or apparatus, benjamin and brecht at
times constricted the reIauonship between poIitics and art. brecht,
in his Iater theory and practice, was abIe to cIariy this conusion.
ben|amin died beore he couId compIeteIy think through a new
materiaIist aesthetics.
brecht's earIier attitudes were shaped by iscator and the !ussian
ex-Iuturists, Iike Jretyakov, or whom the destruction o a theatre
o iIIusion meant a rontaI attack on the bourgeoisie itseI. StanisIav-
skian reproduction was considered bourgeois as such. Jo be anti-
bourgeois or proIetarian was to show how things worked, whiIe
they were being shown, to 'Iay bare the device' (in the words o the
nOt a mystCry tbC sta_C sbOUO aQQCar KC a !aCtOry Wtb tbC
LCrtany tbC OrC Or LOrntban Qars WbCb !rOntCO tbC
bOUr_COs banK sCrVCO a rCaCtOnary QUrQOsC. Ut tbC mOOCr
s an anaO_y Wtb rCCbtan tbCOry tbs WOUO bC CruOC anO Un-
!ar!Or asWCbaVC sCCn tWasQrCCsCytbCUsC O!mOnta_C WbCb
COnstruCtCO tbC QOtCa COnnCCtOns tbat WCrC nOt mmCOatCy
VsbC. `CVCrtbCCss tbrOU_bOUt tbC C!t-Wn_ aVant-_arOC O!
tbC tWCntCs anO tbrtCstbC bCC! QrCOOmnatCO tbattO attaCK anO
rCQUOatC `UsOnsm Or `rCQrOOUCtOn tsC! COnsttUtCO a QrO-
_rCssVC QOtCa aCt COnsttUtCO :e Way n WbCb QOtCs COUO
CntCrOrCCtyntO art. bs bCC! COntnUCs tO aCCt a raOC anO
C!t tbnKn_OnaCstbCtCs tOOay.
Cnamns OCVCOQmCnt UQ tO tbs QOnt baO bCCn sn_uar. C
bC_an VCry tyQCay !Or tbC tmC as an aCstbCtC QbOsOQbCr WbO
amCntCO tbC Qassn_ O! OO traOtOns as mOOCr tCCbnOO_y anO
masssOCCIytOOk tbCr QaCC. CWasanytbn_ bUta rCVOUtOnary
aVant-_arOC tbnKCr. C Was aWays aVant-_arOC bUt n tbC sQrt
O! tbC mCtaQbysCa QOCts stCms !rOm tbC samC rOOts as Cnamns
ntCrCst n \Crman barOgUC Orama) anO as a CrtC bC matCbCO tbC
assOCatVC aC_OrCa QOWCrs O! LOts QOCtry.
CnamnsatttUOC tO tbCnCWsQaQCrUstratCsnstrtbCrCVOU-
tOn. n `bC OtOrytCCr bs Cssay On LCsKOV n 7llaino:ions,
Cnamn COntrasts tbC sC!-QrCsCrVn_, sC!-COntann_ QOWCrs O!
OUtO!n!OrmatOn tbat screcellence tbC rOC O! tbC nCWsQaQCr.
n `bCUtbCras rOOUCCr QaraOOXCay QrObaby COmQOsCO
CarCrtban`bCOtOrytCCr)aCban_C O!CnOrmOUssCaCsCVOCnt
nCWsQaQCr Cn|amn bCrC OCsCrbCs as a `Vast mCtn_-OOWn QrO-
CCss WbCb`nOt OnyOCstrOys tbCCOnVCntOnasCQaratOnbCtWCCn
_CnrCsbCtWCCn WrtCranO QOCtsCbOaranO QOQUarzCrbUt `gUCs-
tOns CVCn tbC sCQaratOn bCtWCCn aUtbOr anO rCaOCr. bC `QaCC
7nrroomrwn XVII
WbCrC tbC WOrO Is mOst OCbasCO tbat IstO say tbC nCWsQaQCr
bCCOmCs tbC VCry QaCC WbCrC a rCsCUC OQCratIOn Can bC mOUntCO.
bC LbInCsC Wa nCWsQaQCr O! tbC LUtUra CVOUtIOn tbC
QOstCrs InsCrIQtIOns anO rOnCOCOsbCCts O! tbCarIsIan anOOtbCr)
stUOCnts In :6 a bCar CnamIn OUt anO mKC tbIs OnCC mCan-
CbOy mCtaQbysICa li::ro:eur IntO tbC !OrCmOstrCVOUtIOnary anO
raOICa CrItIC O! tbC nInCtCCn-sIXtICs anO sCVCntICs. bC sQrCaO O!
strCCt-tbCatrC a_ItQrOQ `IntCrCuOn IKCWIsC VInOIcatC CnmIns
anO rCCbtsVICWsO!tbCtbCaDC.1ttbCsamCtImCtbCIrCntbUsIasm
VCry OCmOcratIzatIOn O!art by mCans O! tbC mCOIa O!rCQrOOUCtIOn
IsUsCO tOOUst anOrCCCt a traOItIOna !Orms O!art assOCIatCOWItb
a OIVIsIOn O! QCr!OCCr anO aUOICnCC OWnCr anO OnOOKCr. Cna-
mIn sImQy IOCntICs `aUra tbC aCstbCtIC nImbUs sUrrOUnOIn_ a
WOrK O! art WItb QrOQCrty anOmCCbanIC rCQrOOUCtIOn WItb QrO-
CtarIanIzatIOn. L! COUrsC mCCbanICa rCQrOOUCtIOn Can bC anO Is
abUsCO anOabsOrbCObyCaQItaIsmanOCnamIn anCary QCr-
CCQtIVC OIa_nOstICIan O! tbIs Oan_Cr. 1s a QrCVCntIVC Or I! nCCCs-
sary a CUrC) bC ar_UCO !Or tbC sOCIa COntrO O! tbC mCOIa. n tbIs
tbCrC Was nOtbIn_ nCW. bat Was CbaCn_In_ Was tbC sU__CstIOn
QOItICIzatIOn O! tbC mCOIa WastbC samC astbC QOItICIzatIOn O! art.
n OtbCr WOrOs mCOIa anO art WCrC IOCntICO. bC OO OIstInCtIOn
bCtWCCn !Orm anO COntCnt Was abOIsbCO, !Orm ItsC! bCCamC
ytbUs COaQsIn_COntCntIntO!Orm tbC ran_CO! !Orms may bC
rCstrICtCO.CCaUsCCnamInWastbCCbIOO!tbCrstQbasCO!a nCW
tCCbnOO_ICaCraWbCntCCbnIgUCs IKCQbOtO-mOnta_CbaOa OIrCCt
CCCtIVC In ItsC! anO tOI_nOrC tbattbC QOItICIzatIOn O! tCCbnOO_y
InVOVCs tbC rCatIOns asWC as tbC mCans O! QrOOUCtIOn.
1t tbC samC tImC as bC CbamQIOnCO tbC `baO nCW tbIn_s Cn-
amInsQbIOsOQby O!bIstOry asWCbaVCsCCnrCgUIrCO a COnstant
battC On bCba! O! tbC Qast On bCba! O! Its VICtIms. 1C sOU_bt tO
sOVC tbIsCOntraOICtIOn WItbtbC COnCCQtO!eq:ei:, [`tbCQrCsCnCC
O! tbc nOW] a DCs:oas, n Wbcb tmc stands st!! Wbctc Qast and
!utUtc cOnVct_c nOt batmOnOUs! bUt cXQlOsVc! n tbc Qtcscnt
bs cOnccQt O! e:ei:, tO_ctbct Wtb tbat O! Emo::ungs:ok:ik
[`tactcs O! attttOn] Wctc tbc tWO dcas Ot QtcdsQOstOns tbat
dOmnatcd cnamns tbnKn_ dUtn_ bs !ast cats. eei: cn-
ta!cd tbc ab!t tO ntctvcnc n cVcnts Wbctbct as QO!tcan Ot n-
tc!!cctUa! tO `b!ast OQcn tbc cOntnUUm O! bstOt [OXtccntb bcss
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tbc QtO_tcssVst cVO!UtOnst dctctmnst ttadtOns O! OOca!
1cmOcrac On tbc Onc band Wncb cnamn cXQ!ct! attacKcd
n bs 'bcscs On tbc b\OsOQb O! stOt} and Uc `'tOQan
QOstVsm and Qta_matsm O! tbc OOVct !nOn Undct Ota!n On tbc
Otbct. |n !nKn_ tbc dca O! e::ei: Wtb tbc OOca!st tcVO!UtOnat
mOVcmcnt cnamn O\ns tanKs Wtb 'tamsC and tbc 1ucs O\
1|t:cry anJ C/a:: Ccn:cicu:ne:: Onc O! tbc NatX\st tcXts WbC mOst
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!cctca! csscncc O! cnamns tbOU_bt !cs n tbc QO!att ofe::ei:
and Emo::ung, tbc `Ncssanc ntctvcnuOn n and cOnttO! OVct
bstOr [bOWcVct sma!! tbc QtOQOttOns and sbOtt!Vcd tbc dUtatOn)
tbc cXQcctatOn cXQtcsscd n tbc !ast `bcss On tbc b!OsOQb O!
1stOt tbat `cVct sccOnd O! tmc Was tbc stta_bt _atc tbtOU_b
Wbcb tbc Ncssab m_bt cOmc and tbc sObct sa_c-!Kc Qatcnt
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WCarn_ OOWn O! barOnCss. 1t Was tbs sCnsC O! CXQCCtatOn tbat
Cnamns !rCnO anO COntCmQOrary Cst OCb transatCO ntO
tbC CtC_Ory O! `COnCrCtC tOQa Or tbC OntOO_Ca QrnCQC O!
OCb WrOtC O! Cnamns suCOC tbat t `a KnO O! Qartn_
Wtb!C nOt sO unCbaraCtCrstC O! bm ! OnC tbnKs O! 8 QbrasC O!
bsWbCbrCCa: `LCastO!abasOnC QOWCrOVCraOCaOman.n
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Zulett an eine unoerscbreitbare 6rene getrieben
Hast du, beisst es, eine oerscbreitbare :ioerscbritten
[L \LC CLO OtVCL \C 8n mQ8ss8O!C \tCn\Cr
`Ou =C DCat Q888CO OVCt Qa888OC OUC.]
Cnamn COmmttCO suCOC at Ort OU On tbC ranCO-OQansb
!rOntCr n OCQtCmbCr qO, On bCarn_ tbat bC Cy tO bC
banOCO OVCr tO tbC \CstaQO tbC !OOWn_ Oay. rCCbt rCmarCO
WbCn bC rCCCVCO tbC nCWs O! bs OCatb tbat tbs Was tOC hrst rCa
OsstbattCr baO CausCO tO \Crman tCratUrC.
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IC F!!n_-n C! IC CtCC8It8 QI. JC 8Dy88 WC 8CQ8t8IC8 IC
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UCnI8 C! tC 8I8_C UC8I nCC!D!y DC8t8 IC It8CC8 C! I8 88Ct8!
Ct_n8 88 !C8I I8 !unCICn. JC 8m_C 8 8I!! C!CV8ICC DuI I nC
Cn_Ct t8C8 !tCU 8n UUC88u:8D!C CCQI I 88 DCCCUC 8 QuD!C
Q8I!CtU. 1QCn I8 Q!8I!CtU IC IC8ItC nCW 88 IC n8I8!! I8C!!.
J8I 8 IC 8Iu8ICn. DuI 88 8QQCn8 n U8ny 8IU8ICn8 CtC tCC
IC Du8nC88 C! C8_u8n_ I 88 QtCV8!CC CVCt I8 QtCQCt tC8!28ICn.
Jt8_CCC8 8nC CQCt88 _C Cn 8nC Cn DCn_ WtIICn 8QQ8tCnI!y WI 8
Itu8Iy 8I8_C 8QQ8:8Iu8 IC 8nC WctC88 n tC8!Iy ICy CC nCIn_
DuI 8uQQ!y U8ICt8! !Ct 8n 8QQ8t8Iu8 WC 8 CD8C!CIC. `J8 CCn-
!u8Cn 8UCn_ Uu8C8n8 VttICt8 8nC CCuCs8DCuI ICt 8IU8ICn 88
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" DOgrapDcadcta:sODcrctDcsccsSajscrcDrstpuD:sDcdarcgvcn
On pagc 11.
tCaity QCssCssCs !hCm thC_ dC!Cnd an aQQatatus CVCt WhICh thCy nC
Cn_Ct haVC CCnttC WhICh Is nC Cn_Ct a thCy stI OCICVC a
mCanso thC QtCduCCts Out has OCCCmC a mCans tC OC usCd a_aInst
thC QtCduCCts. Ith thCsC WCtds tCCht dIsQCs thC IusICn that
thCaUC tCday Is OasCd Cn ItCtatutC. hat Is ttuC nCIthCt !Ct thC
CCmmCtCIa thCattC nCt !Ct his L. |n OCth thC tCXt Is thC sCrVant:
In thC !CtmCt It sCtvCs tC KCCQ thC OusInCss _CIn_ In thC attCt tC
Chan_C It. CW Is suCh Chan_C QCssIOC: |s thCtC suCh a thIn_ as
dtama !Ct thC QuOIC Qat!Ctm ~ !Ct that Is What thC sta_C has OC-
CCmC - Ct as tCCht says !Ct `QuOIC QtCQa_anda InstItUtCs: nd
I! sC What Is Its natutCr hC Cny QCssIOItty C! dCIn_ justICC tC thC
QuOIC Qat!Ctm aQQCatCd tC haVC OCCn !Cund Oy thC thCattC C! Cut-
tCnt CVCnts thC Zei::eoter, In thC !Ctm C! QCItIC Qays. ut hCW-
CVCt thIs QCItIC thCattC !unCtICnCd sCCIay It QtCmCtCd thC CCCu-
QatICn Oy thC QtCCtattan masCs C! thC VCty QCsItICns WhtCh thC
aQQatatus C! thC thCattC had CtCatCd !Ct thC OCut_CCIs masC. hC
!unCtICna tCatICnshIQ OCtWCCn sU_C and QuOIC tCXt and QCt!Ctm-
anCC QtCduCCt and aCtCts tCmaInCd amCst unChan_Cd. LQIC thCattC
taKCs as Its startIn_ QCInt thC attCmQt tC InttCduCC D:ndamCnta
Chan_C IntC thCsC tCatICnshIQs. 1Ct Its QuOIC thC sU_C Is nC Cn_Ct
`thC QanKs WhICh sI_nI!y thC WCtd In CthCt WCtds a ma_IO CItCC)
Out a CCnVCnICnt QuOIC CXhIOItICn atCa. 1Ct Its sU_C thC QuOIC Is
nC Cn_Ct a CCCCtICn C! hyQnCtICd tCst suOjCCts Out an asCmOy
C! IntCtCstCd QCtsCns WhCsC dCmands It must satIsQ. 1Ct Its tCXt thC
QCt!CtmanCC Is nC Cn_Ct a VIttuCsC IntCtQtCtatICn Out Its ti_CtCus
CCnttC. 1Ct Its QCt!CtmanCC thC tCXt Is nC Cn_Ct a OaIs C! that QCt-
!CtmanCC Out a _tId Cn WhICh In thC !Crm C! nCW !CtmuatICns thC
_aIns C! that QCt!CtmanCC atC matKCd. 1Ct It aCtCt thC QtCduCCt nC
Cn_Ct _IVCs hIm InsttuCtICns aOCut CUCCts Out thCsCs !Ct CCmmCnt.
1Ct Its QtCduCCt thC aCtCt Is nC Cn_Ct a mImC WhC must Cm-
OCdy a tCC Out a !unCtICnaty WhC has tC maKC an InVCntCty
C! It.
LCaty !unCtICns thus Chan_Cd must OC !CundCd Cn Chan_Cd
CCmCnts. tCCCnt Jj1) CtIn QCt!CtmanCC C! tCChts QataOC
.on's o .on CUCtCd thC OCst CQQCttunIty tC tCst thIs. hanKs tC
thC CCuta_CCus and IntCI_Cnt asIduIty C! C_aj thC thCattC dItCC-
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8CCn n DC:!n !C: yC8:8 I 8!8C 8 UCCC! C! CQC IC8I:C tC Cn!y
CnC 8C !8:. N8I Q:CVCnICC IC Q:C!C88Cn8 C:IC8 !:CU :CCC_n2n_
I8 !8CI W!! DC 8CCn n CuC CCu:8C. JC QuD!C !CunC D:CCI8 CCU-
CCy QCt!CCI!y 8CCC88D!C~ CnCC IC 8u!I:y 8UC8QC:C C! tC Fr8I
n_I 8C C!C8:CC~WICuI C!Q !:CU 8ny Q:C!C88Cn8! C:IC8U. C:
8:C 8!IC: 8!! nCIn_ CIC: I8n 8n CXQ:C88Cn C! I8 C!C8CnC88 IC :C8!
!!C W!C ICCty !8n_u8C8 n IC D8Dy!Cn8n CX!C O! 8 Q:8X8
WC 88 nCIn_ IC CC WI IC W8y WC !VC. Ju8 IC V8!uC8 C! 8n
CQC:CII8 Dy !C!!8 !CnC ICU8C!VC8 UC:C :C8C!y IC CCFnICn n IC
8QQ:CVCC !8n_u8_C C! 8C8ICIC8 I8n IC8C C! 8 Q!8y Dy D:CCI
C8QCC8!!y 8nCC 8uC 8 Q!8y n C:CC: ICI8!!y IC CCCC8IC :I8C!! IC Ic
CCn8I:uCICn C! tC nCW IC8I:C 8!!CW8 I8c!! 8 !:CC 8nC WI !ICt8-
!QC IC8I:C 8 _C8Iu:8!. JC CXICnI IC WC I C 88C DC !ICt8:y
n IC I:8CICn8! 8Cn8C 8 8 8CQ8t8IC 88uC. JC _C8Iu:C 8 I8 :8W
U8IC:8! 8nC I8 I88R 8 IC t8ICn8! uI!28ICn C! I8 U8IC:8!. JC
_C8Iu:C 88 IWC 8CV8nI8_C8 CVC: tbC _!y CCCCQIVC 8I8ICUCnI8 8nC
888CtICn8 nC:U8!!y U8CC Dy QCCQ!C 8nC IC: U8ny-!8yC:CC 8nC
CQ8QuC 8CICn8. :8I IC _C8Iu:C 8 !8!8F8D!C Cn!y uQ IC 8 QCnI; n
!8CI IC UC:C nCCn8QCuCu8 8nC 8DIu8! I 8 IC UC:C CmCu!I
I 8 IC !8!8!y. CCCCnC un!RC QCCQ!C8 8CICn8 8nC CnCC8VCu:8 I
88 8 CCFn8D!C DC_nnn_ 8nC 8 CCFn8D!C CnC. nCCCC I8 8IrCI
!:8UC-!KC CnC!C8CC n8Iu:C C! C8C UCUCnI C! 8n 8IIIuCC WC
8!IC: 8!! 8 88 8 WC!C n 8 8I8IC C! !Vn_ DuX 8 CnC C! tC D88C C8-
!CCIC8! C8r8CIC:8IC8 C! IC _C8Iu:C. J8 !C8C8 IC 8n UQC:I8nI CCn-
C!u8Cn: IC UC:C !rCQucnI!y WC nICrruQI 8CUCCnC Cn_8_CC n 8n
8CICn IC UC:C _C8tu:C8 WC CDI8n. 1CnCC IC nICr:uQIn_ C!
8CICn 8 CnC C! IC Q:nCQ8 CCnCC:n8 C! CQC IC8I:C. JC:Cn !C8
IC !CtU8! 8CCVCUCnI C! D:CCI8 8Cn_8 WI IC: CtuCC C8:I-
:CnCn_ :C!:8n8. NICuI 8nICQ8In_ IC CUCu!I 8IuCy yCI IC DC
U8CC C! IC D1nCtCn C! IC ICXI n CQC IC8I:C WC C8n 8I !C88I 88y
I8I C!ICn I8 U8n D1nCICn 8 nCI IC !!u8tt8IC C: 8CV8nCC tC 8CICn
DuI Cn IC CCnI:8ry IC nIC:tuQI I: nCI Cn!y IC 8CICO C! CIC:8
OUt asO IhC aCtOn O! OnCs OWn. t s thC rCIardn_ gUaty O! thCsC
ntCrrUQtOns and thC CQsOdC gUaty O! Ihs !ramn_ O! aCtOn
WhCh aOWs _CstUta thCatrC tO OCCOmC CQC thCatrC.
hC jOO O! CQC thCatrC t has OCCn CXQanCd s nOt sO mUCh tO
dCVCOQ aCtOns as tO rCQrCsCnt COnduOns. mOst O! IhC sO_ans O! thC
dtamatUr_y O! CQC thCatrC haVC OCCn _nOrCd OUt ths OnC has at
Cast CrCatCd a msUndCrstandn_. CasOn CnOU_h tO taKC t UQ.
hOsC `COndtOns WhCh had tO OC rCQrCsCntCd WCrC thOU_ht tO OC
thC CQUVaCnt O! thC `mCU Or sOCa sCttn_ O! CarCr thCOrCt-
Cans. hUs UndCrstOOd thC dCmand mCant nO mOrC than a QCa !Or
a rCtUm tO natUrastC drama. `Ct nO OnC C OC naVC CnOU_h tO
ChamQOn suh a rCtUm. hC natUrastC sIa_C s n nO scnsC a QUOC
Qat!Orm t s CntrCy UsOnstC. ts OWn aWarCnCss that t s thCa-
trC CannOt !CrIzC t KC CVCry thCatrC O! Un!Odn_ aCtOn t mUst
rCQrCss ths aWarCnCss sO as tO QUrsUC UndstraCtCd Is am O! QOr-
trayn_ IhC rCa. QC thCatrC Oy COntrast nCCssanty dCtVCs a VCy
and QrOdUCtVC cOnsC!OUsnCss !rOm IhC !aCt Ihat t s thCatrC. hs
COnsCOUsnCss CnaOCs t tO trCat CCmCnts O! rCaty as thOU_h t
WCrC sCttn_ UQ an CXQCrmCnt Wth IhC `COndtOns at thC Cnd O! thC
CXQCrmCnt nOt at thC OC_nnn_. hUs thCy atC nOt OrOU_ht COsCr
tO thC sQCCtatOr OUt dstanCCd !rOm hm. NhCn hC rCCO_nzCs thCm
as rCa COndIOns t s nOt as n naIUrastC thCatrC WIth COmQa-
CCnCy OUt Wth astOnshmCnt. hs astOnshmCnt s thC mCans WhCrC-
Oy CQC thCaUC n a hard QUrC Way rCVVCs a OOCratC QraXs. n OnC
WhO s astOnshCd ntCrCst s OOm: ntCrCst n ts QrmOrda !Otm.
Othn_ s mOrC CharaCtCrstC O! rCChts Way O! IhnKn_ than thC
attCmQt WhCh CQC thCatrC maKCs tO trans!Otm ths QrmOrda
ntCrCst drCCty ntO a tCChnCa CXQCrt OnC. LQC thCatrC addrCssCs
tsC! tO ntCrCstCd QCtsOns `WhO dO nOt thnK UnCss thCy haVC a
rCasOn tO. Ut Ihat s an atttUdC aOsOUtCy sharCd Oy thC massCs.
rCChts daCCtICa matCr!asm assCrts tsC! UnmstaKaOy n hs
CndCaVOUr tO ntCrCsI thC massCs n thCatrC as tCChnCa CXQCrts OUt
nOt at a Oy Way O!`CUtUrC. `n ths Way WC COUd VCry sOOn haVC a
thCatrC !U O! CQCrts as WC haVC sQOrts stadUms !U O! CXQCrts.
LQC thCatrC thCn dOCs nOt rCQrOdUCC COndtOns OUt rathCr
rCVCas thCm. hs UnCOVCtn_ O! COndtOns s OrOU_ht aOOUt
ot is E Tkeotre? [First version] 5
tbrOU_b QrOCCssCs OCn_ ntCrtUQtCd. VCty CrUdC QC: a
!amy rOW. bC mOtbCr s Ust aOOUt tO QCK UQ a QOW tO bUt at
tbC daU_btCr tbC !atbCr s OQCnn_ a WndOW tO Ca a QOCCman. t
tbs mOmCnt a sttan_Cr aQQCats at tbC dOOr. `8OCaU as tbCy UsCd
tO say arOUnd :gOO. n OtbCr WOrds. tbC stran_Cr s sUddCny COn-
!rOntCd Wtb Ccrtan COndtOns: tUmQCd OCdCOtbCs OQCn WndOW
a dCVastatCd ntCtOr. Ut tbCrC CXsts a VCW n WbCb CVCn tbC mOrC
UsUa sCCnCs O! OOUr_COs !C aQQCar ratbCr KC tbs. bC mOrC !ar-
rCaCbn_ tbC dCVastatOns O! OUr sOC8 OrdCr [tbC mOrC tbCsC dCVas-
t8OOns UndCrmInC OUtsCVCs and OUt CaQaCty tO rCman aWarC O!
tbCm) tbC mOrC mard mUst D U dsUnCC OCtWCCn tbC sttan_Cr
and tbC CVCnts QOtttayCd. NC KnOW sUCb a stran_Cr !rOm rCCbts
Iersucke: a OWaOan `1ts a COUntCtQart O! 1yssCs tbC LrCCK
``OOOdy WbO Vsts OnC-CyCd OyQbCmUs n bs CaVC. Omary
CUnCr tbat s tbC stran_Crs namC- QCnCtratCs ntO tbC CaVC O! tbC
OnC-CyCd mOnstCr WbOsC namC s `Cass sOCCty. KC 1yssCs bC s
!U O! _UC aCCUstOmCd tO sUCrn_ mUCb-UaVCCd OOtb mCn arC
WsC. QtaCtC rCs_natOn WbCb bas aWays sbUnnCd UtOQan
dCasm maKCs 1yssCs tbnK Ony O! rCtUnn_ bOmC CUnCr nCVCr
CaVCs tbC trCsbOd O! bs bOUsC at a. C KCs tbC trCCs WbCb bC
sCCs n tbC yard WbCn bC COmCs OUt O! bs !OUttb-OOr tCnCmCnt
at. `Nby dOnt yOU CVCr _O ntO tbC WOOds asK bs !tCnds `!
yOU IKC trCCs sO mUCbr `d nOt tC yOU rCQCs Ctt CUnCr
`tbat KC tbC trCCs n my yard: O mOVC tbs tbnKn_ man Crr
CUnCr [WbO rCCbt OnCC sU__CstCd sbOUd OC CartCd On sta_C
yn_ dOWn sO ttC s bC dtaWn tbtbCr) tO mOVC bm tO CXstCnCC
UQOn tbC sta_Ctbat s tbC am O! tbs nCW tbCattC. t W OC nOtCCd
nOt WtbOUt sUtQtsC tbat ts Or_ns rCaCb OaCK a VCry On_ tmC. Or
tbC Ct s tbat CVCr snCC tbC LrCCKs tbC sCarCb !Or tbC Untra_C bCrO
On tbC LUrOQCan st8_C bas nCVCr CCasCd. CsQtC a tbC CassCa
rCVVas tbC _rCat dtamatsts baVC aWays KCQt as !ar aWay as QOssOC
!rOm tbC aUtbCntC LrCCK h_UrC O! tm_Cdy. bs s nOt tbC QaCC tO
traCC tbC Qatb WbCb Wnds tbrOU_b tbC %ddC _Cs n rOsWtba
and tbC mystCty Qays Or atCr n LtyQbUs Cn2 and LraOOC Or
tO sbOW bOW LOCtbC CrOssCd t n tbC sCCOnd Fousr. Ut WC may say
tbat tbIs Qatb Was a sQCCay LCtman OnC. ! tbat s OnC Can sQCaK

O! a Qath at a tathCt than an OVCt_tOWn staKIn_-traCK aOn_ WhICh

thC C_aCy O! mCdICVa and OatOQuC dtama has CtCQt dOWn tO us OVCt
thC suOImC Out OartCn massI! O! CassICIsm. JhIs ttaCK tCaQQCats tO-
day tOu_h and untCndCd as It may OC In thC Qays C! tCCht. JhC
untta_IC hCtO Is Qatt O! thIs LCtman ttadItIOn. Jhat hIs QatadOXICa
sta_C C.IstCnCC has tO OC tCdCCmCd Oy Out OWn aCtua OnC Was tCCO_-
nIzCd at an Caty datC nOt O! COutsC Oy thC CrItICs Out Oy thC OCst
COntCmQOtaty thInKCts suCh as LCOt_ LuKCs and tanz OsCn-
zWCI_. atO LuKCs WrOtC tWCnty yCars a_O atCady tCCO_nIzCd
thC undramatIC natutC O! thC hI_hCst !Otm O! man thC sa_C. nd
yCt In hIs dIaO_uCs hC OtOu_ht hIm tO thC !htCshOd O! thC sta_C.
LnC may tC_ard CQIC thCattC as mOtC dramatIC !han thC dIaO_uC
[It Is nOt aWays): Out CQIC thCattC nCCd nOt !Ot that tCasOn OC any
thC Css QhIOsOQhICa.
JhC !Otms O! CQIC thCattC COttCsQOnd tO thC nCW tCChnICa !Orms -
C:nCma and tadIO. QIC thCattC COrrCsQOnds tO thC mOdCt CVC O!
tCChnOO_y. n !m thC thCOry has OCCOmC mOtC and mOtC aCCCQtCd
that thC audICnCC shOud OC aOC tO `COmC In at any QOInt that COm-
QICatCd QOt dCVCOQmCnts shOud OC aVOIdCd and that CaCh Qa:t
OCsIdCs thC VauC It has !Ot thC WhOC hOud asO QOssCss Its OWn
CQIsOdIC VauC. Ot radIO WI!h Its QuOIC WhICh Can !Cy sWItCh
On Ot O at any mOmCnt thIs OCCOmCs a strICt nCCCssIty. QIC thCaCC
InttOduCCs thC samC QtaCtICC On thC sta_C. Ot CQIC thCattC as a
mat!Ct O! QtInCIQC !hCtC Is nO suCh thIn_ as a atCCOmCt. JhC ImQI-
CatIOns O! thIs su__Cst !hat CQIC thCaCCs ChaCn_C tO thC thCa!tC as
a sOCIa InstI!utIOn Is !ar mOtC sCtIOus than any dama_C It may InbICt
On thC thCattc as CntCrUInmCnt Industty. NhCtCas In COarCt thC
OOut_COIsIC mIn_C WIth OOhCmIa and In VarC!y thC _aQ OCtWCCn
QCtty and OI_ OOut_COIsIC Is OtId_Cd !Ot thC sQaCC O! an CVCnIn_
thC haOI!us O! tCChts hCattC WhCtC CI_atCttC smOKC Is Cau_ht In
thC QtOjCCtOt OCam atC QtOCtarIan-. Ot thCm thCtC Is nOthIn_
stran_C aOOut tCChts InsttuC!IOn tO an aCtOt tO Qay thC ChOOsIn_
O! a WOOdCn C_ Oy thC OC__at In thC Tkreeem Oeo In suCh a Way
that `ust !Ot thC saKC O! sCCIn_ thIs QattICuat tut QCOQC WI Qan
tO tCVIsIt !hC shOW at thC QtCCIsC mOmCnt It OCCuts. ChCts OaCK-
kor is Eic Tkeorre? [Firsr crsion]
QtOCCtIOns !Ot sUCh `tUCs atC !at mOtC !IKC QOstCts than sta_C
dCCOtatIOns. JhC QOstCt Is a COnstItUCnt C!CmCnt O! `HtCtatIzCd
thCattC. `LItCtatIzIn_ CntaI!s QUnCtUatIn_ tCQtCsCntatIOn Wth !Ot-
mU!atIOn _IVCs thC thCattC thC QOssIOInty O! maKIn_ COntaCt Wth
OthCt nstItUtIOns !Ot IntC!!CCtUa! aCtIVItICs." JhCsC InsttUtIOns
_mCdIa) CVCn InC!UdC OOOKs. `OOtnOtCs and thC haOIt O! tuDIn_
OaCK In OtdCt tO ChCCK a QOInt nCCd tO OC InttOdUCCd 1ntO Q!ay-
WrtIn_ tOO.
Ut What Is It that ChCts QOstCts adVCttIsC: tCCht WtItCs that
thCy `adOQt an attItUdC tOWatds CVCnts In sUCh a Way that thC tCa!
_!UttOn In aha_Onny sIts In !tOnt O! thC dCQICtCd _!UttOn. Cry
WC!!. NhO Can say that thC aCtCd _!UttOn Is mOtC tCa! than thC dC-
QICtCd OnC: NC Can maKC thC aCtCd OnC sIt In !tOnt O! thC mOtC tCa!
OnC I.C. WC Cn !Ct thC dCQICtCd OnC at thC OaCK OC mOtC tCa! than
thC aCtCd OnC. CthaQs It Is On!y nOW that WC OOtaIn a C!UC tO thC
QOWCtD1! and CUtIOUs CCCt O! sCCnCs sU_Cd In thIs Way. OOmC O!
thC Q!ayCts aQQCat as mandatOtICs O! thC !at_Ct !OtCCs WhICh tC-
manIn_ In thC OaCK_tOUnd atC !IKC !atOs dCas In that thCy COn-
stItutC thC IdCa! mOdC! O! thIn_s. ChCts OaCK-QtOjCCtIOns hOWCVCt
atC matCtIa!Ist IdCas; thCy tC!atC tO _CnUInC `COndItIOns CVCn WhCn
thCy aQQtOxImatC tO aCtUa! CVCnts, thC ttCmU!OUsnCss O! thCIt COn-
tOUts stI!! sU__Csts thC !at _tCatCt and mOtC ntmatC QtOxImIty !tOm
WhICh thCy haVC OCCn WtCnChCd In OtdCt tO OCCOmC VIsIO!C.
JhC !ItCtarzatIOn O! thCattC Oy mCans O! VCtOa! !OrmU!as QOstCts
CaQtIOns Is IntCndCd tO and WI!! `maKC What Is shOWn On thC sta_C
UnsCnsatIOna!. [tCCht Is D1!!y aWatC O! thC COnnCCtIOns OCtWCCn
thCsC mCthOds and CCttaIn QtaCtICCs O! LhInCsC thCattC a COnnCCtIOn
WhICh WC WI!! CInC at sOmC D1tUtC datC.) tCCht _OCs sO!! DtthCt
In thC samC dItCCtIOn Oy asKn_ hImsC!! WhCthCt thC CVCnts QOt-
ttayCd Oy thC CQIC aCtOt OU_ht nOt tO OC KnOWn In adVaOCC. `n that
CasC hIstOtICa! CVCnts WOU!d On thC !aCC O! It OC thC mOst sUItaO!C.
LnC mUst, hOWCVCt CxQCCt thC dtamaUst tO taKC a CCrtaIn amOUnt
O! !ICCnCC In that hC WI!! tCnd tO CmQhasIzC nOt thC _tCat dCCIsIOns
Brec/t on T/eatre: T/e Oeelo
menr o]O .esr/et:c, cdtcd and trans-
atcd Dj ]ODn ctt 1 and ang c `OrK tg QQ. q-q [ra;s-
atOrs nOtc).

WhICh IC aOn_ thC maIn InC O! hIstOty Out thC InCOmmCnsutaOC
and thC sIn_uat. `t Cn haQQCn thIs Way Out It Cn asO haQQCn QuItC
a dICtCnt Way that Is thC !undamCnU attItudC O! OnC WhO WtItCs
!Or CQIC thCatrC. 1Is tCatIOn tO hIs stOty Is IKC that O! a OaCt tCaChCt
tO hIs QuQI. Is tst aIm Is tO OOsCn hCr jOInts tO thC VCty ImIts
O! thC QOssIOC. 1C WI OC as !at tCmOVCd !rOm hIstOtICa and Qsy-
ChOO_ICa CIChCs as OtrndCr_ In hIs hIstOrCa drama8. Or OtrInd-
OCr_ madC a strOn_y COnsCIOus attCmQt at CQIC untta_IC thCattC.
n thC WOtKs COnCCrCd WIth IndIVIdua IVCs hC stI _OCs OaCK tO
thC LhrIstIan sChCma O! thC assIOn, Out In hIs hIstOtICs thC VChC-
mCnCC O! hIs CtItIOa thOu_ht and hIs ItOny WIt Its unmasKIn_ CCCt
QaVC thC Way !Ot CQIC thCattC. n thIs sCnsC thC LaVary Qay To
Domoscus and thC mOraIty Qay 0us:ovus oolkus atC thC tWIn
QOCs O! hIs dtamatIC WtItIn_.
! WC adOQt thC OQtIC WhICh WC haVC ust OutInCd WC Cn sCC thC
QrOduCtIVC dIChOtOmy OCtWCCn rCCht and thC sO-OaCd Zei:-
oromo:ik, a dICOtOmy WhICh hC ttICs tO OVCrCOmC In hIs Jekr-
s::icke [dIdaCtIC Qays. JhCsC Qays atC thC nCCCssaty dCtOut VIa CQIC
thCattC WhICh tC Qay WIth a thCsIs must taKC. JhC Qays O! a JOCt
Ot a LamQC dO nOt taKC thIs dCtOut, CXaCty IKC thC WOtKs O! LCr-
man QsCudO-CassICIsm thCy `aWatd QrImaCy tO thC IdCa and a thC
tImC maKC thC sQCCtatOt dCsIrC a sQCCIC aIm CrCatIn_ as It WCrC an
CVCt-InCrCasIn_ dCmand !Or thC suQQy. OuCh WrItCrs attaCK thC
COndItIOns In WhICh WC IVC !rOm tC OutsIdC rCCht Cts thC COn-
dItIOns sQCaK !Ot thCmsCVCs sO that thCy COn!tOnt CaCh OthCr dIa-
CCtICay. JhCIt VatIOus CCmCnts atC QayCd O O_ICy a_aInst OnC
a!:OthCr. JhC dOCKCt Lay Lay In tCChts Aon's o Aon Is IKC
an CmQty sta_C On WhICh thC COnttadICtIOns O! Our sOCICty atC aCtCd
Out. OOWIn_ tCChts InC O! thOu_ht OnC mI_ht attIVC at thC QrO-
QOsItIOn that It Is thC WIsC man WhO Is thC QCt!CCt sta_C !Ot suCh a
dIaCCtIC. n any CasC Lay Lay Is a WIsC man. C InttOduCCs hImsC!
as a dOCKCt `WO dOCsnt dtInK smOKCs VCty IttC and hasnt any
QassIOns tO sQCaK O!. 1C Is nOt tCmQtCd Oy thC OCt O! sCX WIth thC
WIdOW WhOsC OasKCt hC has CattICd. `JO OC !tanK d tCay IKC tO
Ouy sOmC sh. `Ct hC Is InttOduCCd as a man `WhO Cant say nO. nd
thIs tOO Is WIsC !Ot hC Cts thC COnttadICtIOns O! CXIstCnCC CntCt IntO
Zot is E Tkeote? [Fist vesion]

tC Ony Q!aCC WCrC UCy C n UC ast anayss OC rCsOVCd: tC
!!C O! a man. Ln!y tC COnsCntn_ man as any CanCC O! Can_n_
tC WOrd.
1nd sO t aQQCns tat tC WsC QrO!Ctaran Lay Lay, tC man
WO KCCQs msC! tO ImsC!! a_rCCs tO jOn tC OCrsCrK ranKs O! tC
rLs CO!Ona! army tCrCOy COnsCntn_ tO tC dCna! O! s OWn
WsdOm. 1 mOmCnt a_O C WCnt OUt O! s !rOnt dOOr sCnt Oy s
W!C On an Crrand tO OUy sOmC h s. ^OW C mCCts trCC sOdCrs O!
tC 1n_O-ndan army WO aVC !Ost a !OUtt W!C !OOtn_ a Qa_O-
da. C trCC O! tCm aVC tCr OWn rCasOns !Or hndn_ a rCQaCC-
mCnt !Or tC mssn_ man as sOOn as QOssOC. La!y Lay s tC man
WO cnt say nO. C !O!OWs tC trCC sO!dCrs WtOUt KnOWn_
Wat s n stOrC !Or m. LnC Oy OnC C adOQts tOU_ts atOtUdCs
aOts sUCh as a sOdCr n mUst QOssCss WCn C s COmQCtCy
rC-CQUQQCd, C WOnt CVCn rCCO_n2C s OWn W!C WCn sC CVCn-
tUa!y sUCCCCds n ttaCKn_ m dOWn. na!y C OCCOmCs tC mUC-
!CarCd COnQUCrOr O! tC OCtan mOUntan strOn_Od O! bO a
1OOWt. 1 mans a man sO a dOCKCr s a mCrCCnary. C W trCat
s sC!!-COndtOn as mCrCCnary nO dUCrCnty !rOm tC Way C
trCatCd s dOCKCrOOd. 1 mans a man. ts s nOt !dCty tO any
sn_C CssCnCC O! OnCs OWn OUt a COntInUa rCadnCss tO admt a nCW
CVC: _VC yOU: CXaCt namC, Wats thC QOntr
NhCn yOU namC yOU:8C! yOU aVay8 namC anOthC:.
lOnt OC 8O OUd tn 8tatn_ yOU: OQtntOn. 1O:_Ct tt. Nhat
W tt a_an thC OQtntOn yOU hC!dr
lO nOt :CmCmOC: thn_8 O: On_C: than thCy !a8t.
QC tCatrC Casts dOUOts UQOn tC nOtOn tat tCaOC s CntCrtan-
mCnt. Jt saKCs tC sOCa Va!dty O! tCatrC-as-CntCrtanmCnt Oy
rOOOn_ t O! ts h:nCtOn Wtn tC CaQtast systCm. 1t asO t:Cat-
Cns tC QrIVC_Cs O! tC CrtCs. CsC QrV!C_Cs arC OasCd On tC
tCCnCa CXQCrtsC WC CnaO!Cs tC CrtC tO maKC CCrtan OOsCtVa-
tOns aOOUt QrOdUCtOns and QCr!OrmanCCs. C CrtCra C aQQCs
n maKn_ s OOsCtVatOns arC On!y VCty rarCy Wtn s OWn COn-
trO; C sCdOm WOrrCs aOOUt ts OUt rCCs UQOn `tCatrC aCstCtCs
n thC dCtas O! WhCh nOOOdy s QartCUaty ntCtCstCd. ! hOWCVCt
thC aCsthCtC O! thC thCattC CCasCs tO tCman n thC OaCK_tOUnd ! ts
!OtUm s thC aUdCnCC and ts CttCtOn s nO On_Ct thC CnCCt tC_s-
tCtCd Oy thC nCtVOUs systCms O! sn_C ndVdUas OUt thC dC_tCC tO
WhCh thC mass O sQCCtatOts OCCOmCs a COhCtCnt WhOC thCn thC
CttC as hC s COnsttUtCd tOday s nO On_Ct ahCad O! that mass OUt
aCtUay bnds hmsC! !at OChnd t. hC mOmCnt WhCn thC mass
OC_ns tO dnCtCntatC tsC! n dsCUssOn and tCsQOnsOC dCCsOns
Ot n attCmQts tO dsCOVCt WC-!OUndCd atttUdCs O! ts OWn thC
mOmCnt thC !asC and dCCCQtVC tOtaty CaCd `aUdCnCC OC_ns tO
dsntC_tatC and thCtC s nCW sQaCC !Ot thC !OtmatOn O! sCQatatC
QattCs Wthn t sCQatatC QattCs COttCsQOndn_ tO COndtOns as
thCy tCay atC at that mOmCnt thC CttC sUnCts thC dOUOC ms-
!OttUnC O! sCCn_ hs natUtC as a_Cnt tCVCaCd and at thC samC tmC
dCVaUCd. OmQy Oy thC !aCt O! aQQCan_ tO an `aUdCnCC WhCh
COntnUCs tO CXst n ts Od OQagUC !Otm Ony !Ot thC thCattC OUt
ChataCtCtstOy nO On_Ct !Ot bmthC CttC OCCOmCs WhCthCt hC
mCans tO Ot nOt thC adVOCatC O! What thC anCCnts UsCd tO O
`thCatrOCrata: thC UsC O! thCattC tO dOmnatC thC massCs Oy manQU-
atn_ thCt tCbCXCs and sCnsatOnsthC CXaCt OQQOstC O! tCsQOnsOC
COCCtVCs !tCCy ChOOsn_ thCr QOstOns. hC `nnOVatOns WhCh
sUCh aUdCnCCs W dCmand atC CXCUsVCy COnCCHCd Wth What s
tCazaOC Wthn CXstn_ sOCCty and atC thUs thC OQQOstC O! `tCnO-
VatOns. LQC thCattC attaCKs thC OasC VCW that att may dO nO mOtC
than _hty tOUCh UQOn CXQCrCnCC thC VCW WhCh _tants Ony tO
tsCh thC t_ht V CnCOmQass thC WhOC tan_C O! CXQCtCnCC and
thCn Ony !Ot thC OWCt CassCs O! sOCCty. hs attaCK UQOn thC Oass
s at thC samC tmC an assaUt UQOn thC CttC QrVC_Cs. nd ths thC
CrtCs haVC sCnsCd n thC dCOatC OVCt CQC thCattC thCy mUst OC COn-
sdCtCd an ntCtCstCd Qatty.
atUtay sUCh `sC!-COnttO O! thC sta_C COUnts On thCtC OCn_
aCtOts WhOsC dCa O! thC aUdCnCC s CssCntay dnCtCnt !tOm thC
anma-tamCts VCW O! thC OCasts WhO nhaOt Ds Ca_C: aCtOts !Ot
WhOm CnCCt s nOt an Cnd OUt a mCans. hC Ussan QtOdUCCt
mCyCthOd Was tCCCnty asKCd n Ctn What n hs OQnOn ds-
tn_UshCd hs aCtOrs !tOm thOsC O! NCstCH LUtOQC. C tCQCd:
kor u Eic Tkcorre? [Firsr version : :
VO tUn_s. rst tDC tDnK sCCOnd tDC dO nOt tDnK dC8!stC-
8!! Dut m8tCr8!stC!!. DC VCV tD8t tDC st8_C s 8 mOr8! nst-
tutOn s ustDCd On! n rC!8tOn tO 8 tDC8trC tD8t dOCs nOt mCrC!
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tOV8rds KnOV!Cd_C; 8nd tDs KnOV!Cd_C n DdCtCrmnCs nOt On!
tDC COntCnt Dut 8!sO tDC rem, Q8usCs 8nd strCssC8 O! Ds VDO!C QCr-
!Orm8nCC. Ds sDOu!d nOt DOVCVCr DundCr8tOOd n tDC sCnsC O!
8 st!C. 1n tDC QrO_r8mmC nOtCs tO .c's o .c VC rC8d: 1n
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Q8rtCu!8r !unCtOn DC s !u!B!!n_ tDC st!C O! Ds 8Ctn_ V!! CD8n_C.
Ds Q!ur8!t O! QOssD!tCs s COntrO!!Cd D 8 d8!CCtC tO VDc 8!!
st!stC COnsdCr8tOns D8VC tO DOV. DC 8CtOr must sDOV 8n
CVCnt 8nd DC must sDOV DmsC!!. C n8tur8!! sDOVs tDC CVCnt D
sDOVn_ DmsC!! 8nd DC sDOVs DmsC!! D sDOV!n_ tDC CVCnt. !-
tDOu_D tDCsC tVO t8sKs CO:nCdC UC must nOt COnCdC tO suCD 8
QOnt tD8t tDC COntr8st _d!CrCnCC) DCtVCCn tDCm ds8QQC8rs.
`O m8KC _CsturCs QuOt8D!C s tDC 8CtOrs mOst mQOrt8nt 8CDCVC-
mCnt DC must DC 8D!C tO sQ8CC Ds _CsturCs 8s tDC COmQOstOr QrO-
duCCs sQ8CCd tyQC. DC CQC Q!8 s 8 cOnstrUCtOn tD8t must DC
VCVCd r8tOn8!! 8nd n VDCD Un_s must DC rCCO_n7Cd; tDCrC!OrC
tDC V8 t s QrCsCntCd must _O D8!!-V8 tO mCCt suCD VCVn_. DC
suQrCmC t8sK O! 8n CQC QrOduCtOn s U _VC CXQrCssOn tO tDC rC!8-
tOnsDQ DCtVCCn tDC 8Ct!On DCn_ st8_CO 8nd CVCrtDn_ tD8t s n-
VO!VCd n tDC 8Ct O! sU_n_ er se. DC _CnCr8! CduC8tOn8! 8QQrO8CD
O! N8:sm s dCtCrmnCd D tDC d8CCtc 8t VOrK DCtWCCn tDC 8tO-
tudC O! tC8CD!n_ 8nd tD8t O! !C8On_. sOmCtDn_ sm!8r OCCurs n
CQC tDC8trC VtD tDC COnst8nt d8CCtC DCtWCCn tDC 8CtOn VDCD s
sDOVn On tDC st8_C 8nd tDC 8tttudC O! sDOVn_ 8n 8CtOn On tDC
st8_C. DC Drst CODdmCnt O! CQC tDC8trC u tD8t tDC OnC VDO
sDOVs ~tD8t s UC 8CtOr ~ `sD8!! DC sDOVn. OOmC V!! QCrD8Qs Dnd
tD8t suCD 8 !Ormu!8tOn s rCmnsCCnt O! CCKs O!d `dr8m8tur_
O! rC!CXOn. O sDOV VD tDs VCV s mst8KCn VOu!d DC tO COn-
struCt 8 sQr8! st8rC8sC tO C!mD tO tDC r__n_-!O!t O! rCCDt8n
tDCOr. 1t sDOu!d suUCC DCrC tO m8KC ust OnC QOnt: !Or 8!! ts sK!!s
O! rCICXOn tDC Om8ntC st8_C nCVCr suCCCCdCd n dOn_ ustCC tO
tC UndamCnta! daCCtCa! rCatOnsQ OC!WCCn tCOry and QraXs
ts strU__C tO 8CCVC ts n ts Way 8s Van as tat O! IC
Zei::keo:e tOday.
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`COmCdan rUOOn_ sOUdCrs WIt tC QrCst m CQC !CatrC C
h nds msC! OCsdC tC QOsOQCr. s _Cs!UrC dCmOnstratCs tC
sOCa s_nhCanCC and aQQqOty O! daCCtCs. t tCsts COndtOns
On mCn. C dmCUtCs WC a QrOdUCCr mCCts n rCCarsn_ a Qay
CannOt OC rCsOVCd WtOUt COnCrCtC UndCrstandn_ O! tC OOdy O!
sOCCty. Ut tC daCCtC WC CQC tCatrC sCts OUt tO QrCsCnt s nOt
dCQCndCnt On a sCQUCnCC O! sCCnCs n tmC ratCr t dCCarCs t8C!
n tOsC _CstUra CCmCnts tat !Orm tC Oass O! CaC sCQUCnCC n
tmC. CsC _CstUra CCmCnU arC nOt CCmCnta n tC strCt sCnsC O!
tC WOrd OUt Ony nasmUC as tCy arC smQCr tan tC sCQUCnCCs
OasCd UQOn tCm.) C tn_ tat s rCVCaCd as tOU_ Oy _Un_
n !C `COndtOn rCQrCsCntCd On tC s_C as a COQy O! Uman
_CstUrCs, aCtOns and WOrds - s an mmanCnty da!CCtCa atttUdC.
C COndtOnS WC CQC tCatrC rCVCas s tC da!CCtC at a stand-
st. Or jUst a8 n C_C tC sCQUCnCC O! tmC s nOt tC mOtCr O!
tC daCCtC Out Ony tC mCdUm n WC tC daCCtC man!Cst>
tsC! sO n CQ:C tCatrC tC daCCtC s nOt OOC O! tC COntradCtOn
OCtWCCn sUCCCssVC stCmCnts Or Ways O! OCaVn_ OUt O! tC _Cs-
tUrC tsC!.
WCC Lay Lay s sUmmOnCd tO a Wa tC Ur8t OmC tO Can_C
s COtCs, tC sCCOnd tImC tO OC sOt n OOt CasCs IC sUmmOn-
n_ _CstUrC s tC samC. C msC! UsCs anOtCr _CstUrC tWICC. tC
Urst tmC tO rCnOUnCC tC Us C WantCd tO OUy tC sCCOnd tmC tO
aCCCQt tC CCQant. s s tC Knd O! dsCOVCry tat W satsj tC
ntCrCst O! tC aUdCnCC WO !rCQUCnt CQC tCatrC t s Wt dsCOVCr-
Cs KC tCsC tat tCy W _Ct tCr mOnCys WOrt. C aUtOr WCn
dsCUssn_ Wat dstIn_UsCs tC CQC tCatrC !rOm tC Ordnary
tCaDC O! CntCrtanmCnt as 8 mOrC sCrOUs art !Orm s r_t tO QOnt
OUt. `NCn WC Ca tC OtCr tCatrC tC OnC Iat s OstC tO Us
mCrCy Cunary WC CrCatC tC mQrCssOn tat n OUr tC8UC WC arC
a_anst a !Un as tOU_ WC COUd nOt ma_nC CaCn_ Or OCn_
taU_t OtCr Ian as an ntCnsCy UnQCasUr8OC QrOCCss. LnC s O!tCn
o: is Eic Teo:e? [Fis: vesion| :
CD_Cd tC ?CaKCn CnCs C?n QCstCn n CrdCr tC _Dt an CQQCnCnt
and tC rCD CnCs CausC C! ts DrCadtD and V8dt !Cr tnC saKC C! m-
mCdatC adVanU_C. Dus rCduCCd QurC tC _Dtn_ !Crm tDC CausC
ma ?n Dut t CannCt rCQaCC ?Dat t Das dC!CatCd. `Ct tDC aCt C!
rCCC_nZn_ C! ?DCD ?C sQCa s tsC! a QCasuraDC aCt. DC smQC
!aCt tDat man C DC rCCC_nZCd n a CCrtan ?a CrCatCs a sCnsC C!
trumQD and tDC !aCt tCC tDat DC Can nCVCr DC rCCC_nZCd CCmQCtC-
nCVCr CnCC and !Cr a tDat DC s nCt sC Cas CxDaustDC tDat DC
DCds and CCnCCas sC man QCssDtCs ?tDn DmsC! DCnCC Ds
CaQaCt !Cr dCVCCQmCnt) s a QCasur8DC rCCC_ntCn. Dat man
Can DC CDan_Cd D Ds surrCundn_s and Can DmsC! CDan_C tDC
surrCundn_ ?Crd .C. Cn trCat t ?tD CCnsCQuCnCC a tDs QrC-
duCCs !CCn_s C! QCasurC. Ct C! CCursC ! man s VC?Cd as sCmC-
tDn_ mCCDanC sCmCtDn_ tDat C8n DC Qut ntC a sCt sCmCtDn_
aCKn_ rCsstanCC as DaQQCns tCda undCr tDC ?C_Dt C! CCrtan
sCCa CCndtCns. stCnsDmCnt ?DCD must DCrC DC nsCrtCd ntC
tDC rstCtCan !Crmu8 !Cr tDC ChCCts C! tra_Cd sDCud DC CCn-
sdCrCd CntrC as a CaQaCt. t DC C8Cd.
DC dammn_ C! tDC strCam C! rCa !C tDC mCmCnt ?DCn ts C?
CCmCs tC a sUndst maKCs tsC! !Ct as rCuX: tDs rCu s astCnsD-
mCnt. DC daCCtC at a standsC s ts rCa CDCCt. t s tDC rCK !rCm
?DCD ?C _8ZC dC?n ntC tDat strCam C! tDn_s ?DCD n tDC Ct C!
]CDCC `tDats a?as !u and ?DCrC nCDCd stas tDC DaVC a sCn_
VC8t nOt Cn C aVC DCn brCaKs a_anst jOU: OOI
bO \On_ t stands mC atCr nC aVCs IDrCaK a_an>t t.
ut ! tDC strCam C! tDn_s DrCaKs a_anst tDs rCCK C! astCnsDmCnt
tDCn tDCrC s nC dUCrCnCC DCt?CCn a Duman !C and a ?Crd. n CQC
tDCatrC DCtD arC Cn tDC CrCst C! tDC ?aVC. QC tDCatrC maKCs !C
sQurt uQ D_D !rCm tDC DCd C! tmC and !Cr an nstant DCVCr r-
dCsCCnt n CmQt sQaCC. DCn t QuU t DaCK tC DCd.
7 Tke Feleo uoiene
OtDID_ I8 DOtC QC888Dt tD8D tO IC OD 8 8OL
tC8OID_ 8 DOVC WtOtC ODC O UC CQIC 8utDOt8 O tDC 88t CCDtutj.
DC tCD8tK 8u__C8t8 tDC OC_tCC O tC8X8tIOD WDICD 8 D8rr8tIVC WOtK
C8D _IVC tO It8 tC8OCt. WC ID8_IDC 8 QCt8OD 8ttCDOID_ 8 Or8D8tIC
tDI8 tDCttC OC8ItC8 tO 8ttr8Ct I8 8 tC8XCO ODC OOWID_ tDC Q8j ID 8
tC8XCO D8DDCt. ruC 8uCD 8D 8uOICDCC WI 8W8j8 OCCut 88 8 CO-
DOtC ID DO8t C88C8 tDI8 8uOICDCC ~ 8_8ID 88 8 COCCtIVC ~ WI
QuICKj CC IDQCCO tO t8KC uQ 8D 8ttItuOC tOW8tO8 WD8t It 8CC8. Dut
tC8XCO ODC ~ID 8DOtt It 8DOuO DC tDC 8tt:tuOC O 8D IDtCtC8tCO Q8ttj.
CVCDt8 8DOV OD 8t8_C tDC8C Du8t DC O 8uCD 8 KIDO tD8t tDCj D8j
CXQCrCnCC. OCCOnd tBC QrOduCtOn tB:s must DC transQarCnt as tO
ts artstC armaturC. OuCB transQarCnC :s tBC CXaCt OQQOstC Ot
`smQC:t :t QrCsuQQOsCs _CnunC artstC ntC_CnCC and sK :n
tBC QrOduCCr.) LQC tBCatrC addrCssCs tsCt tO ntCrCstCd QartCs `VBO
dO nOt tBnK unCss tBC BaVC a rCasOn tO. rCCBt s COntant aVarC
Ot tBC massCs VBOsC COnd:tOnCd usC Ot tBC taCut Ot tBOu_Bt :s
surC COVCrCd D tBs tOtmua. s CUOrt tO maKC tBC audCnCC :n-
tCrCstCd n tBC tBCattC as CXQCtt8 ~ nOt at a tOr CutUra rCasOns ~ :s
an CXQrCssOn Ot Bs QO:tCa QurQOsC.
77 Tke Folle (S:or)
LQ:C tBCatrC sCts Out `tO maKC VBat :s sBOVn On tBC sU_C unsCnsa-
t:Ona. CnCC an Od stOt V: OttCn DC Ot mOrC usC U t tBan a nCV
OnC. rCCBt Bas COnsdCrCd tBC QuCstOn VBCtBCr tBC CVCnt8 sBOVn
:n CQ:C tBCattC Ou_Bt nOt tO DC arCad KnOVn. BC rCat:OnsB:Q Ot
CQC tBCatrC tO ts stOr BC sas :s KC tBat Ot a DaCt tCaCBCr tO Bs
QuQ Bs Utst tasK s tO OOsCn BCr jOnts a8 tat as tBC V _O.
LB:nCsC tBCatrc QrOCCCds :n QrCCsC tB:s Va. n `BC OuttB a
Ot LBna" rCCUt Bas CXQanCd Bs dCDt tO tBs tBCatrC.) t tBCattC s
tO sBOV CVCnt8 tBat arC atCad KnOVn `tBCn B:stOrC CVCnts VOud
DC On tBC taCC Ot :t tBC mOst sutaDC. BC CQ:C `sttCtCBn_ Ot tBCsC
CVCnts D tBC mCtBOd Ot aCtn_ D QOstCrs and D CQt:Ons ams at
CXOrCZn_ tBCr sCnsatOna:sm.
Bus :n B8 atCst Qa rCCBt taKCs tOr B:s suD]CCt tUC :tC Ot
LaCO. C rCQrCsCnts LaCO Urst and tOrCmOst as a _tCat tCaCBCr.
LaCO nOt On tCaCDs tBC nCV QBsCs BC asO tCaCBCs :t n a nCV
Va. BC sCCntUC CXQCt:mCnt s :n Bs Bands nO On_Cr a COnQuCst
On Ot sCCnCC Dut asO Ot QCd8_O_. BC man CmQBass Ot tBC Qa
s nOt On LaCOs rCCantat:On. atBCr tBC rCa CQ:C QrOCC8s sBOud
DC sOu_Bt :n tBC CaQtOn tO tBC QCnut:matC sCCnC. `16jj~Jq2. ta
Qr:sOnCr Ot tUC nQusUOn La:CO COntnuCs B:s sC:CnthC VOrK unt
Bs dCatB. C suCCCCds n smu__:n_ Bs QrnCQa VOrKs Out Ot
LQC tBC8UC and Ua_C tBCatrC BaVC a VCr d:UCrCnt K:nd Ot a\-
" Zc and Zeners Toda, VO.` 1g_ nO. -
kor u Eic Tkeore? [Secono vesion t
aDCC ?tD tDC QassD_ O! tmC. CCausC tDC susQCDsC CODCC:s Css
tDC CDdD_ tDaD tDC sCQa:atC CVCDts CQC tDCattC CD sQaD VC: CX-
tCDsVC QC:Ods O! tmC. [Ds ODCC CQua t:uC O! tDC mstC:
Qa. DC d:amatu:_ O! Oeus O: Tke ilo Duck s at tDC OQQO-
stC QOC tO tDat O! CQC tDCat:C.)
777 Tke Unroic Heo
1D :CDCD Cassc tDCat:C tDC:C usCd tO D a sQaCC C!t amOD_ tDC
aCtO:s !O: sQCCtatO:s O! D_D :aDK ?DOsC a:mCDa:s stOOd uQOD tDC
OQCD sta_C. NC tDnK tDs Out O! QaCC. DC DOtOD O! tDC d:amatC
?DCD s Ou: aCCCQtCd DODOD O! tDC tDCat:C ?Oud maKC t aQQCat
CQua Out O! QaCC ! aD mQatta tD:d Qa:I ?C:C assOCatCd as
tDC tDDKD_ maD ?tD tDC CVCDts sDO?D OD sta_C. `Ct sOmCtDD_
KC tDs Das O!tCD OCC:tCd tO :CCDt. NC ma _O !u:tDC: aDd sa
tDat :CCDt Das attCmQtCd tO maC tDC tDDKD_ maD O: DdCCd tDC
?sC maD DtO aD aCtua dtamatC DC:O. Dd t s !:Om tDs QODt O!
VC? tDat Ds tDCat:C ma DC dCbDCd as CQC. DC attCmQt s Cat:Cd
D1ttDCst D tDC CDa:aCtC: O! La La tDC QaCKC:. La La tDC DC:O
O! tDC Qa Aon's o Aon, s DmsC!KC aD CmQt sta_C OD ?DCD
tDC CODt:adCtODs O! Ou: sOCCt a:C aCtCd Out. O O?D_ :CcDts
DC O! tDOu_Dt ODC m_Dt CVCD a:tVC at tDC Q:OQOstOD tDat t s
tDC ?sC maD ?DO D tDs sCDsC s tDC QC:!CCt CmQt sta_C. 1D aD
CasC La La s a ?sC maD. DC uDd:amatC Datu:C O! tDC D_DCst
!O:m O! maD tDC sa_C CCa: :CCO_D2Cd D atO a VC: OD_
tmC a_O. 1D Ds daO_uCs DC tOOK tDC sa_C U tDC VC: tD:CsDOd O!
dmma D tDC 1koeoo, tO UC tD:CsDOd O! tDC QassOD Qa. DC
mCdCVa LD:st ?DO as ?C KDO? !:Om UC a: atDC:s asO
:CQ:CsCDtCd tDC sa_C s tDC uDt:a_C DC:O o ecelunce. ut D tDC
sCCua: dtama O! tDC NCst tOO tDC sCa:CD !O: tDC uDt:a_C DC:O s
DCVC: CCasCd. L!tCD D COD!Ct ?tD ts tDCO:CtCaDs suCD d:ama Das
dCVatCd tmC aDd a_aD aVs D DC? ?as !:Om tDC autDCDtC
!O:m O! I:a_Cd tDat s !:Om L:CCK t:a_Cd. Ds mQO:taDt Dut
Dad ma:Cd :Oad [?DCD ma sC:vC DC:C as tDC ma_C O! a I:ad-
tOD) U D tDC NddC _Cs Va 1:Os?tDa aDd tDC NstC:Cs D
tDC a_C O! tDC Da:OQuC Va LtQDus aDd LadC:OD. LatC: ?C bDd t
n CnZ and LraDDC and na n ODndDCr_. ODaCsQCaran sCCnCs
stand 8s mCnumCnts at ts Cd_C and LCCtDC CrCssCd t n tDC sCCCnd
Qart C! Fous:. t s a urCQCan rCad Dut t s a LCrman CnC tCC. !
tDat s CnC Can sQCaK C! a rCad ratDCr tDan a staKn_-QatD aCn_
?DCD \DC C_aC C! mCdCVa and DarCQuC dr8ma D8s CrCQt dC?n tC
us. Ds staKn_-QatD rCu_D and CVCr_rC?n tDCu_D t ma DC
s VsDC a_an tCda n tDC Qas C! rCCDt.
1l 7ke 1n:errutions
rCC!t CQQCsCs Ds CQC UCatrC \C t!C UCaDC ?D:CD :S dram8t:C :n
tDC narrC? sCnsC and ?DCsC tDCCr !CrmuatCd D rstCt\C.
Ds s ?D rCCDt ntrCduCCs tDC dramatur_ C! Ds tDCatrC as a
`nCn-rstCtCan CnC just as Cmann ntrCduCCd a nCn-uCdCan
_CCmCtr. Ds anaC_ sDCud maKC t CCar tDat ?Dat ?C DaVC
DCrC s nCt a CCmQCttVC rCatCnsDQ DCt?CCn tDC !Crms C! drama n
QuCstCn. Cmann rCDsCd tDC aXCm C! Qar8Cs ?Dat rCCDt rCDsCs
s rstCtCan C8tDarss tDC Qur_n_ C! tDC CmCtCns tDrCu_D dCnt-
C8tCn ?tD tDC dCstn ?DCD ruCs tDC DCrCs !C.
DC rCa Cd ntCrCst C! tDC audCnCC !Cr ?DCD tDC QrCduCtCns C!
CQC tDCatrC arC ntCndCd s duC QrCCsC tC tDC !aCt tDat Qr8CtCa
nC aQQCa s madC tC tDC sQCCtatCrs C8QaCt !Cr CmQatD. DC art
C! CQC tDCatrC CCnssts n arCusn_ astCnsDmCnt ratDCr tDan Cm-
QatD. C Qut t as !Crmua nstCad C! dCnO!n_ tsC! ?tD tDC
DCrC tDC audCnCC s CCd uQCn tC CaC tC DC astCnsDCd at tDC
CrCumstanCCs ?tDn ?DCD DC Das Ds DCn_.
DC \8sK C! CQC tDCatrC rCCDt DCCVCs s nCt sC muCD tC dC-
VCCQ aCtCns 8s tC rCQrCsCnt CCndtCns. ut `rCQrCsCnt dCCs nCt
DCrC s_n] `rCQrCduCC n tDC sCnsC usCd D tDC tDCCrCOCans C!
aturasm. atDCr tDC rst QCnt at ssuC s tC uover tDCsC CCn-
dtCns. LnC CCud ust as ?C sa: tC moke :kem s:rone [ver[rem-
den]=) Ds unCCVCr:n_ maKn_ stran_C Cr aCnatn_) C! CCndOCns
s DrCu_Dt aDCut D QrCCCssCs DCn_ ntCrruQtCd. aKC tDC CrudCst
CXamQC: a !am rC?. OuddCn a stran_Cr CCmCs ntC C rCCm.
DC ?!C s ust aDCut tC QCK uQ a DrCnZC statUCttC and tDrC? t at
tDC dau_DtCr tDC !atDCr s CQCnn_ tDC ?ndC? tC C8 a QCCCman.
kat is Zic Tkeatre? [Seccnd versicn I_
Pt tDs mOmCnt tC stran_Cr aQQCars at tC dOOr. `aDCau as tCj
usCd tO saj arOund :QO. Dat s tO saj tC sCan_Cr s COnIrOntCd
VtD a CCrtan sCt OI COndtOns: trOuDCd IaCCs OQCn VndOV a
dCVastatCd ntCrOr. DCrC CXsts anOtCr QOnt OI VCV IrOm VDCD
tC mOrC usua sCCnCs OI DOur_COs IC dO nOt OOK sO VCrj dUCrCnt
IrOm tDs.
l Tke Quctale 6esture
`DC CDCCt OI c8CD 8cLtcLCc rCads OnC OI rCCDts dramatur_Ca
C\C8C\C QOcU8 8t\C\Q8\cC 8LC tcVc8icC. LC Uc UOUcLt
W8s 8Lt\C\Q8tcC VDCn tDc CtOWC WOuC i8 UC 8cLtcLCcs DQOL t1c
sCaCs. 1n sDOrt tC aCtOn ntCrruQtCd. NC maj _O IurtCr DCrC
and rCCa tat ntCrruQtOn s OnC OI tC IundamCnta mCtOds OI a
IOrm-_Vn_. 1t rCaCDCs Iar DCjOnd tDC dOman OI 3. 1t 1s tO mCn-
tOn ust OnC OI ts asQCCts tC Or_n OI tDC QuOtatOn. _uOtn_ a
tCXt mQCs ntCrruQtn_ U COntCXt. 1t V rCadj DC undCrstOOd
t0CrCIOrC Uat CQC tDCatrC V0CD dCQCnds On ntCrruQtOn s QuOt-
aDC n a VCrj sQCCDC sCnsC. Dat ts tCXts arC QuOtaDC VOud DC
nOtDn_ VCrj sQCCa. ut tC _CsturCs usCd n tDC QrOCCss OI aCtn_
arC anOt0Cr mattCr.
`NaKn_ _Cst0rCs Q0OUDC s OnC OI t0C CssCnta aCCVCmCnts OI
CQC tDCatrC. DC aCtOr must DC aDC tO sQaCC Ds _CsturCs as tC COm-
QOstOr QrOduCCs sQaCCd tjQC. Ds CUCCt Can DC aCDCVCd IOr nst-
anCC Dj tC aCtOr On sta_C QuOtn_ a _CsturC OI Ds OVn. D0s n
Ha_ Znd VC sCC tDat LarOa CDCr n tC rOC OI a OaVatOn
Prmj sCr_Cant, aItCr sn_n_ n a sCamCns taVCt n OrdCr tO maKC
COnVCrts tCrC and CDOOsn_ a sOn_ mOrC aQQrOQratC tO suCD a
QaCC tDan t VOud DaVC DCCn tO a CDurC Das tO QuOtC tDs sOn_ and
tDC _CsturCs VtD VDCD sDC san_ t n IrOnt OI tDC OaVatOn Prmj
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thC ImItatICn C1 an aCtICn.
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CVCt thC hI_h!y dCCCQtIVC statCmCnts and assCttICns nCtma!!y madC
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thC _CstUtC Is !a!sIUaO!C Cn!y UQ tC a QCInt; and thC mCtC InCCn-
sQICUCUs It Is thC mCtC haOItUa!!y It Is tCQCatCd thC mCtC dImCU!t
It Is tC !a!sIj. bCCCnd!y Un!IRC QCCQ!Cs aCtICns and CndCaVCUts
It has a dcnaO!C OC_Inn:n_ and a dCLnaO!C Cnd. ndCCd thIs stt:Ct
!tamC-!IRC CnC!CsCd natUtC C! CaCh mCmCnt C! an attItUdC WhICh
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!CCtICa! ChataCtCtIstICs C! thC _CstUtC. hIs !Cads tC an ImQCttant
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an aCtICn thC mCtC _CstUtCs WC COtaIn. CnCC thC IntCttUQtIn_ C!
aCtICn Is CnC C! thC QtInCIQa! CCnCCrs C! CQIC thCaCC. t Is hCtC that
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WhC!C tCsIdCs. IthCUt antICIQatIn_ thC dImCU!t stUdy yCt tC OC
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WhICh a!!CW _CstUta! thCattC tC OCCCmC CQIC thCattC.
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_CstutC tC t!C stuatCn and vce versa, t!at C! t!C aCtCt tC t!C
C!ataCtCt tCQtCCntCd and vtce versa, t!at C! t!C att!tudC C! t!C aCtCt
as dCtCtmnCd D t!C aut!Ctt C! t!C tCXt tC t!C CttCa atttudC C!
t!C audCnCC and vice versa, t!at C! t!C sQCC:bC aCt:Cn tCQtCsCntCd
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t!C atttudC Dut asC t!C VCtds V!C! aCCCmQan t. !CsC VCtds
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C! t!C CCmmCntat !tCm V!C! a samQC s tCQtCduCCd DCCV s tC
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7rom tke Breckt commentar

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stOtm-ttOOQCt ntO tCVCan_ OnC O thC mCthOds WhCh thC LCsta-
QOs aCCOmQCCs UsC n U_htn_ thC UndC_tOUnd). OOmCCmCs t s
thC tCnsOn O a COnttadCCOn n sOCIa tCaCOns WhCh 8mOst Wth-
OUt ttansQOstOn s tCVCaCd dtamaCCay On thC sta_C. [WO
QtsOnCts taKn_ CXCtCsC n thC QtsOn-yaU UndCt thC CyCs O thC
WatdCt WhsQCt amOn_ thCmsCVCs OOth atC OaKCts OnC s n _aO
OCCaUsC hC dd nOt QUt any Otan n hs OtCad thC OthCt Was attCstCd
a yCat atCt OCCUsC hC dd.)
hCsC 8nd OthCt Qays WCtC QCtOtmCd Ot thC htst tmC n O. h.
UdOWs WC thOU_ht-OUt QtOdUCtOn On 21 Nay )g_8 OCOtC an
aUdCnCC WhCh OOWCd thCm Wth QassOnatC ntCtCst. t ast atCt
UVC yCats O CXC thC sQCCa QOtIC8 CXQCtCnCC WhCh UntCs ths
QUOC OUnd CXQtCssOn On a thCattC sta_C. OtCm OQt8 ans t-
mann L0ntCt 1UsChn LtCh OChOCnanK aCtOts WhO Unt thCn had
nOt aWays OCCn aOC tO tCCasC thCt 1 QOtCnta WhCn QCtOtmn_
n ndVdUa nUmOCts n QOtCa CaOatCt nOW sUCCCCdCd n Qayn_
OU thCt taCnts a_anst OnC anOthCt and thCy shOWCd t What _OOd
UsC thCy had QUt thC CXQCtCnCC WhCh mOst O thCm had aCQUtCd
nnC mOnths CatCt n tCChts Senoro 6orror's Fqes.
CCnC C_C dd UstCC tO thC tt8dCOn WhCh n sQtC O CVCty-
thn_ has sUtvVCd tOm tCChts C8tCt WOtK n ths nCW Knd O
thCattC. OhC mant8nCd thC Knd O LUtOQCan aUthOtIty CstaOshCd
n thC CatCt tCChtan thCauC. C WOUd haVC _VCn a _tCat dCa
tO sCC hCt n thC ast Qay O thC CyCC Fereooa, In WhCh as a
QtOCtatan WOman [a Qatt tCmnsCCnt O hCt UnOt_Ctt8OC tOC n
:nter/:g. a SpurOuS cDar:tj campagn mOuntcd Dj tDc az Vartj tO
ngraDatc ucVtDtDcVOrKcrS {ranSatOrS nOtc)
7ke .Yotker), shC CmOOdCs thC sQrt O! thC UndCr_rOUnd strU__C n
tmCs O! QCrsCCUtOn.
hC CyCC rCQrCsCnts !Or thC thCatrC O! \Crman Cm_ratOn a QO-
tCa and artstC OQQOrtUnty WhCh QaQaOy dCmOnstratCs !Or thC
Drst tmC thC nCCCssty !Or that thCatrC. hC tWO CCmCnts QOtCa
and artstC hCrC mCr_C ntO OnC. 1t s Casy tO sCC that tO Qay a stOrm-
trOOQCr Or a mCmOCr O! thC `QCOQCs COUrts s a VC:y dUCrCnt tasK
!Or a rC!u_CC aCtOr than t s say !Or a _OOd-hCartCd aCtOr tO Qay
1a_O. !Or thC !OrmCr CmQathy s nO mOrC sUtaOC than t WOUd OC
!Or a QOtCa D_htCr tO dCnt!y hmsC! Wth hs COmradCs mUrdCrCr.
dUCrCnt mOdC O! aCtn_ ~ thC QC mOdC tO OC Qan may Dnd a
nCW jUstCatOn hCrC and aChCVC a nCW Knd O! sUCCCss.
hC CyCC ~and hCrC a_an ts CQC gUaty s aQQarCnt thOU_h n a
dUCrCnt !O:m - Can aQQCa tO a rCadn_ QUOC as mUCh as tO thCatrC
aUdCnCCs. s On_ as thC COndtOns WhCh rCCht dCQCts UQOn thC
sta_C QrCVa t s UnKCy that tDC mCans W OC aVaaOC !Or QrO-
dUCn_ mOrC tDan a !ary mtCd sCCCtOn !rOm thC CyCC. OUCh a
sCCCtOn s OQCn tO CrtCa OOjCCtOns and ths _OCs !Or thC ars
QrOdUCtOn. Ot a thC sQCCtatOrs WCrC aOC tO _rasQ What a rCadCr
WOUd rCCO_nzC as thC dCtCrmnn_ thCss O! a thCsC shOrt Qays.
hC thCss Can OC sUmmCd UQ n a sCntCnCC !rOm a!Kas QrOQhCtC
7rial. `hC C s trans!OrmCd ntO a WOrd OrdCr.
LaCh O! thCsC shOrt Qays dCmOnstratCs OnC thn_: hOW nCUCtaOy
thC ruC O! tCrrOr WhCh QaradCs OC!OrC thC natOns as thC hrd
CCh maKCs a rCatOnshQs OCtWCCn hUman OCn_s sUOjCCt tO thC
aW O! thC C. dCCaratOn UndCr Oath OC!OrC a COUrt O! aW s a C
(Jeal 7mdin), a sCCnCC WhOsC tCaChn_s may nOt OC aQQCd n
QraCtCC s a C (Occuational 7tsease), What s shOUtCd !rOm thC
rOO!tOQs s a C (Fe[erendum) and What s WhsQCrCd n a dyn_ mans
Ca:s s st a C (7ke Sermon on tke 3ount). C s OrUtay njCCtCd
ntO What hUsOand and W!C haVC tO say tO OnC anOthCr n thC ast
nstants O! thCr !C tO_CthCr (7ke eisk i[e), a C s thC masK
WhCh Qty hC:sC! QUts On WhCn shC st darCs tO _VC a s_n O! !C
(!n tke Serice o tke Peole). NC arC n thC COUntry WhCrC thC namC
O! tDC QrOCtarat may nOt OC mCntOnCd. rCCht shOWs Us hOW
thn_s haVC COm0 tO sUCh a Qass n that COUntry that a QCasant Can-
Tke Countr kere it t: 7oridden + . qI
nOt CVCn any On_Cr !CCO bIs DCasts WItbOut CnOan_CrIn_ `statC
sCCurIty (Tke 7crmer 7eeds kts So).
bC trutb WbICb WI OnC Oay COnsumC tbIs OtatC anO Its OrOCr
IKC a QurIIn_rC Is tOOay Ony a !CCDC sQarK. t Is !annCODytbC
WOrKCr WbO In !rOntO!tbC mICrOQbOnC sbOWs uQ !Or tbC ICs tbat
tbCy arCtbCWOrOs bCIsDCIn_!OrCCOtOsQCaK, ItIsKCQt aIVC Dy tbC
sICnCC O!tbOsC WbO CannOt CXCCQt WItb tbC _rCatCst CIrCumsQCC-
tIcn mCCt tbCIr COmraOC WbO bas suCrCO martyrOOm, WbIst tbC
rC!CrCnOumCaLCtWbOsCCntIrCtCXtIs`\ IsnOtbIn_OtbCrtbantbat
tIny _OWIn_ sQarK ItsC!.
suCb 0s raus CrCatCO n bs Jcst 7cs o 3cnkmd. t Is Ony tbIs
KInO O! Orama WbCb C QCrbaQs COntan tbC stI _OWn_ rCaIty
O!tbC QrCsCnt mOmCnt anO Carry It OOWn tO QOstCrIty IKC a tCsta-
mCnt O!IrOn.

t :s a KLOVL !aCt tDat a COmmCLtatj :s sOmCID:L_
O:UCtCLt !tOm a CatCUlj VC:_DCO aQQtCC:at:OL aQQOtt:OL:L_ :_Dt
aLO sDaOC. JDC COmmCLtatj QtOCCCOs !tOm tDC Cass:C LaIutC O! :ts
tCXt aLO DCLCC as :t VCtC !tOm a QtC]uO_CmCLt. t :s !u:IDCt O:st:L-
_u:sDCO !tOm aL aQQtCC:at:OL Dj tDC !aCI IDat :t :s COLCCDCO sOCj
V:ID IDC DCauIj aLO tDC QOs:t:VC COLtCLt O! :ts tCXt. LO :t :s a VCtj
O:aCCt:C statC O! aUa:ts VD:CD CL:sts tD:s atCDa:C !Otm IDC COm-
mCLtatj VD:CD a!tCt a :s aL autDOt:tat:VC !Otm ~ :n IDC sCtV:CC
O! a QOCCj VD:CD :s LOt :L tDC Cast atCDa:C aLO VD:CD DOOj CDa-
CL_Cs VDat u tCCO_L:zCO as auIDOt:UI:VC tOOaj.
OuCD a sUtC O! aUa:ts CO:LC:OCs V:tD OLC CLV:sa_CO :L aL OO
maX:m O! O:aCCt:Cs: UC sutmOuLt:L_ O! O:UCut:Cs Dj tDC:t aCCumu-
aI:OL. JDC O:UCuIj tO DC sutmOuLtCO DCtC COLs:sts :L tCaO:L_ jt:C
QOCCj tOOaj at a. ouQQOs:L_ tDCL tDat OLC C:Cs tO mCCt tD:s O:U-
CuIj Dj tCaO:L_ tDC tCXt CXaCIj as tDOu_D :t VCtC aL atCaOj CsIaD-
:sDCO OLC DCaVj V:tD a COntCLt O! :OCas ~:L sDOtI a Cass:Ca tCXt
LO suQQOs:L_ :! OLC UC tDC Du Dj tDC DODs aLO :! OLC DCats
:L m:LO IDC sQCC:a C:tCumsULCC COttCsQOLO:L_ CXaCtj tO tDC
dmCutj O! tCadn_ jtC QOCDj tOdaj namCj tDC dUCutj O!
Vttn_ jtC QCCttj tOdaj - suQQOsn_ tDat VDCn VC maRC Out
actCmQt tO tCad a jtCa tCXt as tDOu_D t VCtC a CassCa OnC VC
CDOOsC a COCCtOn O! lric erse ritten todc:
1! anjtDn_ Can CnCOuta_C tDs attCmQt t s tDC tCCO_ntOn LOm
VDCD cDC COuta_C O! dCsQat s _CnCtaj dtaVn tOdaj: IDC tCCO_n-
tOn tDat tOmOttOV maj Dtn_ dsastCts O! suCD COOssa dImCnsOns
tDat VC Can ma_nC OutsCVCs sCQatatCd !tOm tDC tCXts and QtOduCts
O! jCstCtdaj as tDOu_D Dj CCntutCs. _DC COmmCntatj VDCD tOdaj
st !ts tDC tCXt tOO t_tj maj DaVC OOsCnCd ntO CassC !Ods tO-
mOttOV. DCtC tOdaj ts QtCCsOn maj sDRC OnC as amOst unsCCm-
j tOmOttOV mjstCtj maj DaVC tC-CstaDsDCd tsC!.)
CtDaQs tDC COmmCnUtj VDCD !OOVs VI atOusC ntCtCst n
anOtDCt Vaj tOO. COQC !Ot VDOm LOmmunsm aQQCats tO DCat tDC
st_ma O! OnCsdCdnCss maj DaVC a sutQtsC n stOtC !Ot UCm ! tDCj
sIudj COsCj a COCCtOn O! VCtsC suCD as DtCCDts. DC sutQtsC V
O! COutsC DC Ost ! VC nsst On sCCn_ Onj IDC `dCVCOQmCnt VDCD
DtCCDts VCtsC Das undCt_OnC !tOm IDC Hcusostille tO tDC Svend-
or Poems. DC asOCa aIItUdC O! IDC Hcusostille s It8ns!OtmCd
n IDC Svendor Poems, ntO a sOCa attIudC. Dut IDat s nOt CXaCIj
a COnVCtsOn. 1t s nOt a mattCt O! COns_nn_ tO tDC LamCs VDat OnCC
Vas VOtsDQQCd. 1t s nCCCssatj tO QOnt Out VDat IDC dCtCnt CO-
CCtOns O! VCtsC DaVC n COmmOn. 1mOn_ tDCt mutQC attcudCs
tDCtC s OnC jCu V nCVCt !nd: tDat s tDC unQOtC8 nOn-sOCa OnC.
1t s tDC COmmCnUtjs QutQOsC tO QnQOnt UC QOtC COntCnU O!
Qassa_Cs CDOSCn QtCCsCj DCCausC tDCj atC QutCj jtCa.
On tke ausQOsUC ('Housekold 3essener')
1t _OCs VtDOut sajn_ tDat tDC tIC `OusCDOd NCssCn_Ct s tOnC.
1ts mCssa_C dOCs nOt COmC dOVn uOm ona Ot !tOm IDC LOsQCs.
DC sOutCC O! ts nsQtatOn s DOut_COs sOCCIj. DC CssOns VDCD
tDC CatC!U tCadCt dW !tOm t dCt as VdCj as QOssDC !tOm UC
CssOns VD:CD t QutQOtts OstCnsDj tO tCaCD. DC Hcusostille s
CCnCCDCd VIID IDC !OtmCt CatC_Otj O! CssOns aOnC. 1! anatCDj
s IDC ttuC aV O! DOugCOs !C sO tCasOns IDC QOCt tDCn Ct t at Cast
ccmmenrares cn Pcems qBreckt
IO usC :n COsn_ tDC naturC O! DOur_COs ruC. DC CDOraC VDCD
COUCs tDC COn_rC_aLOn IDC !OR-sOn_ VDCD s !CO as a sOQ IO tDC
sau_DICr IDC OVC-sOn_ tDaI QurvCjs tDC CDCaQCsI COnsOaIOn a
O! tDCsC rCCCVC DCrC a nCV COnICnI n tDaI IDC rrCsQOnsDC anO
asOCa man sQCaRs O! IDCsC tDn_s LOO QCOQC DOmCanO anO
DrOC) n tDC Vaj tDCj sDOuO DC sQORCn O! n !rOnt O! rrCsQOnsDC
anO asOCa mCn: VtDOuI anj !asC Or IruC sDamC.
On tke NaDa_Onnj oOn_s"
77LTT` LT TL= 1
DOcVct 8tajcd n %aDa_Onnj
ad tO DaVc Vc dO\\at8 a daj
1nd Dc \Vcd :t uQ mOtc tDan tDc OtDct8
c nccdcd 8Omc cXtta majDc
ut :n tDO8c daj8 tDcj a\\ 8ujcd.
Dcj O8t ctDct Vaj
ut tDcj _Ot 8OmctDn_ Out O t.
\n 8ca and On \and
VctjDOdj8 _ctt:n_ 8Rtnncd
Dat8 VDj cVctjDOdj jOu Cn 5
18 8c:n_ m8R:n
Ot 8R:n8 atc VOttD dO !!t8 anjVaj.
DOcVct 8tajcd m%aDa_Onnj
ad tO DaVc DVc dO\at8 a daj ctC.
\nlc8 OtDctV8c :ndctcd tDc uan8latiOn8 O! Vct8c n tD8 VOlumc arc
ptO8c Onc8 madc D tDc ttan8latOt. LtDct8 atc tcptOduccd !tOm a ptOjcctcd
VOIumc O! tccDt8 Vct8c :n Dn8lauOn D cOuttc8 O! cdtOt |ODn
u U{t8IatOt8 nOtc]
\n 8Ca and On and
oaC8 O tC8D 8K:n8 atC DOOm:n_
`OuVC a _Ot tDC :tCD
ut VDO8 _O:n_ tO Qaj Ot tDC DOOZC:
Ot 8K:n8 atC CDCaQ and VD:8Kj8 dCat.
NDOCVCt 8tajCd :n NaDa_Onnj
ad tO DaVC hVC dOat8 a daj, CtC.
\n 8Ca and On and
DC manj m:8 O LOd _t:nd 8OV
Pnd tDat8 VDj CVCtjOnC jOu Can 8CC
18 8C:n_ D:8 8K:n
1Ot tDCjtC Ond O :V:n_ D:_ Dut tDCj dOnt uk Qaj:n_ Ca8D.
CVCt 8taj8 :n D:8 DOC
OC8nt nCCd hVC dOat8 a daj
Pnd : DC8 _Ot a V:C
C dOC8nt nCCd anjtD:n_ cO majDC.
ut tOdaj UCjtC a 8:tt:n_ t:_Dt
n LOd'8 OVn CDCaQ 8aOOn
DCj V:n C:tDCt Vaj
Pnd tDCjtC _Ctt:n_ nOtD:n_ Out O :I.
\nC _tCj mOt:n_
:_Dt :n tDC m:ddC O tDC VD:8Kj
LOd CC tO NaDa_Onnj
LOd CC tO NaDa_Onnj.
:_Dt :n tDC m:ddC O tDC VD:8Kj
NC nOt:CCd LOd :n NaDa_Onnj.
NDj dO jOu 8OaK uQ :KC 8QOn_C8
Nj _OOd VDCat DatVC8t jCat Dj jCat:
comenrares on Poems Brer
ut nOV U DCtC, D CVCtjtDn_ tCadj:
DC UCn O NaDa_Onnj OOkCd at CaCD OtDCt.
`C8, 8ad tDC UCn O NaDa_Onnj.
\nC _tCj UOtn_
_Dt n tDC UddC O tDC VD8kj, CtC.

O jOu au_D On 1tdaj n_Dt8:
8aV Natj CCUan n tDC O8tanCC
oVUUn_ KC a CO8D, duUD, n tDC 8at 8Ca.
LCntCUCn, 8DC DC dtj nO UOtC.
DC UCn O NaDa_Onnj OOKCd at CaCD OtnCt.
`C8 8ad tDC UCn O NaDa_Onnj.
\nC _tCj UOtn_
_Dt n tDC UddC O tDC VD8Kj, CtC.
O jOu tCCO_nZC tDC8C DuCt8:
t jOu VDO htCd at Uj _OOd U88Onatj:
PU _On_ tO VC VtD jOu n DCaVCn:
A _On_ tO _aZC uQOn jOut _tCj dtunKatd8 Dat:
DC UCn O NaDa_Onnj OOkCd at CaCD OtDCt.
`C8, 8ad tDC UCn O NaDa_Onnj.
\nC _tCj UOtn_
_t n tDC UddC O tDC VD8Kj, CtC.
P O jOu atC _On_ tO DC
1ut jOut Nt_na C_at8 aVaj
\h tO DC, tDC Ot O jOu,
aCk DC8 jOut Ot
DC UCn O NaDa_Onnj OOKCd at CaCD OtDCt.
`C8, 8ad tDC UCn O NaDa_Onnj.
\nC _tCj UOtn_
_Dt n tDC UddC O tDC VD8kj
`Ou CD uQ :n NaDa_Onnj
`Ou CD uQ n NaDa_Onnj.
:_Dt n tDC m:ddC O tDC VD:8Kj
`Ou aj dOVn tDC aV :n NaDa_Onnj
ODOdj mO\C
1VCtjOnC OD 8tt:KC!
`Ou VOnt Ota_ u8 tO DC Dj Out !at:
For e've lee- i- ke!! c!! c!o-.
DC mCn O NaDa_Onnj OOkCd at LOd.
O, 8a:d tDC mCn O NaDa_Onnj.
!C `mCn C! %8!8_Cnn 8rC 8 D8nO C! CCCCntrCs. \n mCn 8rC
CCCCntrC. \n QCrsCns CnOCWCO D n8!urC W!U m8C QCtCnC C8n
DC usCO tC OCmOnstr8tC Wt!Cut mt8tCn t!C OC_rCC tC W!C! t!C
n8tutB rC!CXCs C! !um8n DCn_s !8VC DCCn DuntCO D t!Cr CXstCnCC
n t!C sCCCt C! tCO8. !C CCCCnuC s nCt!n_ Ct!Cr t!8n t!C 8VCr-
8_C m8n Q8CO Cut. rCC!t !8s CCmDnCO sCVCr8 ntC 8 D8nO. !Cr
rC8CtCns 8rC t!C mCst DurrCO QCssDC 8nO CVCn t!CsC t!C CCn
QrCOuCC 8s 8 CCCCtVC. n CrOCr tC DC 8DC tC rC8Ct 8t 8 !!C !8VC tC
!CC t!CmsCVCs 8 `CCmQ8Ct m8ss ~ 8nO n t!s tCC t!C 8rC t!C m8_C
C! t!C 8VCr8_C m8n 88s QCtt DCur_CCs. !C `mCn C!%8!8_Cnn
CCK 8t CnC 8nCt!Cr DC!CrC t!C s8 8nt!n_. !C rCsQCnsC W!C!
t!C t!Cn Drn_ Cut Cs 8Cn_ t!C nC C! C8st rCsst8nCC. !C `mCn
C! %a!8_Cnn CCnDnC !!CmsCVCs tC s8n_ `Cs tC CVCrt!n_
LCO tCs t!Cm tC CVCr quCstCn LCO Quts tC t!Cm 8nO CVCr
OCm8nO !C m8KCs uQCn t!Cm. OuC! 8CCCrOn_ tC rCC!t must DC
!!C n8turC C! 8 CCCCt!VC t!8t 8CCCQts LCO. nO t!!s LCO tCC s
!msC! 8 rCOuCCO CnC. !C WCrOs
e noticed 6od
n t!C rC!r8n C! OCn_ C. j mQ t 8nO ts 8st VCrsC CCnrms t.
!C Drst 8ssCnt s _VCn tC t!C st8tCmCnt.
You never eected me to come.
commentaries on 7oems Breckt
1t !s C!Cat BOVCVCt tBat tBC D!UntCd tCaCt!Ons O! tBC mCn O! Nana-
_Onn atC nOt sBatQCnCd CVCn D tBC sUtQt!sC CUCCt. 1n a s!m!!at
Va !atCt On tBC sCCm tO tB!nK tBat tnC!t C!a!m tO CntCt BCaVCn !s
!n nO Va VCaKCnCd D tBC !aCt tBat tBC BaVC UtCd at tBC m!ss!On-
at. BC !OUttB VCtsC tCVCa!s tBat LOds V!CV !s d!UCtCnt:
O_` to kell, tke lot o[ ou/
CtC !s tBC B!n_C dtamatUt_!Ca!! sQCaK!n_ tBC erteteta, O! tBC
QOCm. 1n !ssU!n_ B!s COmmand LOd Bas madC a D!UndCt. O mCasUtC
!ts CXtCnt !t !s nCCCssat tO V!sUa!!ZC tBC !OCa!!t a !!tt!C mOtC C!Cat!.
1t !s dCUnCd !n tBC Una! VCtsC O! OOn_ O. ?. 1n !aCt V!tB tBC !ma_C
O! tB!s dCUn!t!On O! a Q!aCC tBC QOCt addtCssCs B!s CQOCB.
But toda tke`re all sttttn ttkt
7n 6od's on ckea saloon.
BC adjCCt!VC `CBCaQ COnta!ns a _OOd dCa! O! mCan!n_ (Transla-
tor' s note. tnC LCtman VOtd db mCans `!a!t Ot `jUst as VC!! as
`CBCaQ; tBC VCtD tllten mCans `tO sanCt!On Ot `tO aQQtOVC]. NB
!s tBC sa!OOn CBCaQ: 1t !s CBCaQ DCCaUsC tBC QCO!C !n !t atC LOds
_UCsts at a CBCaQ Qt!CC. 1t !s CBCaQ (tllt) DCCaUsC tBC QCOQ!C aQQtOVC
(tllten) CVCttB!n_ tnat !s !n !t. 1t !s CBCaQ [!a!t] DCCaUsC !t !s !a!t
tBat QCOQ!C sBOU!d CntCt !t. LOds OVn CBCaQ sa!OOn !s BC!!. BC C-
QtCss!On Bas tBC tCtsC gUa!!t O! CCtta!n dtaV!n_s D tBC !nsanC. 1t !s
jUst !!KC tB!s as a CBCaQ sa!OOn tBat tBC man !n tBC sttCCt [OnCC BC
Bas _OnC mad] ma VC!! Q!CtUtC tBC !!tt!C Q!Ot O! BCaVCn VB!CB !s
aCCCss!D!C tO B!m. [1DtaBam Oanta L!ata m!_Bt BaVC sQOKCn O!
`LOds CBCaQ sa!OOn.] Ut LOd !n B!s OVn CBCaQ sa!OOn Bas madC
B!msC!! CBCaQ V!tB tnC BaD!tUcs. !s tBtCat O! sCnd!n_ tBCm tO BC!!
Bas nO mOtC Va!UC tBan a QUD!!Cans tBtCat tO tBtOV B!s CUstOmCts
OUt !ntO tBC sttCCt.
BC `mCn O! NaBa_Onn BaVC tCa!!ZCd tB!s. Ot CVCn tBC atC sO
Dta!n!Css as tO DC !mQtCssCd D tBC tBtCat O! DC!n_ sCnt tO BC!!.
BC anatCB O! DOUt_CO!s sOC!Ct !s an !n!Cna! OnC. Ot BUman
DC!n_s VBO BaVC DCCn CaU_Bt UQ !n !t sOmCtB!n_ tnat U!!s tBCm V!tB
_tCatCt BOttOt tBan tB!s sOC!Ct s!mQ! CannOt CX!st.
You on't dca u to kell our kair:
7or e've oeen tn kell a alon.
sajs tDc tDtd NaDa_Onnj sOn_. Dc Onj dUctcnCc DctVccn Dc
and tDs sOCa Otdct s tDat n tDc Qcttj DOut_cOs tDc cCCcnttC) tDctc
s nO t_d dstnCtOn DctVccn Ds OVn QOOt sOu and tDc LcV.
On rke oem `1_anst LcCcQtOn
77T L LT
LCt tDCm nOt dCCCVC jOu
DCtC :8 nO tCtut:n_ DOmC.
DC daj 8 nCatj OVCt
nc n:_Dt V:nd makC8 jOu 8DVCt
OmOttOV V nOt COmC.
LCt tDCm nOt m:8Cad jOu
NtD Vantj and VOC.
LuQ C V:tD ut_Cnt _tCCd jOu
`I! hnd nOtDn_ C8C tO CCd jOu
NDCn OnCC jOu Ct t _O.
LCt tDCm nOt DCat jOu Ctj:n_
`Ou DaVC 8O :ttC tmC.
CCaj 8 Ot C dj:n_
L:C8 C\max nOV s j:n_
1t V\ nOt 8taj tDC 8amC.
LCt tDCm nOt dCCat jOu
Lt smpc jOu 3 tDCj Vant.
O tCttOt8 nOV Can tCaCD jOu
`Ou d:C :kC anj CtCatutC
Pnd nOtDn_ Va:t8 DCjOnd.
tranlated q jobn Pillett
Dc QOct _tcV uQ n a suDutD VtD a QtcdOmnantj LatDOC
QOQuatOn; Dut tDc Qcttj-DOut_cOs ccmcnt tDctc Vas atcadj
DcCOmn_ mXcd VtD VOtRcts !tOm tDc at_c !aCtOtcs On tDc Out-
Commen:aries on 7oems Brecb: 5:
sRrts C! IDC ICn. Ds CXQans tDC aIIIuOC anO VCCaDuar C! tC
CCr_ a_ansI ICmQIaICns !Cr DCD IDC DaVC IC Qa OCar n
a sCCCnO !C a!ICr OCaID. DC QCCI ars IDCm a_ansI ICmQIaICns
anO OCCCQICns !Cr DCD IDC musI Qa OCar n IDs !C DCrC Cn
CartD. C CCnICsts tDC CXsICnCC C! anCIDCr !C. s 8n_ s _VCn
nC Css sCCmn IDan tDaI C! IDC CCr_ Ds assuranCCs arC CQua
nIC _Cssn_ CVCr CCrn Qassa_Cs DcD CnO IDCmsCVCs IC OCrCnI
nICrQrCIaICns anO CCnIan a RnO C! DOOCn DCauI.
7bece ts no cetucnin bome.
IDCrC s a rCIun DCmC. OCCCnO nICrQrCIaICn: IaRC CarC nCI IC maRC
an msIaRCs !Cr Cu Cn VC CnCC.
7be da t near( over (ransaICrs nCIC: IDC ICra
rCnOCrn_ C! tDC LCrman nC 7er 7a stebt in den 7:icen, s: `DC
Oa sIanOs n tDC OCCr].
rsI nICrQrCIaICn: IDC Oa s rCaO IC _C I s OCQarIn_. OCCCnO
nICrQrCIaICn: IDC Oa s aI Is DC_DI (CI CVCn sC Cu Can arCaO
7omorro ill not come.
rsI nICrQrCtaICn: tDCrC nCI DC anCtCr Oa. OCCCnO nICr-
QrCIaICn: IDCrC nCI DC anCIDCr mCrn_ (7ranslatoc's note. IDC
LCrman 3ocen mCans DCID `ICmCrrC anO `:DCrn_ C!. IDC
n_sD `mCrrC]. DC n_DI Das IDC asI CrO.
7as Jeoen enij tst (ransaICrs nCIC: IDs nC
IDC sCCCnO C! IDC sCCCnO VCrsC s CsI n tDC aDCVC 1ransaICn IC
aC IDC rDmC `CC - _C. DC ICra mCann_ s: `1!C s a sma
n tDC CQCnDCuCt QtVatC CODCn tDs 1nC tCaO 7a Jeen enq
isr [`tDat !C s a sma tD!n_). Ds VCtsCn OUCts !tCm tDC atCt
QuD!C CnC n tVC tCsQCCts. DC Btst OUCtCnCC s tDat tDC CatCt
VCtsCn CXtCnOs anO OCUnCs tDC Utst nC C! tDs VCtsC [`Ct tDCm nCt
OCCCVC Cu) D sQCn_ Cut tDC tDCss C! tDC OCCCVCts .C. tDat !C
s a sma tDn_. DC sCCCnO OUCtCnCC s tC D sCCn n tDC !aCt tDat
tDC nC `!C s a sma tDn_ CXQtCssCs tDC VtCtCDCOnCss C!!C n an
nCCmQataDC Va anO tDus unOCtnCs tDC CXDCttatCn nCt tC DC
at_uCO Cut C! an C! t.
!r ill nor sra rke same [tansatCts nCtC: tDC
tCta mCann_ C! tDC LCtman 7s sreor nir meor beretr, s. `t stanOs
tCaO nC mCtC.).
1tst ntCtQtCtCn: `t stanOs tCaO no more'. tDs aOOs nCtDn_
tC tDC QtCCCO!n_ 1nC `!Cs CmaX s nCV Dn_. OCCCnO ntCtQtCta-
t!Cn `t stanOs read nC mCtC: Cu DaVC atCaO Da!-mssCO tDs
Cut _tCatCst CDanCC. `Cut !C stanOs tCaO !Ct Cu nC mCtC t Das
atCaO DC_un Das atCaO DCCn staRCO n tDC _amC.
DC QCCm !CtCCs us tC DC sDaRCn Ct sDattCtCO, D tDC sDCttnCss C!
Cut !C. \nC VCuO OC VC tC QCnOCt tDC !aCt tDat tDC LCtman VCtO
ersrre [`tC sDaRC) CCnCCas n t tDC VCtO scurrer [`sQatsC).
NDCtC sCmCtDn_ CCaQsCs tDCtC atC DCunO tC DC DCCs anO _aQs.
nass sDCVs tDat n tDs QCCm tDCtC atC numCtCus Qassa_Cs VDCtC
tDC VCtOs CCmDnC Dut CCsC anO unstCaO! tC CO a mCann_.
Ds ntCnsUCs tDC QCCms sDattCtn_ CUCCt.
On rke oem `\! tDC OnnCts n 1C
L TH 5111B5 1U HL1
DC 8:nnCt8 :n DC
1ty DOttCt tDan jOu mn
but jOu CCQ Ot OnC
DC tCat a18 _Cntj On D8 DCad.
6omenrories on Poems [ Breck:

LCt nO tCat8 DOm anj OnC
\n tDC:t daj Oh tDCj _O Out
O DC_ Ot a tCat.

DCj 8tand tDCtC :nV:8:DC.
DC V:nd _OC8 tDtOu_D tDC:t DOd:C8
DC 8un 8D:nC8 tDtOu_D tDCm.
DCj CannOt DC 8CCn.
CtC COmC Out N\1CtC:8Ctt
C d:Cd :n PmCt:C
:8 Dt:dC dOC8nt KnOV :t jCt
Dat8 VDj VatCt tDCtC :8 nOnC.
Pnd DCtC :8 a8Qat CDCt
C COmC8 a8 8OOn a8 tDC 8un DtCaK8 tDtOu_D
Pnd nODOdj LOd KnOV8 VDj
1VCt 8DCd8 a tCat Ot Dtm.
DCn COmC8 LCOt_C 1anZCt
P mO8t unDaQQj H
:8 :dCa Va8 tDat
C d:d nOt mattCt.

Pnd 8VCCt Nat:C tDCtC
oDC tOttCd aVaj :n DO8Q:ta\
Pnd nCVCt _Ct8 a V.
oDC CatCd tOO :ttC aDOut :t a.

1nd tDCtC :n tDC :_Dt 8tand8 Ctt tCCDt
\VCt tDCtC Dj a dO_-8tOnC.
C _Ct8 nO VatCt DCCJu8C CVCtjOnC tD:nK8
C8 _OnC tO DCaVCn.
`Ct DC8 Du::n_ nOV :n DC
\t CVCtj oundaj atCtnOOn
C mu8t 8tand tDCtC Dj D:8 dO_-8tOnC.
Cs QOCm sCOWs WtC startn_ Cart tCC _rCat OstanCC !rOm
WCCC tCC QOCt O! tCC HousekoH 3essener Cas traVCCO. OW
CaVn_ COmC sO !ar CC rCaCCCs Casua !Or tCC nCarCst tCn_ at CanO.
CC nCarCst tCn_ at CanO s aVaran !OR-OrC. CC QOCm sts !rCnOs
n CC-rC n tCC samC Wa as a sCrnC at tCC rOaOsOC ma COmmCnO
tCOsC WCO OCO W:tCOut rCCCVn_ tCC ast saCramCnts tO tCC QraCrs
O! QassCrs-D. Ct tCC QOCm WCCC at rst _anCC aQQCars sO narrOW
COnLnCO COmCs n rCat !rOm VCr !ar aWa. ts QCO_rCC s tCat
O! tCC amCnt WCCC Was OnC O! tCC maOr !Orms O! mCOCVa tCra-
turC. \nC COuO sa tCat t _OCs DaCR tO tCC anCCnt amCnt n OrOCr tO
amCnt sOmCtCn_ VCr mOOCrn. tCC !aCt tCat CVCn amCntatOn Cas
DCCOmC a tCn_ O! tCC Qast.
Here comes our 3lleretert
He died in mericc
H:s bride doesnt kno it et
7kct`s k cter tkere is none.
ruC tCC QOCm OOCs nOt QrOQCr amCnt tCs tCarCssnCss. Or
Can OnC QrOQCr assumC tCat %iCrCsCrt s OCaO snCC aCCOrOn_
tO tCC autCOrs `nstruCtOns tCs sCCtOn O! tCC DOOR s OCOCatCO
tO Cm nOt tO Cs mCmOr.
CC sCrnC WCCC s Qut CCrC DCars ma_Cs O! tCC !rCnOs n CC-
rC WCO arC mCntOnCO D namC; Dut at tCC samC tmC [tCs Can DC
OOnC n a QOCm} t aOOrCssCs tCCm as QassCrs-D n OrOCr tO rCmnO
6ommeo:ories oo Poems Breckr
tDCm tDat tDC cn CXQCCt nC ntCtCCssCn. DC QCCt CattCs tDs Cut
VtD QCtCCt CCmQCsutC. ut at tDC CnO Ds CCmQCsutC as Dm.
1C CCmCs tC sQCaR C Ds CVn QCCt sCu CtCr RC nC CtDCt. t
stanOs n tDC _Dt anO VDat s mCtC Cn a OunOa atCrCCn anO D
a OC_-stCnC. ]ust VDat tDat s CnC OCCs nCt QutC RnCV QCtDaQs a
stCnC a_anst VDCD OC_s maRC VatCt. 1Ct tDs snnCts sCu tDat
VCuO DC sCmCtDn_ 8 amat as a OamQ QatCD Cn tDC Va C Ds
CC s Ct a QtsCnCt. tD tDC QCCt DmsC tDC jCRC COmCs tC an
CnO anO DaVn_ sDCVn sC muCD IsCCnCC DC DC_s ~ nsOCnt t s
ttuC ~ Ct tCats.
Oo :ke oem `\ CCt ..
1 cttOt tcCDt COmc Out O tDc DaCR Otc8U.
%j mOtDct DtOu_Dt mc tO tDc Ctc8 c8tj On
18 1 aj n Dct DOdj. 1nd tDc C O tDc Otc8t
tcman VtD mc t mj c 8 dOnc.
1n tDc a8QDat Ctj 1 8 at DOmc. tOm Uc Dt8t
ouQQcd VtD Xttcmc \nCuOn D Qcntj:
tD QaQct8. ODaCCO. 1nd Dtandj.
%:8ttu8tu and :dc and uDmatcj nOt d:8COntcntcd.
1 8 QO:tc tO QcOQc. 1 Vcat
1 Datd Dat mOtdct tO OOR Rc tDc OtDct8.
1 8. VDat CutOu8-8mcn_ anma8
Dcn 1 up: 1m Onc mj8c\ 8O VDj DOtDct:
1n mj cmQtj tOCRn_-CDat8 DcOtc unCcOn
1 QaCc Onc Ot tVO VOmcn 1Vc mj cjc On
1nd 1 OOR Ucm OVct C8tc8j and tc tDcm.
ctc jOuVc a man jOu Cant tcj On.
OVatd8 cVcnn_ 1 _ct 8Omc mcn tO_ctDct
c 8tatt addtc88:n_ caCD OtDct a8 `_cntcmcn.
Dg Qut tDct cct uQ On mj taDc8
oajn_: 1t VOtR Out a t_Dt. 1 dOnt a8R. Dcn:
Oatd8 mOr:n_ :n tDc _tc :_Dt tDc Q:ncttcc8 8!and Q:88:n_.
Jnd tDc Vctm:n :n tDcm - D:td8 Dc_:n tO 8CtccCD.
JOOut tDat DOut 1m cmQt:n_ m _a88 :n tDc C:t and tDtO:n_
My C:_atct!c-Dutt aa and dtOQ tc8tc88 tO 8ccQ.
J maKc8D:!t taCc c Camc and 8cttcd
1n DOu8c8 tDat ctc 8uQQO8cd tO a8t
[hus WC DuIt thC ta COntaInCrs On Manhattan 1S3Pd
Jnd tDc 8cndct an!cnnac On D:CD tDc Jtant:C tc8t8).
N: 8utV:Vc O! tDc8c C:t:c8 Dat cnt tD:Ou_D tDcm: tDc :nd !
Dc DanQUctct :8 _ad tO cmQt tDc man8:On.
Nc :ca:Zc tDat c atc Qutc QtOV:8:Ona
Jnd a!tct D8 ?: COmc nOtD:n_ OttD mcnDOn.
1n tDc cattDQuaKc8 tDat atc tO !OO 1 _tcat DOQc
1 8Dant _rO tOO cmD:ttctcd tO QuU at m C:_at
1 cttOt tcCDt adt:!t :n tDc a8QDat C:t:c8
LOn_ a_O :n m mO!Dct !tOm Dctc !Dc DaCK !Otc8t8 atc.
:ra-s!a:ed _ jo- h:1!e::
7, Berrolr Breckr, come our orke olack [oresrs.
3 morker oroukr me ro rke ctrtes ear( on
s 7 la tn ker bod. nd rke cktll o rke [oresr
tlI rematn trk me rtll m lje ts done.
n thC !OrCsts It Is COd It CannOt OC any COdCr In thC CItICs. -
rCady In hs mOthCrs OOdy thC QOCt Was as COd as In thC asQhat
CItICs In WhICh hC Was tO IVC.
oour rkar kour 7'm emtn m lass tn rke ct and
7krotn m c:arerre-ourr aa, and dro resrless( ro slee.
CrhaQs nOt thC ast thn_ WhICh QrOVOKCs thIs rCstCssnCss Is thC
thOU_ht O! sCCQ ItsC! OOdy-rCaXIn_, tCst-_IVIn_ sCCQ. NI It dCa
mOrC KIndy WIth thC sCCQCr than thC mOthCrs WOmO dCa!t WIth thC
UnOOD: rOOaOy nOt. OthIn_ maKCs sCCQ sO UnQUICt as thC !Car
O! WaKIn_.
(7kus e outlr rke rall conratners on 3a-karran 7sland
nd rke slender a-rennae on ktck rke :lanrtc resrs).
6ommeorories oo Poems Breckr
BC antCnnaC {aCtas] VBCB `suQQOtt {Ot Cn tCttan] tBC PtantC
dO nOt VC maj DC sutC CntCtta:n t VtB musC Ot taK Dut V:tB sBOtt
and On_ VaVCs V:tB tBC mOCCuat QtOCCssCs VBCB atC tBC QBjsCa
CX:stCnCC O! tadO. 1n tBs nC tBC ut:ZatOn O! tCCBnC mCda Dj
mOdCr man s dsm:ssCd VtB a sBtu_ O! tBC sBOudCts.
ill survive o] rkese ciries kor eor rkrouk rkem rke ioo!
1! tBC Vnd tBat VCnt tBtOu_B tBCm sutVVCs tBCsC CtCs t V
nO On_Ct DC tBC Od Vnd tBat KnCV nOtBn_ O! CtCs. BC CtCs
V:tB tBCt asQBat VtB tBCt sttCCts and manj VndOVs V VBCn
dCsttOjCd and dsntC_tatCd dVC n tBC Vnd.
Tke oouerer is loo ro em rke moosioo.
BC DanQuCtCt BCtC tCQtCsCnts tBC dCsttOjCt. atn_ s nOt Onj
!CCdn_ OnCsC! t s asO d__n_ OnCs tCCtB ntO sOmCtBn_ and
dCsttOj:n_ t. BC VOtd s mmCnsCj smQOCd ! VC tCst t nOt sO
muCB !Ot ts CnjOjaDtj {CdDtj] as !Ot U dCsttUCtDtj. LC-
sttuCCDtj s tBC DOnd tBat un:tCs n BatmOnj CVCtjtBn_ tBat CX:sts.
BC s_Bt O! tBs BatmOnj Us tBC QOCt VtB jOj. C s tBC DaLQuCtCt
VtB tBC tOn ]aVs VBO CmQtCs tBC VOtds mansOn.
e reolie rkor e ore ure rovisioool
oo oer us ill come - oorkm orrk meorioo.
Iorlue, `QtOVsOna ~ QCtBaQs tBCj m:_Bt DC Iorlur, `QtC-
CutsOts Dut BOV C tBCj DC s:nCC nOtB:n_ VOttB mCntOnn_ V:
COmC aDCt tBCm: 1t s nOt Cnt:tCj tBCt Lut ! tBCj _O dOVn n
BstOtj VtBOut _Otj. {BC QOCm `O Out OuCCCssOts Vt:ttCn tCn
jCats atCt taKCs uQ a smat tBOu_Bt.]
!, Berrolr Breckr, oor(ft m rke oskolr ciries
Joq qo, io pmorker, rom kere rke lock ]oresrs ore.
BC Qn_-uQ O! QtCQOst:Ons O! QaCC ~tBtCC n tVO nCs ~ must
QtOduCC an unCOmmOnj dstUtDn_ CCCt. BC stta__n_ tmC
CausC On_ a_O (Troosloror's oore. n tBC LCtman Us CausC COmCs
at tBC Cnd O! tBC ast nC] Bas dOuDtCss mssCd ts COnnCCtOn VtB
tBC QtCsCnt and sO tCn!OtCCs an mQtCssOn O! QOVCtCssnCss O!
aDandOnmCnt. BC QOCt sQCaKs as !! a!tCad !n B!s mOtBCts VOmD
BC Bad DCCn CXQOsCd tO CVCt V!nd.
NBOCVCt tCads tB!s QOCm Bas Va!KCd tBtOU_B tBC QOCt as tBtOU_B
a _atC UQOn VB!CB !n VCatBCt-VOC !CttCts a . . Can DC dCC!QBCtCd.
BC QOCt Vants tO Ba!t tBC tCadCt On B!s Va as !!tt!C as a _atC Vants
tO Ba!t tBC QassCt-D. BC atCBVa QCtBaQs DU!!t CCntUt!Cs a_O:
!t st!!! stands DCcUsC !t stOOd !n nO OnCs Va. !BC stands !n nO OnCs
Va . . V!!! dO jUstICC tO B!s n!CKnamC (oor . .]. OtB!n_ VOttB
mCnt!On!n_ Can BaQQCn !n tBC !!!C O! sOmCOnC VBO stands !n nO
OnCs Wa and VBO nO !On_Ct mattCts Un!Css !t DC tBC dCC!s!On tO
QUt OnCsC!! !n QCOQ!Cs Va and tO maKC sUtC tBat OnC dOCs mattCt.
BC !atCt CC!Cs O! QOCms DCat VItnCss tO jUst sUCB a dCC!s!On. BC!t
CaUsC !s tBC C!ass sttU__!C. BC DCst dC!CndCt O! a CaUsC !s OnC VBO
Bas madC a statt D !Ctt!n_ _O O! B!msC!!.
On rke OtUd!Cs
BCsC Srudies atC nOt sO mUCB tBC QtOdUCts O! IndUstt!OUs ZCa! as O!
an orium cum dinirare. OOmCt!mCs an Cn_taVCts Band sCatCC!
mOV!n_ W dtaV Ot dOOd!C !ma_Cs at tBC Cd_C O! tBC Q!atC; !n tBC
samC Va !ma_Cs !tOm Cat!!Ct tImCs atC BCtC tCCOtdCd !n tBC mat_!n
O! tCCBts VOtK. t BaQQCns tO tBC QOCt tBat !OOK!n_ UQ !tOm B!s
VOtK BC ma _!anCC aCtOss tBC QtCsCnt !ntO tBC Qast. `Ot tBC COm-
QaCt _at!ands O! tBC sOnnCtNCaVC tBCmsC!VCs as tBOU_B O! tBC!t
OVn aCCOtd !n m BandsNB!!st m CCs _taZC !n tBC d!stanCC sas
Nt!KC. 1 CasUa! _!anCC !ntO tBC d!stanCC VBOsC Und!n_s atC Cn-
C!OsCd !n tBC stt!CtCst QOCt!C !Otm.
1mOn_ tBC !atCt QOCt!C VOtKs tBC S:udtes atC CsQCC!a!! aK!n tO
tBC Housc'oH 3essener. BC Housekold 3essener ODCCts tO mUCB
O! OUt mOta!!t; !t Bas tCsCtVat!Ons tC_atd!n_ a nUmDCt O! ttad!-
t!Ona! COmmandmCnts. t Bas nOt tBC tCmOtCst !ntCnt!On BOVCVCt
O!CXQ!!C!t! stat!n_ UCsC tCsCtvat!Ons. t Dt!n_s tBCm OUt !n tBC !Otm
O! Vat!ants QtCC!sC! O! tBC mOta! att!tUdC and _CstUtCs VBOsC
CUstOmat !Otm !t COns!dCts tO DC nO !On_Ct gU!tC Utt!n_. n tBC
S:udies tCCBt ttCats a nUmDCt O!!!tCtat dOCUmCnts and VOtKs !n a
s!m!!at sQ!t!t. C Bas tCsCtVat!Ons aDOUt tBCm. Ut D ttans!at!n_
ccmmenraries on 7oems Breckr
tUC8C tC8C:V8!!OD8 !D!O 8ODDC! !OtD UC Qu!8 !UCD !O !UC !C8t. U8!
!UC 8u:V!VC !U!8 !:C8!DCD! QtOVC8 tUC!t V8!O!!.
iD !UC Srudies tC8C:VC !8 D!XCO 9!!U 8 CCt!8!D 8DOuD! O! tCVCtCDCC.
UC uDtC8C:VCO !t!Du!C 9U!CU COttC8QODO8 !O 8 D8tD8t:8D COD!CDQt
O! Cu!utC U88 D8OC tOOD !Ot 8 !tJDutC !u O! tC8CtV8!!OD8.
On rke 18DODOOK !Ot \!!-O9CCt8
JL L Hodookor Cip-dellerc
1att !tOm jOut :Cnd8 at thC 8tat:On
ntCt thC C:tj :n thC mOt:n_ V:th jOut COat DuttOnCd uQ
LOOK !Ot a tOOm and VhCn jOut !::Cnd KnOCK8:
lO nOt Oh dO nOt OQCn thC dOOt
LOVC: jOut UaCK8.
i! jOu mCCt jOut QatCnt8 :n amDut_ Ot C8CVhCtC
1a88 thCm :KC 8ttan_C:8 CD thC COtCt dOnt tCCO_n:ZC thCm
1u thC hat thCj _aVC jOu OVCt jOut !aCC and
lO nOt Oh dO nOt 8hOV jOut !aCC
LOVCt jOut t:aCK8.
at thC mCat that8 thCtC. lOnt 8t:nt jOut8C!.
LO :ntO anj hOu8C VhCn :t ta:n8 and 8:t On anj Cha:t thaI8 :n :t
ut dOnt 8:t On_. Jnd dOnt !Ot_Ct jOut hat.
1 tC jOu:
LOVCt jOut UaCK8.
NhatCVCt jOu 8aj dOnt 8aj :t tV:CC
1! jOu hnd jOut :dCa8 :n anjOnC C8C d:8OVn thCm.
hC man VhO ha8nt 8:_nCd anjU:n_ VhO ha8 C!t nO Q:CtutC
NhO Va8 nOt thCtC VhO 8a:d nOth:n_:
OV Can thCj CtCh h:m:
LOVCt jOut t:aCK8.
bCC VhCn jOu COmC tO th:nK O! dn_
hat nO _:aVC8tOnC 8tand8 and DCt:aj8 VhCtC jOu :C
N:th a CCat :n8C::Qt:On tO dCnOunCC jOu
Jnd tDc ca: O! Our dcatD tO _:Vc Ou aa.
LnCc a_a:n.
LOVct Ou: !:aCK8.
Da! :s Dat !Dc tau_D! mc).
translated q Frank jellnek
1:DOO Z9C:_ U88 QO:D!CO Ou! !U8! !U:8 8CQuCDCC O! QOCD8 U88
8CQu::CO 8 DC9 DC8D:D_ !D :cCCD! C8:8 !! :CQ:C8CD!8 !UC C!! 88 !UC
:C!u_CC CXQC:!CDCC8 !! !D 8 !O:C:_D COuD!:. U8! !8 CO::CC!. Du! ODC
8UOuO DO! !O:_C! !U8! !UC D8D 9UO !_U!8 !O: !UC CXQO:!CO C888 !8
8 :C!u_CC :D U!8 O9D COuD!:. O: !UC :D!C!_CD! \ODDuD:8! !UC
!D8 DVC C8:8 O! U:8 QO!!!C8 9O:K :D !UC C:D8: CQuD:C 8!_D!-
CO 8 C:Q!O-CD!_:8!:OD. D:CCU! CXQC:!CDCCO !UO8C C8:8 88 8uCU.
U!8 D8 U8VC Q:OV!OCO !UC !DDCO!8!C OCC88:OD !O: !UC 9:\!!D_ O!
!U!8 CCC O! QOCD8. \:Q!O-CD:_:8!!OD 988 8 Q:C!D!D8: !O:D O!
8C!u8 CD!_r8!!OD :! 988 88O 8 Q:C!D:D8: !O:D O! uDOC:_:OuDO
QO:!:C8 8C!:V:!.
cover our tracks
1 Q:CCCQ! !O: !UC uDOC:_:OuDO QO:!!C8 9O:KC:
![ou nd our ideas in anone else, dtson tkem.
J Cu:!Ou8 Q:CCCQ! !O: !UC !D!CCC!u8 O! t
z8 8 Cr8!8-CC8: ODC
!O: !UC !D!CCC!u8 _ODC uDOC:_:OuDO.
See ken ou come to rkink o[di_
Tkar no ravestone stands and betras kere ou lie
QO:!:C8 9O:KC:8 U8VC DCCD :C!CVCO O! !U:8 9O:r D 1!!C: 8DO U!8
1D !U!8 U8DODOOK !UC C:! !8 8CCD 88 !UC 8:CD8 O! !UC 8!ru__C !O:
CX!8!CDCC 8DO O! !UC C888 8!ru__C. UC V:8:OD O! !UC ODC :8 r8!UC:
8D8:CU:8!!C 8DO U88 :DK8 9!!U !UC Housekold 3essener, !UC V:8!OD
O! !UC 8CCODO :8 :CVOu!:OD8: 8DO QO!D!8 !Orw8:O !O UC U:CC
OOO!C:5 !!8 5uCCC88O:. 1D C8CU C88C ODC !U!D_ tCD8:D8 uDCU8D_CO.
6ommen:ories on 1oems Breck:

C!!!C8 8:C D8!!CCO8. \DC C8DDO! !D8_!DC 8D OD8C:VC: C88 8CD8!!IVC

!O !C DC8u!!C8 O! 8DO8C8QC !8D !C 8!:8!C_!C8 !:8!DCO OD8C:VC:
O! 8 D8!!C. \DC C8DDO! !D8_!DC 8D OD8C:VC: 8u:VC!D_ !C C8:D8
O! 8 C!! ~ !!8 Du!!!ud O! Ou8C8 !C D:C8!-!8K!D_ 8QCCO O! !!8
!:8DC !!8 CD!C:!8IDDCD!8 ~ DO:C uD!CC!D_ t8D D:CC!. !8 8CK
O! !CC!D_ !O: !C C!! OCCO: CODD!DCO 9!! 8D C. !:CDC 8CD8!D!!!
!O: !C CI!-O9CC:8 8QCC!8 988 O! :C8C!!OD O!8!!D_u!8C8 D:CC!8
CCC !:OD 8 D!_-C!! QOC!: !8! Q:CCCOC8 !!. 8! !!D8D !D-
!OX!C8!CO !D8C! 9!! !C uD8D D888C8 O! !C8C !C:C !8 DO DCD-
!!OD !D D:CCt. D8uOC8!:C QC:CC!VCO !C !:8!! 8! !C C8:! O! 8:!8
!D !C 8:!8!8D8 C QC:CC!VCO OD 98! !8! !:8!! 8O OODC !O !CD.
`C:8C:CD 8!!CDQ!CO 8D 8QO!CO8!8 O! C!!!C8. O LCO:_ 1CD !C
8QQC8:CO !u O! QO:!CD!8 O! !C C8!88!:OQC8 9!C !:C8!CDCO !CD.
iDQO:!8D! D!_-C!t QOC!: _CDC:8 CD Ou! !C C!!-O9CC:. 1C
D8 D !C:C !D iCDC] Du! !D !!8 C88C !C 8OD!Xtu:C O! QC!!-
DOu:_CO!8 !u8!OD8 Q:OVCO !8!8 !O QOC!!C 8uCCC88. D:CC! !8 Q:OD8D
!C :8! !DQO:!8D! QOC! 9O 88 8ODC!!D_ !O 88 8DOu! u:D8D D8D.
On tke :kiro oem ]tom :ke 18DODOOK !O: \!!-i9CC:8
Nc dO nOtanttO IcaVcjOurnOusc
Nc dO nOtant tO smasn tnc stOVc
NcanttO Qut tnc QOt On!DC stOVc.
1Ousc stOVc and QOt can staj
nd jOu mustVansn Ikc smOkc n tnc skj
Nncn nODOdj nOIds Dack.
i!jOu ant tO cIn_ tO us cII _O aaj
i! jOur Oman ccQs c Qut Our nats OVcr Our ccs
ut On cj cOmc !Or jOu c sna QOnt
nd snaII saj:natmustDc nm.
Nc dOnt knOnatstO cOmc, andnaVcnOtnn_bcttcr
utC antnO mOrc O!jOu.
1ntIjOuVc _Onc
Lctusdratnc curtans tO snut Out tOmOrrO.
nc ctcsarc aIIOcdtO cnan_c
ut jOu arc nOtaIIOcd tO cnan_c.
Nc snaII ar_uc m tncstOncs
ut jOu VC snaII II
Ou must nO: IVc
NnatcVcr Icsc arc !Orccd tO bc\:cVc
Ou must nOt naVc bccn.
[nat snO c sQca& tO Our !atncrs.)
tan.!a:e b_F-ank e!nek
nC CXQU!sOn O! ]CVs !tOm LCtman [Unt! tnC QO_tOms O!
IQ] CattCO OUt n tnC sQtt OCsCtDCO n tns QOCm. nC ]CVs VCtC
nOt mUtOCtCO mmCOatC!, VnCtCVCt tnC naQQCnCO tO DC !OUnO.
atnCt tnC VCtC OCa!t Vtn n aCCOtOanCC Vtn tns QtnCQ!C.
e oo no: on: :o smosk :ke s:ove
e on: :o u: :ke on on :ke s:ove.
House, s:ove ono o: con s:o
no ou mus: vonisk . . .
tCCnts QOCm s !!Umnatn_ !Ot tnC tCaOCt O! tOOa. t snOVs
VCt C!Cat! Vn a!Ona! OOCa!sm nCCOs ant-sCm!t!sm. t nCCOs t
as a QatOO. nC atttUOC VnCn tnC tU!Cts attLCa!! QtOVORC vis--
vis tnC ]CVs s QtCCsC! tnC OnC VnCn VOU!O DC natUta! n tnC OQ-
QtCssCO C!ass vis--vis tnC tU!Cts. nC ]CV ~t!Ct OtOans sna!! DC
ttCatCO as tnC _tCat CXQ!OtCt OU_nt tO naVC DCCn ttCatCO. 1nO jUst
DCCaUsC tns ttCatmCnt O! tnC ]CV s nOt tCa!! n C8Cst DCCaUsC t s
tnC OstOttCO mttOt-ma_C O! a _CnUnC tCVO!UtOnat aCtOn t
nC!UOCs an aOmXtUtC O! saOsm. nC QatOO CannOt OO VtnOUt
saOsm. nC QUtQOsC O! tns QatOO s tO maRC a mOCRCt O! tnC ns-
!OtCa! QtOQOstOn tnat tnC CxQtOQtatOts sna!! DC CXQtOQtatCO.
On :ke n:n:k oem om :ke anODOOR !Ot L!t-VC!!Cts
L! `7 L L 7 7 7 J
L _\7
ncrcs anOmc !Or yOu ncrc
ncrcs rOOm !Or _Our tnn_s.
6ommen:ories on 1oems Breck: 6_
NOVc tDc tuntutc aDOut tO su:t jOutscI!
c us Dat jOu nccd
1crc s tDckcj
Dctcs a Qatcut !Ot us a
nd !Ot jOu atOOm tD aDcd
OucanOtktD us ntDcjatd
Ou DaVc jOut On Qatc
Otaj tD us.
1ctcs Dctc jOurc tO sccQ
Dc sDccts atc st ccan
DcjVc Onj Dccn scQt :n Oncc.
i!jOutc !ussj
1nsc jOut tn sQOOn n tDc Duckct tDctc
it Dc 3 _OOd as nc
Outc cIcOmc tO staj tD us
Dats tDc tOOm
1utrj uQ OrjOu canasO staj
Dc n_Dt, Dut tDat cOsts cXtta.
i sDant dstutD jOu
j tDcaj im nOt m .
Ou Dc 3c OnDcrc asanjDctc csc
OOjOu m_Dtas cI staj.
translated q Fran/ ellinek
C Honoook [r 6i-Dellers Q:OV:OC8 89C 8VC 8:C8O_ 88:O
ODjCC! C88OD8 :D uDOC:_:OuDO 8C!:V:!_ 8DO CD:_:8!:OD. C D:D!
QOCD :8 CODCCFCO 9:! 8 8OC8 Q:OCC88 9C uDOC:_:OuDO QO!C8
9O:KC:8 89C 8CD:_:8D!8 8VC !O 88:C 9J! !O8C 9O 8uCCuDD
!O CXQO:!8!:OD 9J!Ou! 8!:u__C. C QOCD :u8!:8!C8 9:! 8 !C9
CCODOD:C8 8!:OKC8 98! :DQOVC::8DCD! :D 8 8:_C C:!_ DC8D8. 1!
!C 88DC !:DC :! 8CO8 :_! uQOD !C D:8! QOCD O! !C C_CC.
8C O! !C Ou: iDV:!8!OD8 !O 8 8D 8! iUC:CD! :DC8 \:OD
i:UC:CD! _u8:!C:8 CD8DC8 u8 !O :CCO_D:ZC !C D8D8 Q8:!:Cu8:
CCODOD:C 8:!u8!:OD. !C _C!8 8!C8O:_ QOO:C:. C QCOQC 9O OUC:
!O Qu! :D uQ !8KC !:8 88 88:O !C_ 8O9 :D Q:O_:C88:VC_ C88
t_Dt tC CaVC an ttaCRs. DC Utst t!mC tDC st t8RC nCtCC C Ds
DCCn_n_s. \n tDC sCCCnO CCCasCn Cn a QatC C Ds CVn s mCn-
tCnCO anO tDs s DatO RC tC DC a QatC DC Das DtCu_Dt VtD
Dm. DC CO_Cts aDCut QCVCt s atCaO DCn_ OsQCsCO C D tDC
8nOCtO [``Cu Can VCtR VtD us n tDC atO). DC man VDC
aQQCats n tDC tDtO VCtsC s QtCDaD CnttC unCmQCCO. DC
QtVatC sQDCtC C Ds C s smDCCa tCQtCsCntCO D tDC aCt C
VasDn_ a t!n sQCCn. DC CuttD nVtatCn s tCm a QtCsttutC tC a
CustCmCt VDC s CDVCus QCCt. Ct s tDCtC an Cn_Ct an QuCs-
tCn C OutatCn. t s a CO_n_ Ct CnC n_Dt at mCst anO tDC tt8CRs
VDCD tDC man aOOtCssCO ma CaVC DCDnO atC DCst unmCntCnCO.
1Ct tDC tCaOCt C tDC nntD QCCm tDC QtCCCQt C tDC Utst ~ `LCVCt
Cut UaCRs ~ s suQQCmCntCO D tDC aOjunCt: `tatDCt tDan DaVC
DC tCnO nOUCtCnCC VDCD s CCmmCn tC a Cut nVtaOCns
s VCttD C nCtC. tDC aCt tDat tDC DatsDnCss C tDC CUCt CaVCs
tCCm Ct suCD rCnOnCss VC tCCC_nzC tDat sCCa CCnOtCns CCn-
tCnt man tCm CutsOC, as sCmCtDn_ aCn tC Dm. DC tCnO!nCss
VtD VDCD tDCr VCtOCt s CCmmunCatCO tC Dm D Ds CCV mCn
sDCVs tDat tDC OC nCt CC OCntBCO VtD tDCsC CCnOtCns. DC
man aOOtCssCO aQQCats tC aCCCQt VDat DC s tCO: RCVsC tDCsC VDC
aOOtCss Dm DaVC CCmC tC tCtms V!tD tDC CCnOtCns CC. DC n-
Dumant tC VDCD tDC atC CCnOCmnCO Das nCt DCCn aDC tC taRC
tCm tDCm a CCttan CCuttCs C tDC DCatt. Ds ma sCrVC as Lst-
BCatCn Ct DCQC Ct OCsQa!t. DC QCCt OCCs nCt CXQtCss an VCVs Cn
tDs sCCtC.
On tke OVCnODCt_ CCms co on tb LCtman N8 tmCt
nc Orkcrs crj Out!Or Drcad
nc mcrcnantscrj Out!Ormarkcts.
nc uncmQOjcdcrc nun_rj. nc cmQOjcd
rcnun_rj nO.
nc nands tnataj !Odcd arc Dusj a_an:
ncyarc makn_ sncs.
trdn:dtcd g 1. 1. 1c_:
6ommentories on 1oems l Breck: c5
it s n:_nt. nc marrcd cOuQcs
Lc ntncr Dcds. nc jOun_ Omcn
N Dcar OrQnans.
translated q 1ee raandall

nOsc at tnc tOQ saj:
it !cads tO _!Orj.
nOsc dOn Dc!O saj:
it cads tO tnc _raVc.
translated q Carol 3teart and obn Ptlle:t
ncn t cOmcs tOmarcnn_ manj dO nOt knO
nat tncr cncmj s marcnn_at tncrncad.
ncVO:ccncn _Vcs tncm tncr Ordcrs
istnc cncmjsVO:cc and
nc man nO sQcaks O!tnc cncmj
istnc cncmjnmsc!.
translated q Carol 3teart and obn Ptllett
C or 1rimer s VtttCn n `aQdatj stjC. C VOtd COmCs
!tOm tC Latn lois, `stOnC and dCsCtDCs tC stjC VC Vas dC-
VCOQCd !Ot Oman nsCtQtOns. ts mOst mQOttant CataCtCtstC
Vas DtCVtj. s Vas COndtOnCd ntst Dj tC CDOtt tCQutCd tO
CsC tC VOtds n stOnC; sCCOnd Dj tC tCaZatOn tat !Ot OnC VO
sQCaKs tO a suCCCssOn O! _CnCtatOns t s sCCmj tO DC DtC!.
! stOnC tC natuta COndtOn O!aQdatj stjC s nO On_Ct tC
matCta O! tCsC QOCms Vat as taKCn ts QaCC: Nat justhCs
tCt nsCtQtOn stjC: \nC O! tCm nts at an ansVCt. t tCads:
Ln tnc VaII Vas cnakcd:
ncj ant
nc man nO rOtc t
tas aIrcadj !acn.
translated q Carol 3teart and jobn Ptllett

UC :8! !DC O! !U!8 QOCD COuO DC Q8CCO 8t !UC UC8O O! C8CU O!

!UC or 1rimer QOCD8. UC8C !D8Cr:Q!!OD8 8:C DO! !KC !UO8C O! !UC
OD8D8 !D!CDOCO !O: 8!ODC Du! !KC tUO8C O! uDOC:_:OuDO !_U!C:8
!O: !CDCC8.
1CCO:O!D_ !UC CU8r8C!C: O! !UC or 1rimer D8 DC 8CCD !D 8
uDQuC COD!r8O!C!!OD: !UC8C 9O:O8 9UO8C QOC!!C !O:D !DQ!C8 !U8!
!UC 8:C DC8D! !O 8urV!VC !UC !O:!UCOD!D_ CDO O! !UC 9O:O COD-
!8!D !UC _C8!urC O! 8 8O_8D 8C:89CO !D U88!C OD 8 Q8DK !CDCC D 8
D8D DC!D_ Qu:8uCO. iD !U!8 COD!:8O!C!!OD !C8 !UC CX!:8O:O!D8: 8:!!8-
!!C 8CU!CVCDCD! O! !UC8C 8CD!CDCC8 COD8!ruC!CO Ou! O! Q:!D!!!VC
9O:O8. UC QOC! CDOO98 9!!U !UC 1Or8!!8D oere erennis 9U8! 8
Q:OC!8r:8D CXQO8CO !O !UC :8!D 8DO !UC 8_CD!8 O! tUC LC8!8QO U88
8Cr89CO 9!U CU8JJ uQOD 8 98.
On :ke oem UC \U!O UO i!OD! 8D! !O 88U

L1 L 7 L J
lncc tncrc as acnd
NnO ddntant tO asn.
nd ncn tncd _Ot Um asncd
1cd O ns !acc n asn.
nc asctcamc tO cI
\Q scVcn m_nts Ostats.
NOtnct IOO&cd !OtatOc
O ccan ns !acc and nar.
ncrcas nO ta_ aDOut.
nc ascrcnt aa.
Nnat cOud tnc cnd cXQcct:
tranclated q nna Boctock c7e:er 1ei
UC QOC! 8!OC8 9!tU !UC CU!O 9UO O!OD! 98D! !O 988U. 1C 8u_-
_C8!8 !U8! !UC C:82!C8! C!:CuD8UDCC8 9OuO U8VC !O COD8Q!:C !O: !UC
CU!O !O 8uUC: 8D :C8 U8:D 88 8 :C8u! O! !!8 uD988UCO CODO!!!OD.
6ommen:ories on 1oems [ Sreck: c
OI On! :s I mOsI UnUsUa! !Ot Inc a:sct IO Iakc Inc ItOUO!c IO
C!:mO scVcn :_nIs O! sIa:ts: OUI as :! InaI VctcnI cnOU_n nc nas IO
CnOOsc IO V:s:I a nOUscnO!d :n Vn:Cn cVcn a ta_ CannOI Oc !OUnd.
nc !ta_mcnIcd d:CI:On O! Inc QOcm :mQ!:cs InaI sUCn a COnCaIcna-
I:On O! aCC:dcnIs nas sOmcIn:n_ dtcam!kc aOOUI :I.
ctnaQs Vc m:_nI Ca!! IO m:nd anOInct QatI:san Ot dc!cndct O!
UnVasncd Cn:!dtcn: OUt:ct VnOsc Qna!ansIct Vas nOI On! a
sOC:a!:sI UIOQ:a OUI a!sO a Qcda_O_:Ca! Onc. OUt:ct d:V:dcs Inc
Cn:!dtcn O! Inc Qna!anstct :nIO IVO majOt _tOUQs: Inc e:i:es lonoes
and Inc e:i:es /:roes. nc e:i:es lonoes OCCUQ Incmsc!Vcs V:In
_atdcn:n_ and OInct Q!casanI Iasks. nc e:i:es koroes naVc IO Qct-
!Otm Inc d:tI:csI dUI:cs. nc CnO:Cc OcIVccn Inc IVO _tOUQs :s OQcn
IO cVct Cn:!d. nOsc VnO OQIcd !Ot Inc e:i:es broes Vctc Inc mOsI
nOnOUtcd. O VOtk COU!d Oc UndctIakcn :n Inc Qna!ansIct V:InOUI
Inc:t BtsI naV:n_ Inc:t sa aOOUI :I CtUc!I IO an:ma!s Vas sUOcCI IO
Inc:t Ut:sd:CI:On; Inc nad dVat! QOn:cs On Vn:Cn IDc _a!!OQcd
IntOU_n Inc Qna!ansIct and Vncn Inc asscmO!cd !Ot VOtk Inc
s:_na! Vas _:Vcn O an cat-snaIIct:n_ d:n O! ItUmQcIs sIcam-
Vn:sI!cs CnUtCn Oc!!s and dtUms. n Inc Cn:!dtcn O! Inc e:i:es koroes
OUt:ct saV !OUt _tcaI Qass:Ons aI VOtk: attO_anCc snamc!cssncss
and :nsUOOtd:naI:On OUI Inc mOsI :mQOtIanI O! a!! Was Inc !OUtIn:
le o: d lc sole:, a IasIc !Ot d:tI.
nc tcadct In:nks a_a:n O! Inc Cn:!d VnO VOU!d nOI Vasn and
VOndcts: QctnaQs :I On! tuOs :Is !aCc :n asn OcCaUsc sOC:cI nas
!a:!cd IO Cnannc! :Is Qass:On !Ot d:tI IOVatds a _OOd and Usc!U!
QUtQOsc: ctnaQs :I On! VanIs IO sIand :n sOC:cIs Va !:kc a
sIumO!:n_-O!OCk sO as IO :ssUc a msIct:OUs X:n_ !kc Inc
!:II!c nUnCnOaCk :n Inc Lctman nUtsct sOn_ VnO UQscIs cVct
Otdct! nOUscnO!d: ! OUt:ct :s t:_nI Incn Inc Cn:!d VOU!d sUtc!
nOI naVc msscd a _tcaI dca! O !a!:n_ IO mccI Inc a:sct. a:sct
VnO On! VanIs IO scc C!can Cn:!dtcn dOcsnI amOUnI IO mUCn mOtc
Inan Inc sIuQ:d sUOcCIs On VnOm nc COmcs IO Ca!!.
On :e oem `DC um tCC
DC pum DC :n tDC _atd8 8O 8ma
1t D8td_ 8CCm8 a UCC at a
`Ct tDCtC :t :8 ta:Cd tOund
O KCCQ :t 88!C and 8Ound.
DC QOOt tDn_ cant _tO an_ mO:C
DOu_D :! :t cOud :t Oud !Ot 8u:C.
DC:C8 nOtD:n_ tO DC dOnC
1t _Ct8 tOO :ttC 8un.
DC Qum OO nCVC DCat8 a Qum
OO :t8 nOt C88_ tO DC:CVC.
1t8 a Qum Oc a tDC 8amC
`Ou tC :t O_ tDC Ca!.
rrdnldrcd g Ldrcl Orcwdrr
DC Va !n VD!CD anOsCaQC CCmCs !ntC tDC Vat!Cus CCCs !n
tCCDts DCCR CCmQ!UCs tDC !nnCt un!t C! tD!s t!C QCCtt anO at
tDC samC t!mC !ts VCatD C! QCtsQCCt!VCs. tDC HouseoH .essener,
anOscQC CCCuts aDCVC a !n tDC !Ctm C! a sR tDat Das DCCn Qut!UCO
as tDCu_D VasDCO CCan uQCn VD!CD OC!CatC CCuOs aQQCat !tCm
t!mC tC t!mC anO DCnCatD VD!CD VC_Ctat!Cn Cut!nCO V!tD a DatO
QCnC ma p sDC. i Sons 1oems Coruses nCtD!n_ !s C!t C!
anOsCaQC !t !s CCVCtCO D tDC `V!ntt snCVstCtm tDat sVCCQs
tDtCu_D tDs CCC C! QCCms. i tDC Svenolor 1oems !t !s _!mQsCO
nCV anO a_a!n t!m!O anO QaC: sC QaC tDat tDC QCsts `Qut uQ !n tDC
atO !Ct tDC CD:OtCns sV!n_ atCaO CCunt as Qatt C! !t.
DC anOsCaQC C! tDC Svenolor 1oems tCsCmDCs tDC CnC QtC!CttCO
D 1Ctt CunCt n a stCt D tCCDt. 1tCnOs DaVC DCatO Dm sa
tDat DC !s !CnO C! tDC ttCC tDat !s Vast!n_ aVa :n tDC atO C! tDC
tCnCmCnt DCusC n VDCD DC !VCs. DC :nVtC D!m tC CCmC V!tD
tDCm tC tDC VCCOs anO atC sutQt!sCO DCCausC 1Ctt CunCt OCCnCs
tC OC sC. L!O Cu nCt sa tDat Cu RC ttCCs: 1Ctt CunCt tCQCs:
` sa!O !RCO tDC ttCC in m oro.' D!s ttCC ma VC DC OCnt!Ca
6ommenrories on 1oems Breckr c
V:tB tBC CnC VBCB n tBC HousekoH .essener, _CCs Dj tBC namC C!
0reen.* BC QCCt BCnCuts t Dj addtCssn_ t n tBC mCrn_ as
1t ct naVcDccn atrbn_ tnn_ tO _rO sO n_n
ctccn tncnOuscs
O _rO sO n_n Ltccn at c
OtOrmVstcdjOuastddIast n_nt:
Bs ttCC LtCCn VBCB CCts ts ttCC-tCQ tC tBC stCtm st
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1l s` oi: oe ogner les in:ellec:uel: c lo c!osse
ouvriee, en leur ::on: renoe conscience
oe l`ioen:i: oe leurs omorces siri:uelles e:
oe leurs conoi:ions oe roouc:eur.
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sCCCt. 1nd DC antC:QatCd CCttan !Ctms C! tDs aCnatCn C._. tDC
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!tCm Ds n_DtmatC. tCCDt sas C! a!Kas QtCCsCn tDat t s tDC
QtCCsCn C! an mQtCCsC man a dtCamCt.
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OtsCD CCmCs ?C tCa CU_Dt tC ?CtK CUt a nC? _amC ?tD Dm.
1 _amC n ?DCD tDC mCVCs dC nCt a?as sta tDC samC ?DCtC tDC
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tUrCd !tCm DCt ttQ tC DUssa and s !U C! CntDUsasm. tCCDt
tCmCmDCts DC? DC taKCn tCUnd %CsCC? D tCtaKCV.
tCtaKCV sDC?Cd Dm tDC Ct and ?as QtCUd C! CVCttDn_ nC
mattCt ?Dat t ?as. Dat snt a Dad tDn_ sas tCCDt `t sDC?s
tDat tDC QaCC DCCn_s tC Dm. LnC snt QtCUd C! CtDCt QCCQCs
QtCQCtt. 1!tCt a ?DC DC addCd ``Cs DUt n tDC Cnd _Ct a Dt
ttCd C! t. CCUdnt admtC CVCttDn_ nCt dd ?ant tC. DC QCnt
s tDC ?CtC Ds sCd:Cts Ds CttCs. Ut nCt aas mnC.
_u_. Ln a DCam ?DCD sUQQCtts tDC CCn_ C! tCCDts stUd atC
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sma ?CCdCn dCnKC ?DCD C nCd ts DCad. tCCDt Das DUn_ a
ttC s_n tCUnd 1ts nCCK Cn ?DCD DC Das ?tttCn. `VCn mUst
UndCtstand t.

sr. DtCC ?CCKs a_C _aVC . m Cssa Cn a!Ka. m sUtC

6onversorions irk Breck: t o

bC rCaO t but bC nCVCr auOCO tC tC! bs CWn aCCCrO anOCn tWC
CCCasCns WbCn stCCrCO tbC CCnVCrsabCn rCunO tC t bC rCQCO
CVasVCy. n tbC CnO tCCK tbC manusCrQt aWay a_an WtbCut
bCratbCrabruQttranstCntCCK tbC !CrmC!a rCmarKtC tbC CCCt
tbat tCC CCuO nCt bC CCmQCtCy aCguttCO C! a OarstC sIyC C!
Wrtn_ lo `CCsCbC.^ya!KaCssay!CrnstanCC.ttrCatCOa!Ka
QurCy!rCmtbC QbCnCmCnaQCntC!VCW tbCWCrKassCmCtbn_
tbatbaO_rCWnsCQaratCybytsC! tbC mantCC tOCUCbCOtbC
WCrK !rCm a CCnnCCtCns CVCn Wtb ts autbCr. n tbC CnO CVCry-
tbn_ WrCtC aWays CamC OCWn tC tbC guCstCn C! essence. `CW
Wbat WCuO bC tbC CCrrCCt Way C! taCKn_ tbC QrCbCm C! a!Ka:
bC CCrrCCt Way WCuO bC tC asK: Wbat OCCs bC OC: bCW OCCs bC
bCbaVC: nO at tbC sUrt tC CCnsOCr tbC _CnCra ratbCr tban tbC
QartCuar.tWCuOtbCntransQrC tbat a!Ka VCO nra_uCnan
unbCatby mCu C! Curasts C! sC!-mQCrtant ttCrat n tbat
WCrO tCraturC Was tbC QrnCQa rCary ! nCt tbC Cny CnC.
a!KasstrCn_tbs anO WCaKnCssCs WCrC bCunO uQ Wtb tbs Way C!
sCCn_tbC WCrO bsartstC VauC but asCbs!CCbCnCss nmany
rCsQCCts. C a ]CW-bCy CnC CCuO ust as WC CCn tbC tCrm
`ryan bCy a sCrry Osma CrCaturC a mCrC bubbC Cn tbC _tt-
asC sCmC VCry ntCrCstn_ asQCCts C! bm. LnC CCuO brn_ tbCsC
Cut. LnC m_bt ma_nC a CCnVCrsatCn bCtWCCn aC zu anO tbC
OsCQC a!Ka. aC zu says: `PDO sC sCQC a!Ka yCu baVC
CCnCCVCO a bCrrCr C! tbC Cr_anzauCns QrCQCrIy rCatCns anO
CCCnCmC !Crms Wtbn WbCb yCu VC:~ ``Cs. ``Cu CantLnO
yCur Way abCut tbCm any mCrC:~ ``C. ` sbarC CCrtCatCs
yCuWtbOrCaO:~ ``Cs.`nOsCnCWyCurCCCKn_ !CraCaOCr
yCu C bCO Cn tC sCQC a!Ka. `L! CCursC suCb an atttuOC
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tCns C! usCUlnCss. n a WCCO tbCrC arC many OCrCnt KnO5 C!
DCC-trunK.rCmtbCtbCKCsttbCymaKCsbQstmbCrs !rCmtbCsC
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stuntCd OnCs tDC maXC nOtDn_ at a: tDCsC CsCaQC tDC trDuatOns
O! usCt1nCss. ``OuVC _Ot tO OOX 8rOund n 88s rnn_s as Ou
m_Dt n suCD a OOd. DCn Ou F:\d a DOC Ot O! VCr usC!u
tDn_s. DC ma_Cs arC _OOd O! COursC. ut tDC rCst s QurC mst-
FCanOn. 1ts nOnsCnsC. `Ou DaVC tO _nOrC t. iCQtD dOCsnt _Ct Ou
anyDCrC at a. iCQtD s a sCQaratC dmCnsOn ts just dCQtD ~and
tDCrCs nOtDn_ DatsOCVCr tO DC sCCn n t. O COnCudC tDC ds-
CussOn 1 tC . tDat QCnCtratn_ ntO dCQtD s m a O! traVCn_
tO tDC antQOdCs. 1n m Cssa On raus 1 aCtUa _Ot tDCrC. 1 XnO
tDat tDC OnC On a!X8 dOCsnt COmC OD tO tDC samC dC_rCC: 1 C8nt
dsmss tDC CDar_C tDat t Das andCd mC n a darstC stC O! nOtatOn.
1t s truC tDat tDC stUd O! tDC !rOntCr arCa dCnCd D raus and
n anOtDCr a D a!Xa QrCOCCuQCs mC a _rCat dCa. 1n a!Xas
CasC 1 DaVCnt Ct 1 sad COmQCtCd m CXQOratOn O! tDs arCa. 1
am aarC tDat t COntans a Ot O! rUDDsD and astC a Ot O! QurC
mstCatOn. ut 1 Cant DCQ tDnXn_ tDat UC mQOrt8nt tDn_
aDOut a!Xa s sOmCtDn_ CsC and sOmC O! tDs 1 tOuCDCd uQOn n
m Cssa. .s aQQrOaCD sDOud 1 sad DC CDCCXCd a_anst ntCrQrCta-
tOns O! sQCCC OrXs. 1 su__CstCd 7k 7e: IlLe, and
mmCdatC aDC tO ODsCrVC tDC COnLCt n DCD tDs su__CstOn
Qun_Cd . C rCsOutC rCjCCtCd LsCrs VC tDat tDs VCr sDOrt
stOr s `OrtDCss Dut nCtDCr COud DC _Ct anDCrC nCarCr tO
dCnn_ ts VauC. `\nC Ou_Dt tO stud t mOrC COsC DC sad. DCn
tDC COnVCrsatOn DrOXC O as t 8s tCn OCOCX and tmC tO stCn
tO tDC nCs !rOm Cnna.
: uus:. DC n_Dt DC!OrC ast a On_ and DCatCd dCDatC aDOut m
a!Xa. 1ts !OundatOn: tDC CDar_C tDat t QrOmOUs ]CsD !ascsm.
1t nCrCasCs and sQrCads tDC darKnCss surrOundn_ a!Xa nstCad O!
dsQCrsn_ t. `Ct t s nCCCssar tO car] a!Xa tDat s tO sa tO
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Ds stOrCs. 1t s tO DC suQQOsCd tDat suc su__CstOns C0DC C.traC-
tCd !rOm tDCm ! On DCCausC O! tDCr tOnC O! suQCrOr Cam. ut
tDCsC su__CstOns sDOud DC sOu_Dt n tDC drCCtOn O! tDC _rC8t
_CnCra CVs DCD assa Dumant tOda. rCCDt OOXs !Or tDC rC-
LCXOn O! tDCsC CVs n a!Xas OrX. C COnnCs DmsC! n tDC
6onverso:uns i:k Breck: : i :
ma:n IC Tke Triol NDaI I CCnVCjs aDCVC a CsC DC IDnRs s a
OrCaO C! IDC unCnOn_ 8nO rrCssIDC _rCVtD C! IDC _rCaI CI:Cs. C
Cams IC RnCV IDC n_DImarC C! IDs OCa !rCm Ds CVn nImaIC
C..QCrCnCC. buCD CICs arC an CXQrCssCn C! IDC DCunOCss mSZC C!
mCnIauCns nIC VDCD Duman DCn_s arC !CrCCO Dj mCdCrn !Crms
C! Vn_. nO IDCsC n !un LnO CXQrCssCn n IDC Cn_n_ !Cr a
`CaOCr. DC QCIIj DCur_CCs sCCs IDC CaOCr as IDC Cnj maD VDCm n
a VCrO VDCrC CVCrjCnC Can Qass tDC DuCR IC sCmCCnC CsC DC Can
maRC rCsQCnsDC !Cr a Ds s. rCCDI Cas Tke Tr:ol 8 QrCQDCIC
DCCR. `j CCRn_ aI IDC LCsIaQC jCu Can sCC VDaI maj DCCCmC
C! IDC 'DCRa. a!Ras CutCCR s IDaI C! a man Cau_Dt unOCr tDC
VDCCs. \OraOCR s CDaraCICrsIC C! tDs CuICCR. rCCDI nICr-
QrCIs IDC DCusC-QCrICr as QCrsCn]n_ IDC VCrrCs C! a !aI. '1Cr C! a
!amj. DC QCIIj DCur_CCs s DCunO IC _CI I n IDC nCC. s sIua-
ICn s a!Ras CVn. uI VDCrCas IDC tjQC C! QCIIj DCur_CCs Cur-
rCnI ICOaj IDaI s IDC !asCsI ~ Das OCCOCO IC sCI Ds nOCmIaDC
rCn V a_ansI IDs sIuaICn a!Ra DarOj CQQCsCs I DC s VsC.
NDCrC IDC !asCsI Drn_s DCrCsm nIC Qaj a!Ra rCsQCnOs VID
guCstCns. C asRs !Cr sa!C_uarOs !Cr Ds sIuaICn. uI IDC naturC
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rCasCnaDC. 1I s a a!8CsguC rCnj IDaI IC man VDO aQQCars IC
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IraVCn_ saCsman an ngurj aI a _CVCCnI CmCC. Cr QarIs C!
IDC ImC IDC CCnVCrsaICn CCntrCO Cn tDC sICrj Tke 7e: Iihoe.
rCCDI sajs I s a CCunICrQarI IC IDC sICrj C! CDCs anO IDC ICr-
ICsC. \nC nCVCr _CIs IC IDC nCXI Va_C ! CnC DrCaRs IDC CutCj
OCVn nIC Is smaCsI QarIs nCI CCunIIn_ IDC nCOCnIa CCCurrCnCCs.
DCn a VDCC !C s ICC sDCrI !Cr UC CunCj. uI IDC !aaCj Cs
n IDC VCrO `CnC. Cr ! IDC CutCj s DrCRCn OCVn nIC ts QarIs
tDCn tDC ttaVCCr s tCC. 1nd ! tDC unt C! !C s dCsttCCd !DCn sC
s ts sDCrtnCss. LCt !C DC as sDCrt as t ma. Dat dCCs nCt mattCr
!Cr tDC CnC VDC arrVCs n tDC nCXt Va_C s nCt tDC CLC VDC sCt Cut
Cn tDC CurC Dut anCtDCr. ~ 1 !Cr m Qart CUCr tDC !CCVn_
ntCrQrCtatCn. tDC !tuC mCasurC C! !C s mCmCr. LCCRn_ DaCR t
traVCrsCs tDC VDCC C! !C IRC _Dtnn_. 1s !ast as CnC C tur
DaCR a !CV Qa_Cs t Das ttaVCCd DCm tDC nCXt Va_C tC tDC QaCC
VDCrC tDC traVCCr tCCR !DC dCCsCn tC sCt Cut. DCsC !Cr VDCm !C
Das DCCCmC trans!CrmCd ntC VItn_ ~ IRC tDC _rand!atDCr n tDC
stCr Cn Cn rCad tDC VrUn_ DaCR7tds. Dat s tDC Cn Va n
VDCD tDC CnCCuntCr tDCmsCVCs and Cn tDus ~ D DCCn_ !rCm
tDC QrCsCnt ~Can tDC undCrstand !C.
C_ Se:emer. Dror. 1n a CCnVCrsatCn a !CV CVCnn_s a_C rCCDt
sQCRC C! tDC CutCus ndCC:sCn VDCD at tDC mCmCnt QrCVCnts Dm
!rCm maRn_ an dCntC Qans. tDC s !DC rst tC QCnt Cut tDC
man rCasCn !Cr tDs ndCCsCn s tDat Ds sUat:Cn s sC muCD mCrC
QrVC_Cd tDan tDat C! mCst CtDCr rCD_CCs. DCrC!CrC snCC n
_CnCra DC sCarCC admts tDat Cm_ratCn C DC a QrCQCr Das:s !Cr
Qans and QrCjCCts DC rCDsCs a tDC mCrC radCa tC admt t as
suCD n Ds CVn QartCuar CasC. 1s Qans rCaCD Cut tC tDC QCr:Cd
DCCnd Cm_ratCn. DCrC DC s !aCCd V:tD tVC atCtatVCs. Ln tDC
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sDCr!Cr CnC C! tDC Ui- a satrC Cn 1!Cr n tDC stC C! tDC Cnas-
sanCC DC_raQDCrs ~and tDC Cn_ CnC C! tDC Tui nCVC. Ds s tC DC
an CnCCCQCdC survC C! tDC !CCs C! tDC CCCUa-1ns ntC-
CCUas) t sCCms tDat t V DC sCt n Qar! at Cast n LDna. 1
sma mCdC !Cr tDs VCrR s arCad CCmQCtCd. ut DCsdCs tDCsC
QrCsC QrCCCts DC s asC QrCCCCQCd D CtDCrs datn_ DaCR tC VCr
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n Ds nC!Cs and ntrCduCtCns tC tDC Ierske tDC tDCu_Dts VDCD
CCCurrCd tC Dm VtDn tDC sCCQC C! CQC tDCaDC CtDCr tDCu_Dts
atDCu_D Cr_natn_ n !DC samC ntCrCsts DaVC DCCCmC CCmDnCd
VtD Ds sUd C! LCnnsm and asC C! tDC sCCnt:C tCndCnCCs C!
tDC CmQr:C:sts and DaVC tDCrC!CrC Cut_rCVn tDat ratDCr mtCd
!ramCVCrR. Cr sCVCra Cars Qast tDC DaVC DCCn suDsumCd nCV
6ooversotioos itk Breck: t t _
undCt OnC RC COnCCQt nOV undCt anOtUCt sO tUat nOn-tstOtCan
O_C DCUaVOutst tUCOt tUC nCV CnCCOQCda and tUC CttQuC
O! dCas UaVC n tut stOOd at tUC CCnttC O! Us QtCOCCuQatOns. t
QtCsCnt tUCsC VatOus Qutsuts atC COnVCt_n_ uQOn tUC dCa O! a
QUOsOQUCa ddaCtC QOCm. ut UC Uas dOuDts aDOut tUC mattCt.
C VOndCts n tUC !tst nstanCC VUCtUCt n VCV O! Us OutQut tO
datC and CsQCCa O! ts sattCa CCmCnts QattCuat tUC Tkree-
eoo 7ovel, tUC QuDC VOud aCCCQt suCU a VOtR. Us dOuDt s
madC uQ O! tVO dstnCt sttands O! tUOu_Ut. NUst DCCOmn_ mOtC
COsC COnCCtCd VtU tUC QtODCms and mCtUOds O! tUC QtOCtatan
Cass sttu__C UC Uas nCtCasn_ dOuDtCd tUC sattC and CsQCCa
tUC tOnC atttudC as suCU. ut tO COn!usC UCsC dOuDts VUCU atC
mOst O! a QtaCtCa natutC VtU OtUCt mOtC QtO!Ound OnCs VOud
DC tO msundCtstand tUCm. UC dOuDts at a dCCQCt CVC COnCCt
tUC attstC and Qa!u CCmCnt n att and aDOVC a tUOsC CCmCnts
VUCU Qatta and OCCasOna maRC att tC!taCtOt tO tCasOn.
tCCUts UCtOC ChOtts tO C_tmZC att vis-c-vis tCasOn UaVC a_an
and a_an tC!CttCd Um tO tUC QataDC n VUCU attstC mastCr s
QtOVCd D tUC !aCt tUat n tUC Cnd a!! tUC artstC CCmCnts O! a VOtR
CanCC CaCU OtUCt Out. nd t s QtCCsC tUCsC ChOtts COnnCCtCd
VtU tUs QataDC VUCU atC at QtCsCnt COmn_ Out n a mOtC tadCa
!Orm n tUC dCa O! UC ddaCtC QOCm. 1n UC COutsC O! tUC COnVCtsa-
tOn 1 ttCd tO CXQan tO tCCUt tUat suCU a QOCm VOud nOt UaVC tO
sCCR aQQtOVa !tOm a DOut_COs QuDC Dut uOm a QtOCtatan OnC
VUCU QtCsumaD VOud !nd ts CttCta Css n tCCUts CatCt
Qatt DOut_COs-OtCntCd VOtR tUan n tUC dO_matC and tUCOtCt-
C COntCnt O! UC ddaCtC QOCm tsC!. `1! tUs ddaCtC QOCm suC-
CCCds n Cnstn_ tUC autUOtt O! NatXsm On ts DCUa! 1 tOd
Um `tUCn Out CatCt VOtR s nOt RC tO VCaRCn tUat autUOt-
q Oc:oer. `CstCtda tCCUt C!t !Ot OndOn. NUCtUCt t s tUat m
QtCsCnCC OhCts QCCuat tCmQUtOns n tUs tCsQCCt Ot VUCtUCt
tCCUt s nOV _CnCta mOtC Us Va nCnCd tUan DC!OtC at a
CVCnts Us a__tCssVCnCss [VUCU UC UmsC! Cas `Da!tn_ s nOV
muCU mOtC QtOnOunCCd n COnVCtsat!On tUan !t usCd tC DC. 1ndCCd

i am struck by a spcca! vocabu!ary cn_cndcrcd by tns a__rcssvc-
ncss. in partcu!ar nc s !ond o! usn_ tnc tcrm rs:cken (!tt!c
sausa_c). in Lra_or i as rcadn_ Lostoycvskys 6rime ono 1unisk-
men:. o start tn nc b!amcd tns cnocc o! rcadn_ !or my bcn_
unc!!. 1s conhrmaton nc to!d no n ns youtn a pro!on_cd
!!ncss (ncn nad doubt!css bccn !atcnt !or a !on_ tmc) nad bc_un
ncn a scoo!!c!!o nad p!aycd Lnopn to nm on tnc pano and
nc nad not nad tnc strcn_tn to protcst. brccnt tnnks tnat Lnopn
and Lostoycvsky navc a partcu!ar!y advcrsc cncct on pcop!cs
nca!tn. in otncr ays too nc msscd no opportunty o! nccd!n_
mc about my rcadn_ mattcr and as nc nmsc!! rcadn_ Sckek
at tnc tmc nc nsstcd on makn_ comparatvc va!uc jud_cmcnts o!
tnc to
autnors. it bccamc cvdcnt tnat Lostoycvsky smp!y cou!d
not mcasurc up to asck and brccnt nc!udcd nm tnout blrtncr
ado amon_ tnc :irs:cken, on!y a !tt!c morc and nc ou!d navc
cxtcndcd to Lostoycvsky tnc dcscrpton nc kccps rcady tncsc days
!or any ork ncn !acks an cn!_ntcnn_ cnaractcr or s dcncd
sucn cnaractcr by nm: nc ca!!s sucn a ork a 1lumy [!ump or c!ot).
?_une. i as n a !abyrntn o! stars. ns !abyrntn as not cntrc!y
roo!cd ovcr. i c!mbcd, otncr starways !cd donards. Ln a !and-
n_ i rca!zcd tnat i nad arrvcd at a summt. 1 idc vc o! many
!ands opcncd up bc!orc mc. i sa otncr mcn standn_ on otncr pcaks.
Lnc o! tncsc mcn suddcn!y sczcd by dzzncss and !c!!. nc
dzzncss sprcad, otncrs crc no !a!!n_ !rom otncr pcaks nto tnc
dcptns bc!o. ncn i too bccamc dzzy i okc up .
Ln zz]unc i arrvcd at brccnts.
brccnt spcaks o! tnc c!c_ancc and noncna!ancc o! Nr_!s and
Lantcs basc attitudc ncn nc says !orms tnc backdrop to Nr_!s
majcsUc gn. c ca!!s botn N_! and Lantc romeneurs'. m-
pnaszn_ tnc c!assc rank o! tnc 7n]rno, nc says: `7ou C rcad t
out o! doors.
c spcaks o! ns dccp-rootcd natrcd o! prcsts a naucd nc nncr-
tcd !rom ns _randmotncr. c nnts tnat tnosc no navc appro-
6onversotuns irk Breckr t t
QtatCd tUC tUCOtCUCa dOCUnCs O! NatX and taRCn OVCt tUCt
mana_CmCnt V aVas !Otm a CCtCa Camat!a. NatXsm Cnds
tsC! au tOO Cas tO `ntCtQtCtatOn. Oda t s a UundtCd Cats
Od and VUat dO VC !nd: [t tUs QOnt tUC COnVCtsatOn ntCt-
tuQtCd.) `UC OtatC must VtUCt aVa. NUO sas tUat: UC OtatC.
CtC UC Can On mCan tUC OOVCt nOn.) C assumCs a Cunnn_
!utIVC CXQtCssOn Quts UmsC!! n !tOnt O! tUC CUat n VUCU 1 am
sttn_ UC s mQCtsOnatn_ `IUC OtatC and sas VtU a s sdC-
On_ _anCC at an ma_nat ntCt!OCutOt: `1 RnOV 1 our tO
COnVCtsatOn aDOut nCV OOVCt nOVCs. NC nO On_Ct tCad
tUCm. UC ta!R tUCn tuts tO QOCU and tO tUC ttansatOns O! QOCms
!tOm Vat:Ous !an_ua_Cs n tUC OOVtU VUCU Lc: orr s UOOdCd.
C sas tUC QOCts OVCt tUCtC atC UaVn_ a Uatd tmC. `I Ota!ns
namC dOCsnt CtOQ uQ n a QOCm tUats ntCtQtCtCd as a s_n O!

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6onversorions iJ Breck: t ?t
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