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UM-Full X-com story

UM-Full X-com story


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Published by: Elothan on Aug 03, 2009
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Deep inside the mountain General Bigelow smiled when he read his new orders signed by
the President. Tonight things would work out a little different, he considered as he called
the communications officer and informed him of how things would go tonight.

He looked at the Board. The fast mover had taken a southeasterly route after reaching
land and reducing speed to Mach 3. Still too fast for the F-16 interceptors, but now he
had an ace up his sleeve. “Notify the Nest. Tell them to release the Hawk and give him an
approach vector to the fast mover”.

“Yes sir.” The communications officer also smiled. Tonight things would be different.

Area 51, Nevada, United States

Lt. Colonel Andrew Harris got his final instructions from the tower and pushed the
throttle lever to full and nearly 80,000 pounds of aircraft and fuel started to move down
the runway. After take-off he quickly reached the altitude of angels twelve, or twelve
thousand feet. Then he engaged the afterburner and the Aurora started going hypersonic.
Usually aircraft would be forbidden to reach that speeds at such a low altitude over land,
but tonight three air traffic corridors had been cleared by NORAD just for Operation
Hawk. The passengers would just have to take a few more hours to get to their
destination, Harris thought and smiled at the excuse the airports would making up for the
delay. Looking down his display unit, filled with information being beamed directly to
his craft from NORAD, he saw that the target was 500 miles away, only some minutes
away from him.

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