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Recipe: Halloween Butter Biscuits

What you need

175g soft unsalted butter


200g castor sugar 2 large eggs 1 tea spoon vanilla essence 400g plain flour

'eat into butter*sugar +i, together then mi, into butter*egg. -dd more flour if it is too stick.

1 tea spoon baking powder 1 tea spoon salt

Step by step

1. Halve the dough, form into fat discs, wrap in clingfilm and rest in fridge for 1


re!heat oven 1"0#.

$. %prinkle surface with flour, place disc of dough on it and roll out to 5mm thick. 4. &ut out shapes and place on baking sheets. 5. 'ake for "!12 mins. (. &ool on a rack then ice. 7. 2 tbsp )ust not boiling water.
$00g icing sugar sieved. +i, together to form thick paste. &olour as desired.

Makes 50-60 small biscuits.