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Sec A
Grid 1 Niche Market Specialization

Segmentation, targeting and positioning of

Toyota is one of the largest car manufacturers in the world renowned for
its Superior quality products through out the world. Besides the
conventional petrol and diesel car manufacturing, it launched a hybrid car
Toyota Prius .

This car is mainly targeted towards those buyers who were interested in
environment friendly cars. The company didn’t promote the Prius just in
any media but it focused on that outlets that were watched, read or
listened by the people concerned about the environment. It heavily
promoted the car through environmental groups and their publications.


As we can see that this car is targeted towards those people who were
interested in environment friendly cars, so we can say that these
particular product was targeted towards a specific segment. Hence we can
say that it is Niche Market Specialization. link for Toyota Prius Solar link for Toyota Prius harmony

Grid 2 Niche focus for different market


Selective/Focused Specialization
Here the firms select a number of segments, each objectively attractive and
appropriate. There may be little or no synergy among the segments, but each segment
promise to be a moneymaker. This multisegment coverage strategy has the advantage
of diversifying the firm’s risk. it is also known as differentiated strategy.

Market 1:Tata Motors Jaguar Land Rover (JLR)

Tata Motors, which is driving in Jaguar and Land Rover brands to India on June 28,
will set up exclusive showrooms in smaller towns as part of an Jaguar XF, India-
specific marketing and distribution strategy for its premium cars.

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) has lined up an array of models, many of them tweaked to
be India-friendly, company officials said. Almost the entire Land Rover range of
luxury utility vehicles, including the Range Rover and Range Rover Sport as well as
the mid-sized SUV LR Discovery 3, will make their way to India.

Market:-2 Indica V2

Incorporating the attributes of three best selling cars, Tata Indica has made its own
mark in the fierce market of motor segment. Making of Tata Indica Car with the
concept of main distinguishing features of three popular cars.
Its fully foldable rear seat has made this car more accommodating for extra luggage.

For safe and secure driving and to give proper comfort, side-impact beams, rigid
monochrome frame and child safety locks are attached to this car.

Market:-3 Tata Nano

Commonly called as “The People's Car” .Tata Nano is sleek and classy in look.
Besides of its 624 cc, 2 cylinder, MPFI high performance engine and tubeless tyres,
this magical car is comprised of many other fabulous features. Above all, Nano is the
cheapest car of the world. As Mr. Tata had also said, addressing the press at the
launch of Nano, “We have made a promise and we have kept that promise”,
reminding people of his promise to made the cheapest car.

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INTERPRETATION: Pond’s has been synonyms with skin care in India since
1947.Ponds is a brand of beauty and health care product that is produced by the Ponds
institute which is owned by the multinational company HINDUSTAN UNILEVER

For over 150 years Pond’s has helped women across world care for their skin.
Since this product focused on higher middle class women’s market segment who are
very conscious of their skin so Pond’s with its specialized products targeted this
market and as its products P1, P2 and P3 are available in the market M2 that’s why it
can be taken Pond’s as a Market Specialization.


ACC Limited is India’s foremost manufacturer of cement. Established in 1936.
ACC’s brand name is synonymous with cement and enjoys a high level of equity in

the Indian market. It is the only cement company that figures in the list of Consumer
Super Brands of India. Among the first companies in India to include commitment to
environment protection as a corporate objective, ACC is essentially a people’s brand
of cement with more than 80 per cent of sales made through an extensive dealer
network that covers every state in India. Its customer base represents the masses of
India - individual homebuilders in small towns, rural and semi-urban India. That’s
why we have taken it as a product specialization.



Airtel is India’s largest cellular service provider with more than 100 million
subscribers. It offers fixed line services and broadband services. It offers its telecom
services under the Airtel brand and is headed by Sunil Mittal.

Airtel Cellular Services:

In the early years of its existence Airtel was seen more
as a premium brand that gelled well with the lives of rich and famous but as the
competition grew and mobile services became more affordable, airtel did a seamless
transition i.e., from a niche brand to a mass brand that not only was known in all
nooks and corners of India, but also appealed to all classes in a similar fashion.
As a matter of fact, Airtel is always known to offer best
in class services to all its subscribers irrespective of whether it is a high usage
customer or not. Its has a huge networks and growing reach reach among customers.
On the pricing front airtel claims itself to be the first operator in India to lower the
tariffs for the long distance calls to a flat rate of Re. 1.

Airtel DTH Services:

With airtel DTH services Customers can enjoy internet
experience, online shopping, personalized stock quotes, news, local events and
traffic updates on Airtel digital TV and depending on the language and genre of
channels, the channel price bands ranging from 99Rs to 424Rs a month.

Airtel Broadband Services:

Airtel broadband service is considered be more organized,
better customer support Airtel has recently come up with an on-demand usage
scheme wherein the customer pays for as much as he/she uses. This makes Airtel
stand strongly against less expensive service providers like to all the
sections and income groups.

Airtel as a brand:
Airtel broad band:

Airtel DTH services: