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Transforming Perspectives on our Roles as Peer Leaders Facilitators: Molly R. & Keli T.

Date: Friday, November 1 Location: Cortelyou Commons Time: 10:50am 12:15pm

Materials: Goals: Understand difference between tutor role and other leadership roles Discuss how the ways in which we perceive our roles can influence the ways in which they are carried out Venn Diagram Activity (50) Pencils

Agenda: Introduction (3 minutes): Introduce Round Robin Facilitators Introduce Goals of Round Robin Ask attendees to state their name and involvement in peer tutoring

Explanation of Topic (3 minutes) The role of a peer tutor appears simple in theory, but in practice, tutors and the students we collaborate with are often confused by what a peer tutor actually is As tutors, we may find that our roles are loosely defined within our department and our position expectations may be implicit o Internally: our roles as peer tutors may feel similar to other leadership roles we have held in the past/currently hold o There may be some distinct differences. We may not see our peer tutoring experiences translating into other positions both now and in the future being a peer tutor may feel like being in new territory o Our peer tutoring experiences and roles may conflict with leadership roles we hold in other areas of our lives (administrator, teacher, parent, etc.) Group Activity (7 minutes) Have attendees get in groups of 2 or 3 and distribute Peer/Leader Venn Diagram activity sheet

In blank Venn Diagram, have attendees list characteristics of a peer tutor on the left, characteristics they embody in a leadership role on the other side, and ways in which they overlap in the middle

As a large group, discuss the characteristics listed by each small group

Summation (2 minutes) Identifying where the different aspects of our roles overlap can help us diffuse possible tension between them, and allows us to re-create our tutoring self (invention) and see how they can inform one another in useful ways (innovation) Further exploration of the inherent strength in these overlapping connections encourages us to move more fluidly among these roles and reconciles tension between them

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