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Soundscape Cage: sounds heard in a particular location, considered as a whole Outer Listening Cage: sound does not have

to have meaning Active Listening Copeland: music has its own meaning. 3 planes of listening senous, expressive, sheerly musical. copeland Stravinksy music presupposes above all else a certain organization in time. It is a time based art Ontological time predictable. works by similarity. results in unity psychological time unpredictable. works by contrast. results in variety tempo the speed of music rhythm a succession of durations beat the regular pulse underlying the music meter the regular grouping of beats

rubato the stretching/contracting of certain beats syncopation stressing the weak or off beats pitch quality of highness or lowness of sound interval distance between 2 pitches tuneing pitch to which an instrument is set scale ordered arrangement of pitches melody a succession of pitches tune a simple, singable melody phrase a section of a melody motive fragment of a melody characteristics of melody motion, range, shape, form

harmony simultaneous sounding of different pitches connsonance stable dissonance unstable texture interweaving of melodic and harmonic aspects in musical fabric aleatoric composer leaves certain aspects or elements of the music to chance duration the brevity ( length) of the sound pitch the lowness or highness of the sound dynamics the softness or loudness of the sound timbre the color of sound articulation the separation of successive notes and how this is accomplished by the performer ideophones

vibrating solid material membranophones vibrating membrane chordophones vibrating strings electrophones electrical amplification strings chordophones woodwinds aerophones brass areophones percussion ideophones and membranophones keyboard various

tessitura where the vocal lines predominantly lies in the voice

weight light, dramatic.

coloratura an ornate style of signing requiring great flexibility

adequate listening stockfelt. listening based on the situation