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O C T O B E R 3 1, 2 0 1 3

Md. private employers add 1,070 jobs in Sept.

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UMD ranked #1 public univ. in tech entrepreneurship

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! Md. companies "et venture deals in #rd $uarter 01#

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%overnment shutdo&n impacts

The impacts of the 16-day o!ernment sh"tdo#n are sti$$ %ein assessed, %"t &ary$and one of the states e'pected to fee$ the effect more si nificant$y. (n estimate from &oody)s (na$ytics, %ased on *0+ of federa$ #or,ers f"r$o" hed, #o"$d c"t 1 to 2+ from *th -"art state ./0 ro#th. The impact in &ary$and is d"e to the $ar er concentration of 1edera$ #or,ers, #ho acco"nt for 2.2+ of the 3tate)s tota$ #or,force compared #ith 2+ in the re the 4.3. 5n addition, federa$ #or,ers earn a%o"t 672,000 ann"a$$y compared #ith a%o"t 683,000 in the rest of the co"ntry.Learn more.

! Md. companies "et venture deals in #rd ' 01#

The n"m%er of &ary$and companies recei!in !ent"re capita$ increased to 26 in the 3rd -"arter of 2013, do"%$in the n"m%er of dea$s in the 2nd -"arter. The 26 dea$s tota$ed 61 mi$$ion, accordin to the $atest 09C&oneytree report. :ationa$$y !ent"re capita$ in!estm acti!ity rose 12+ in terms of do$$ars and 2+ in the n"m%er of dea$s compared to the sec -"arter of 2013. &ore than ha$f of the dea$s #ere ear$y and seed sta e dea$s, si na$in optimism amon the report)s sponsors re ardin ;the f"t"re of inno!ation and the !i%ran the start"p ecosystem.;

University research parks drive job "ro&th

( ne# report on the performance of "ni!ersity research par,s hi h$i hted the 4ni!ersity o &ary$and Bio0ar, and the 3cience and Techno$o y 0ar, at <ohns =op,ins as ,ey e'am of "r%an rede!e$opment efforts centered on research par,s. Based on a s"r!ey of "ni!er research par,s, the report re!ea$s that a!era e >o% ains for research par,s from 2008 to 2012 #ere 28+, #e$$ o"tperformin the economy o!era$$. ($so, start"ps sp"n o"t of "ni!e research par,s stayed in %"siness $on er than the o!era$$ nationa$ a!era e. The 2012 3" of :orth (merican 4ni!ersity Research 0ar,s #as cond"cted %y the (ssociation of 4ni! Research 0ar,s.

01# Mid()tlantic *ean +on,erence

-ov. .(! / 0imonium The &ary$and 9or$d C$ass Consortia conference is an introd"ction to the pro!en too$s and princip$es of $ean %y o!ernment for o!ernment. 5t offers case st"dy e'amp$es of $ean o!ernment %y the emp$oyees #ho did them and ans#ers to ?ho#-to@ -"estions a%o"t ettin started and ,eys to s"ccess.Learn more.

1ntrepreneur 12po -ov. 13 A *inthicum

The &ary$and Techno$o y /e!e$opment Corporation BTE/COC and partner or aniDations #i$$ host this $ar e-sca$e E'po, feat"rin dynamic conference pro rammin for entreprene"rs in a$$ sta es. <oin the %est and %ri htest of the re ionEs entreprene"ria$ comm"nity for a #ide !ariety of seminars, net#or,in and the opport"nity to pitch yo"r idea to a pane$ of >"d es. Learn more.

1conomic )lliance o, %reater 4altimore5s )nnual Meetin" Dec. 11 A 4altimore

The (nn"a$ &eetin #i$$ sho#case the s"ccesses of o"r re ion and feat"re Feynote 3pea,er and Bestse$$in ("thor, 9es &oore. &eet and net#or, #ith the indi!id"a$s and companies #ho are #ritin their o#n stories in .reater Ba$timoreG ma,in the re ion stron er, %etter and a more dynamic p$ace to $i!e and #or,. Learn &ore.

Bon"s B"$$etins H 4&/ ran,ed I1 p"%$ic "ni!ersity in tech entreprene"rship H 0ort of Ba$timore sec"rity rated Je'ce$$ent) for si'th consec"ti!e year H 3tate to he$p &ary$and contractors sec"re mi$itary pro>ects H &ary$and #e$comes p$anned (maDon faci$ity

Economic 0"$se (rchi!e

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