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English II Class Syllabus

Instructor Ms. Betsy M. Schwartz Textbooks: McDougal Littell 10th Grade Literature Writers Inc. Longman Dictionary **Various novels on board approved list Course Description: This course is based on The CC State Standards for 10th Grade English. The course will focus on literature and informational text geared for the 10th grade and will include themes that deal with Self Realization as students embark on adulthood.

Course Objectives: Vocabulary Development - Students will increase their vocabulary through extensive reading and exercises. Students will learn both literal and figurative meaning as well as roots, prefixes and suffixes to help decipher unfamiliar words. Reading Comprehension - Our focus will be on informational materials related to the 10th grade curriculum and as a preparation for future success in higher education. Students will learn to read critically and expand upon the text. Writing - Students will write a variety of papers and essays from an autobiographical incident and response to literature, to business letters and a full blown research paper. Emphasis will be on applying grammar and structural lessons for effective communication. Research - Students will do a research paper on a career of interest. Students will utilize technology to research, present and edit their work using the MLA format in their final processed paper. Speaking - Each student will have an opportunity several times during the year to do an oral report or debate on a literary or news topic.

Grading Policy
All assignments must be turned in on time. Late work will be penalized by a lower grade. Work that is several days/weeks late may be subject to no credit for the assignment. It is the responsibility of absent students to obtain notes and assignments upon return to class or beforehand. Students will have one week upon return to catch up. Students are encouraged to seek out the instructor before or after school or at appropriate moments in the classroom to ask questions and clarify assignments. Grading Breakdown: A 90-100% B 80-89% C 70-79% D 60-69% F 59% and below The Grade is based on the following components: Class Assignments & Participation Reading and Projects (homework) Tests and Quizzes Processed essays for portfolio *Journal Grades will be posted to the Internet with secure access for parent and student access. READING Reading is a strong component of this class. Being an independent reader is crucial to success in college, in other classes, and on standardized tests. Each student will have a monthly reading project and are required to read at least 15 minutes nightly in that book. Students are expected to follow all school rules and act in a mature, polite, responsible manner. Students are expected to bring all materials each day to class and be seated and ready to work when the bell rings. Students will treat all persons respectfully. Students are responsible for their own learning which starts with a good positive attitude. Please feel free to talk to me immediately if you do not understand something or have any problems in class. I am here to help you succeed. I have read this syllabus and will direct any questions to my instructor. __________________________ Student Signature ________________________ Parent/Guardian Signature