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Kenton Sports Facility Party Booking Form

Please note full payment is required at least 7 days prior to the date of your party. If you have any questions about booking contact us on 0191 2869293 Fields marked * are optional.

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Sports Hall Full Size Castle Soft Pay on Matted area Container of Balls Gymnasium Small Castle Toys / Scooters / Hoops

Sports Party Football Basketball Tennis Netball Volleyball Badminton

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Refund Policy
1. All deposits are none refundable

Cancellation Policy
1. If cancellation is due to medical reasons which are supported by a doctor's certificate then the customer will receive a full refund. 2. If cancellation is due to Kenton Sports changing the venue, timings or content of an event then the customer will receive a full refund. 3. If cancellation is due to any reason other than 1 or 2 above then the percentage that will be refunded will depend on the amount of notice before the start of the booking that Kenton School receives of the cancellation: Greater than 3 weeks notice 75%, 8 to 21 days notice 50% and 1 to 7 days 25%. No refund will be given once the booked course has begun.