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Questions for Conversation

Questions for Conversation


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Questions for conversation: Family and life 1-Do you agree that older children in the family are often

parental and bossy toward the younger children? 2- Is the youngest child spoiled because of all the care and attention he or she receives? 3-What do you think about Psychology? What do you know about it? 4- What are the best ways to learn something in your opinion? 5- What are the 3 most important ingredients for a successful marriage? And a successful friendship, and successful life in general? Life and lessons 1-Which of the Disney stories do you think is the most interesting and which teaches more lessons? 2-What is one thing in life that is unchangeable? 3- Do you like things to happen unexpectedly or you prefer things that are planned? 4- What is the most important thing in life, in your opinion? 5-What are some things that you learn every day? 6- What are the happier days of your life? Explain. Love and Friendship 1- Do you have a close friend? In what ways is this friendship important in your life? 2-Is friendship a dangerous relationship? 3- Do you sometimes get hurt, disappointed by close friends? What motives or circumstances cause a friendship to terminate? 4- What are your feelings or thoughts when you know that your closest friend is in trouble or has a secret but he or she doesn’t tell you? 5-Do you know everything about your best friend? Does he know everything about you? 6-Do you see any difference between the friendship you can have with a man or a woman? 7- Is there a real difference between deep friendship and love? 8- Why is it more difficult for some people to make friends than it is for others? 9- What is it in a person that makes you love him or her? 10- do you find it more important to love or to be loved? 11- Is it possible to live without love?

12- Are there some people who can never love? 13- Has there been a period in your life when you didn’t love anyone? 14- What can make a love to die? Are these important factors in preserving love? Caring for each other Maturity Honesty Not always being together Questions for women: What is an attractive man? Are these quality important to you? Politeness and friendliness Good looks Money Intelligence An interesting personality Question for men: What is an attractive woman? Are these qualities important to you? Tenderness Beauty Intelligence A sense of humor An interesting personality Manners 1-Think of an incident in which someone was very rude to you. What did that person do? How did you feel? What did you do in return? 2- Do you feel that you have good manners? Do people think of you as a polite person? Explain. 3- What is the rudest thing you have ever done to another person? Why did you do it? 4- Does your culture have its own golden rule that people try to live by? What is it? How do people apply it? 5-What are the most important ingredients to politeness? 6-Your friend has bought a new coat, which you think is unattractive. Your friend asks your opinion of the coat. Do you tell what you really feel about it? 7- Your boss tells you about a fight he had with your co-worker. You feel that the boos was wrong and the co-worker right. The boss asks whether you agree with her or with the co-worker. What do you say? 8-You have been very upset and sad for a number of days because of a family problem. You meet a friend who asks, ‘How are you”? What do you do?

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