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Brother Rice View Book 2013

Brother Rice View Book 2013

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See what Brother Rice has to offer by viewing our admissions booklet for 2013.
See what Brother Rice has to offer by viewing our admissions booklet for 2013.

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Brother Rice High School

For over 50 years, Brother Rice High School has been fostering a community of faith where each young man is accepted, recognized, valued, and challenged to grow, while “Acting Manfully in Christ Jesus.” Our success is a result of many components: A student’s hard work; parental involvement; a dedicated, caring faculty and coaching staff; and a nurturing, supportive atmosphere. Studies show that students in a single-gender setting perform better academically. They study harder, concentrate more, and are more willing to participate in classroom discussions. The dynamic learning environment at Brother Rice creates a positive attitude that remains with our students for life.


college bound

95% to 1st

or 2nd college choice

70% accepted

to University of Illinois at UrbanaChampaign

Brother Rice commits itself to preparing our students for college and beyond. Our school offers three levels of curriculum to challenge and inspire our young men: APEX/Honors, PREP, and FOCUS. Each student’s schedule is customized to challenge and strengthen the skills of that student. Brother Rice is “clearly a leader in preparing all high school students for postsecondary education.”





Accommodation Plans

At Brother Rice, we take student placement very seriously. As incoming freshmen, a student’s placement is based on much more than simply his entrance exam score. A Brother Rice representative will meet with an administrator or 8th grade teacher at that student’s school to discuss the academic ability, achievement, and study habits of each student. Junior high grades are also considered when placing a student. In addition, a student’s placement is continually evaluated while at Brother Rice to ensure the “best fit” for each student.

There are 89 students at Brother Rice that have Individual Catholic Education Plans (ICEP). We aim to accommodate as many students as possible with previous ICEP’s and 401 plans. At the beginning of each school year, the student and family have meetings with the counselor and all teachers on the student’s schedule to ensure accommodations. These students range from APEX level to FOCUS level students at Brother Rice.

1 of 2 high schools in the city of Chicago that met the ACT’s exacting criteria for rigorous core courses.

99 Illinois State Scholars

over the past 3 years— more boys than any southside Catholic school.

As Freshmen, the 2013 class had 10 students in top 5% nationally. As Seniors, that grew to 30 students (Average ACT of 30).

Having a website is more than just pictures, text and a domain. Web Development teacher Brian Barkowski ’95, takes students through every step of building, hosting and growing a website. Students learn hands on using tools like Codeacademy, WordPress, and Google Analytics. Integrating these technologies in the classroom creates an interactive and more engaging platform for students. At the completion of each school year, every Web Development student builds their own self-hosted website. Learning this technology at the high school level affords Brother Rice students the advantage of using these tools throughout their time in college and beyond.



Mr. Brian Barkowski ’95



APEX is an elite level honors program designed to guide the truly academically gifted student to his full potential. APEX students take all honors level courses, as well as a number of Advanced Placement courses, over their sophomore to senior years The average ACT score in 2013 for APEX students was 32.4 Every APEX student, as well as many students in the PREP program, was an Illinois state scholar It is common for APEX students to enter college with 20+ hours of college credit from Brother Rice classes

Personalized Response to Educational Potential (PREP) provides individual scheduling for each student after the placement exam and department review. A mixture of different level classes is available. Each course is college-preparatory and designed specifically for ACT and SAT examinations.

Our FOCUS program is offered for students that may experience difficulty in completing the PREP program. FOCUS attempts to instill better study habits and provide academic growth in order to progress to PREP level. Smaller classroom settings Specialized teachers Bimonthly progress reports and frequent parent contact 3-year program in which many students move into PREP program after 2 years


PACC/AP Course List PACC Courses AP Courses

Accounting Cisco 1

AB Calculus BC Calculus

Cisco 2 Chemistry Cisco 3 Economics—Micro Cisco 4 Economics—Macro English III English IV IT Essentials U.S. Government U.S. History European History

Physics English—Composition Psychology English—Literature
College Credit Opportunities Program for Advanced College Credit (PACC)

German French Spanish Music Theory

The PACC program consists of 10 junior and senior level courses which are accredited as college level courses. This program is done in conjunction with St. Xavier University and St. Mary’s University (MN).
AP Courses

The class of 2013 featured 26 AP Scholars (students who passed 3 or more AP Exams). Between the PACC program and AP exams, it is very common for Brother Rice grads to enter college with at least one semester worth of college credit hours. This makes our students much more attractive to colleges and passes along significant savings to their families.


Mr. Dan Panfil ’95



Academic Support

Counseling Services

In addition to helping students transition to Brother Rice and deal with the many issues of high school life, our counselors are heavily involved in guiding our students to fulfill their college dreams. Our five counselors (4 full time counselors, and 1 College Counselor) assist students and families in the college exploration process with the use of the web-based Naviance/Family Connection. Our staff helps students select a college and a major/career that are in line with their academic strengths, talents, and personal interests. This process begins freshman year and develops over the students’ four years at Brother Rice. Counselors will also guide families through the financial aid and scholarship application process.

Brother Rice offers a “Resource Center” located in the Pilon Library. The Resource Center, open to all students, features two certified teachers available for tutoring in math, science, and English during extended school hours. In addition, upperclassmen National Honors Society members offer a tutoring service in all subject areas.

300+ universities visit Brother Rice annually.

98 students awarded $12.2 million in

scholarships in class of ’13. Total number of scholarships offered was 345.

It is because of people like Dan Panfil ’95, that a shocking 95% of our graduates are attending their 1st or 2nd college choice! With Dan as a full time college counselor, he is able to develop relationships with admissions people from many of the top colleges in the Midwest and beyond. Dan educates them on our school’s rigorous curriculum and our great students, as well as our graduates on the benefits of each University. Additionally, Dan is very helpful in assisting the students in finding scholarships and financial aid opportunities to attend college.

Brother Rice High School, established by the Christian Brothers, has successfully educated young men living out the Essential Elements of a Christian Brothers’ Education for over 50 years. A Christian Brothers’ education seeks to create a community of faith where each young man is accepted, recognized, valued, and challenged to grow. Our school’s motto, “Act Manfully in Christ Jesus,” is practiced every day in the classrooms and on the athletic fields.




Br. Patrick Hayes


Christian Service

Students learn about their peers and themselves by interacting with different groups through service projects. Freshmen and sophomores are required to complete 10 hours of Christian service within the school year. Juniors and seniors must complete 20 hours—10 in each semester. There are a number of service project opportunities available throughout the school year and summer. Many students take part in a variety of projects, more than satisfying the minimum service requirement.

away the clutter to see what is really in front of us. The most common response to what a student’s favorite experience at Brother Rice, is their time on Kairos.
School Masses

Retreat programs are integrated into the freshman/ sophomore curriculum. In addition, juniors and seniors may participate in the popular Kairos retreat. The Brother Rice Kairos program is one of the longest running Kairos programs in the area. This year, we will celebrate Kairos 126 through 129. The word Kairos means, God’s time, and for four days, we get away from the hustle of everyday life and take a step back to focus on what’s truly important. During God’s time, we are able to drop our masks, and clear

As a Catholic high school, Brother Rice provides a wide range of spiritual activities for the entire community. The student body gathers twice a month for liturgical services, including the “First Friday” liturgical series. In addition to daily classroom prayer, one of our student peer ministers leads the entire school in prayer each day during announcements.

Research has proven that boys learn best through hands-on activities. As an all-boy environment, Brother Rice High School is able to tailor its instruction to provide visual and kinesthetic lessons that will enhance your student’s learning experience. The spiritual experience at Brother Rice is similar. We have our senior peer ministers lead our prayer services and freshman/sophomore retreats throughout the year. The students learn best by getting involved in service and giving back to the community. At Brother Rice, teachers like Brother Hayes are able to develop students as both academic and spiritual leaders in their class.

Excellence on the playing field and in the classroom is evident at Brother Rice. As a member of the famed Chicago Catholic League, Brother Rice has built a proud tradition of outstanding athletic achievement with 21 state championships, 132 varsity league titles, and 42 Tony Lawless Award-winners. Along with this impressive record, our students are taught to play with a strong Catholic, ethical, and moral compass.


Baseball Basketball Bass Fishing Bowling Cross Country Diving Football Golf Hockey Lacrosse Rugby Soccer Swimming Tennis Track and Field Volleyball Water Polo Wrestling



Mr. Brian Badke ’92



Dedicated Coaches

Our coaches are dedicated to success built on hard work and discipline, both on and off the playing field. Coaches encourage participation in multiple sports and activities and never pressure a student-athlete to specialize in just one sport.
Athletic Facilities

Our well-known Gary Little Stadium has new, modern “FieldTurf ” that is easier to maintain and reduces injuries to our athletes. Our athletic facilities also include an Olympic-sized swimming pool and a large, state-of-the-art weight room that is open to all students after school.
Rice Pride

For our students, “Rice Pride” means supporting our teams by attending not only home games, but road games as well. It is not uncommon for our fans to outnumber the opposition’s fans at away games! Our home athletic events are among the school’s most popular attractions. Gary Little Stadium and our main gym are always packed with the renowned “Crusader Crazies.”

For our coaches, like Head Football Coach Brian Badke ’92, winning is important, but it is secondary to building character for our young student athletes. Our coaches are role models for our young men, and take that role very seriously. Coach Badke works closely with his players to meet goals on the field, in the classroom and at home. The result is a well-trained athlete and team ready to compete at the highest level.

Academic French Club German Club Spanish Club Math Team National Honor Society Robotics School Newspaper Scholastic Bowl Intramural Sports Floor Hockey Basketball Sand Volleyball Service Key Club ECOsaders Edmund Rice Society SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions) Student Council

Social Anime Club Chess Club/Team Dance Committee Diversity Club Drama Club Fishing Club Irish Music Club Pep Band Petanque Club Politics Club Sailing Club Technology Club Theatre/Drama Club Video Game Club Spiritual Kairos Peer Ministry Liturgy Group

Brother Rice offers its students a variety of different ways to get involved. As we like to say, “Rice Pride Never Dies.” That pride is instilled not only on the athletic fields and in the student section for football and basketball games, but also in our activities, clubs, and societies. Clubs and activities also offer an opportunity for students to interact with Mother McAuley students, as a number of our clubs are shared with them.




Endless Opportunities

Brother Rice encourages students to get involved, participate, and belong. We are proud of the fact that 93% of the student body participates in co-curricular activities. Involvement in these programs helps develop leadership, cooperation, and self-direction. With 30+ clubs being offered at Brother Rice, it’s not hard to find something to be involved in.
The Crusader “Crazies”

While the “Crazies” are not an official club at Rice, it is without question the most popular experience for a student. Whether it’s home or away football, basketball, hockey, and even baseball and volleyball games, you can always count on the Brother Rice student body to be in attendance to help give the Crusaders an edge. All students are welcome and encouraged to take part in this most unique experience, where all of our students join in support of their school and friends.

Marching Band

The Brother Rice Music Program, in conjunction with Mother McAuley, offers a challenging and diverse range of music courses to students. Students are offered instruction in the following classes: Symphonic Band, Concert Band, Beginning Band, Jazz Ensemble, Marching Band, Music Appreciation, and Vocal Ensembles. This year, the band will be performing in Walt Disney World. In coming years, members of the music program will be offered opportunities to travel abroad to learn about music’s origin in Austria and the Czech Republic.

Boys from Brother Rice and girls from Mother McAuley are given the opportunity to take a wide variety of classes in the performing arts. Through music, you have a chance to see the world, as our students have traveled throughout the United States and Europe. What really makes our music department special is the people, like our Band Director Dan Briggs. In Dan’s third year he has doubled the size of the band, and breathed life into the program with his unbridled enthusiasm. Students of Brother Rice Music are a family. Whether playing in an ensemble, working on a solo, or just hanging out, they are a tight knit community that is always having fun.



Mr. Dan Briggs




Tuition for the 2013–2014 school year is $10,150. There is an additional $300 lab fee. Brother Rice offers a $750 discount for a second son in attendance, and a $500 discount is given for any additional siblings beyond that. Siblings at Mother McAuley receive a credit for $250 from each school ($500 total). Tuition may be paid in full at the beginning of the school year with a $250 discount, or families may enroll in a 10 month payment plan (July–April).
Scholarships and Financial Assistance Programs

Brother Rice offers a vast array of memorial and academic scholarships for both incoming and current students. Currently, over 30% of the student body receives some form of financial assistance from Brother Rice.
Edmund Rice Scholarship

Entrance Requirements and Placement

All incoming freshmen are required to take the High School Placement Exam on January 11th, 2014. Doors open at 7:15 A.M.; the test begins at 8:00 A.M. and lasts until noon. The date and fee ($25) is set by the Chicago Archdiocese for all Catholic high schools. No pre-registration is necessary. Acceptance to Brother Rice and placement in academic programs are based on the exam, completion of grade school, and recommendations by grade school teachers and administrators. In order to qualify for scholarships and financial aid, students must test at Brother Rice.

Any freshman that scores in the top 15% on the entrance exam will receive a $1,500 scholarship for his freshman year. Brother Rice is proud to offer over 25 different memorial scholarships, some based on need and some on merit. A few are highlighted below:
Christian Brothers Service Award

Awarded to incoming freshman students displaying outstanding service/leadership in their parish. Award ranges from $1,000–$2,000.


Tom Mikrut Scholarship

Awarded to graduates of St. Catherine’s of Alexandria School. Award ranges from $2,000–$4,500. Recipients are students that demonstrate financial need and have a strong academic background.
Brendan Murrihy Scholarship

sophomores must complete 10 hours of Christian Service each year; juniors and seniors must complete 20 hours of Christian Service.
Dress Code

Awarded to boys from Evergreen Park. Award ranges from $500–$2,500. In addition to the scholarships offered, Brother Rice offers financial aid to its families. All families are encouraged to apply (applications are available at registration and in the main office) through the PSAS service. Financial aid is based on financial need, number of students in Catholic school, and ability to pay tuition. Over $400,000 is awarded through the financial aid in amounts varying from $750–$4,000. Brother Rice also works very closely with a number of outside scholarship organizations such as LINK UNLIMITED, HighSight, Daniel Murphy Scholarship, and Standing Tall. To receive more information on all offered scholarships please visit our website at brotherrice.org/admissions or contact our finance office.
Graduation Requirements

Brother Rice students are allowed to wear the official “uniform polo” (adidas brand), found in the Brother Rice bookstore all year long. Students are always expected to be in dress slacks (black, grey, or khaki) and dress shoes. A solid color dress shirt and tie are expected for days when the student body gathers for Mass.
23-Acre Campus

State-of-the-art science wing • 2 chemistry labs • 2 biology labs • 1 physics lab • 2 computer centers 5 full classroom-style computer labs and one mobile lab featuring over 300 new computers New parking lot/entrance New FieldTurf athletic field Remodeled baseball field Completely renovated band room Remodeled cafeteria Indoor Olympic-sized pool Edmund Rice chapel Theology center/lecture hall Two gymnasiums Weight/fitness room

Brother Rice requires that all students have 24 credits for graduation. The majority of our students graduate with more than 24 credits. In addition, freshmen and



Brother Rice is fortunate to be located in a safe and convenient location on the corner of 99th Street and Pulaski Road. As a result, we are on multiple bus routes from the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) and Pace bus systems. Students receive reduced fares with student ID.

There are four main bus routes that are offered to students and are available yearly on an as needed basis. The stops on each route may vary based on ridership.
1 Western Suburb/Midway Route

The bus currently starts in the La Grange area at St. Cletus and makes stops at St. Daniel, St. Rene, St. Symphorosa, and St. Mary Star of the Sea.
2 Northeast Route

Brother Rice provides a shuttle bus between Metra’s 95th and Tulley train station in Oak Lawn and the school. The shuttle picks up the students from the train at 7:18 A.M. and 7:38 A.M. and they are at school within 10 minutes maximum. The shuttle takes the students back to the train at 3:00 P.M. There is also a shuttle option at 6:00 P.M. after activities. Registration is required. This option has become very popular with students from Orland Park, Homer Glen, and Lockport, as Metra’s Southwest line offers convenient stops in those areas.
Private Bus Service (In Conjunction with Mother McAuley): Four Routes

St. Gabriel, St. Jerome, St. Sabina, and St. Columbanus are offered on this route.
3 Southeast Route

St. Jude the Apostle (South Holland), Annunciata, St. John De La Salle, and St. Margaret of Scotland are offered on this route.
4 SW Suburb Route

Students are picked up at a couple of different locations in the Orland (St. Michael), Tinley Park (St. George), and Palos (St. Alexander) areas in the morning.

Brother Rice and Mother McAuley work together in transporting their students to and from school. We offer private bus service through Positive Connections Bus Company. After school, students on this service have the option of taking the 3:30 P.M. bus home or the 6:15 P.M. activity bus home.


Pulaski Rd.


Diverse Student Body


Brother Rice embraces its roots as a “neighborhood school”; a number of our students walk or ride their bikes to school. However, we do have many families who travel from the following towns:
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 Alsip Blue Island Burbank Calumet City Chicago Crestwood Dolton Evergreen Park Flossmoor Hickory Hills Hinsdale Homer Glen La Grange Lansing Lemont Manhattan Matteson Midlothian Mokena Oak Forest Oak Lawn Olympia Fields Orland Park Palos Heights Palos Hills Plainfield South Holland Summit Robbins Riverside Tinley Park

11 13 28

Pulaski Rd.




Pulaski Rd.

11 13


28 26 3 5


11 13

95th St. I-55 95th St.


26 24





10 24 23

I-55 95th St.
15 22 10



20 3 1


I-94 I-57

24 23



8 27



1 19 17 2 27 7 25




159th St.

23 6



1 19

14 4

Metra SouthWest Line

159th St.


17 27 17

7 25 9


Metra SouthWest Line 159th 18 St.


21 16 9 Halsted St.




La Grange Rd. I-80 Metra SouthWest Line

29 21

I-394 14 Halsted St. I-394 Halsted St.

La Grange Rd.




La Grange Rd.


Approximate bus routes. These routes change every year to accommodate our students.

M Oak Lawn Metra Stop

10001 South Pulaski Road Chicago, Illinois 60655 773-429-4300


7th & 8th GRADE EVENTS

Sunday, November 3, 2013 Sunday, November 24, 2013 11 A.M.–1 P.M.
To schedule a shadow day or campus tour on a convenient day, please visit www.brotherrice.org/admissions or contact Tim O’Connell

Crusader Clash Tuesday, November 26, 2013, 6:00 P.M. Math Competition Saturday, November 9, 2013, 8:00 A.M. 7th Grade 3-on-3 March Madness Tournament Friday, April 5, 2014

Crusader Day (7th and 8th) Monday, October 14, 2013 Crusader Day (7th only) Monday, February 17, 2014

Saturday, January 11, 2014 8:00 A.M.


Please contact Tim O’Connell ’03 at 773-429-4312 or by e-mail at toconnell@brrice.org
brotherrice.org facebook.com/brotherrice @BR_Recruiting

Design: Yellow Barn Design (Adam Middleton ’91)







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