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Hypnosis Beyond the Trance Myth

A Special Report for Hypnotists, NLPers and the Curious
By !a"es Rolph #A$A !a"es Tripp% http://www.hypnosiswithouttrance.com/ http://hypnosiswithouttrance.wordpress.com/

The information in this report is presented to you free of charge and with the very best of intentions. Please, however, be aware that you are a responsible human being and any experimentation with the ideas presented in this report is undertaken at your own risk and responsibility. For the most part, hypnosis is safe and en oyable providing you pay attention to your sub ect!s health and safety, and even safer when you stay away from "trance! #and especially any form of regression$. Please remember that you have a duty of care when hypnoti%ing to both your client and any spectators. &f you are unsure as to how to look after your client, please seek further advice before proceeding, and remember, regardless of the advice the responsibility is still yours. 't all times when practicing hypnosis, it is your responsibility to ensure that you comply with the laws, regulations and codes of your home country, region, state or territory.

Thanks indeed are due to many, including (esmer, )raid, *harcot, )ernheim, (ilton +rickson, ,ave +lman, -ichard )andler, .ohn /rinder, ,avid *alof, 0teven 1eller, Freddy .ac2uin, Paul (c3enna, 0tephen )rooks, ,erren )rown, The 'ma%ing 3reskin, (a or (ark *unningham, -oss .effries, 0teve Piccus, 3enrick *leveland, 4rmond (c/ill, ,avid /rove, .ames 5awley, Penny Tompkin, .onathan *hase. 0pecial thanks are due to my teachers, mentors and peers 6 especially: 'nthony .ac2uin, 7endy 0ullivan, .udy -ees, 0imon /oodlad, /ary *olfer, 5ee 0mith, Tai 0hindo, ,arren 'ltman, 'mit )adiani, 8ick ,avies and 'lan 7hitton. All Ri+ht Reser,ed +xcept where otherwise stated, the intellectual property rights and copyright are retained by the author, .ames -olph, who also retains the trademark 91ypnosis 7ithout Trance:. Please do not copy any portion of this report without permission.

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& used mostly 85P based techni2ues and rounded of the session with some "trance! < and & always used the same inductions #overlapping pacing and leading. & had recently been listening to an audio recording of a teaching seminar called Hypnotic Techniques by a hypnotist named . many repetitions 4 . )ut in that moment sitting in that bar & decided to try something that & had never done before and go for a little bit of genuine hypnotic phenomena. & still do this piece.'ntroduction 'bout . no obvious signs of trance #she was talking 2uite normally at the time$. but this ust isn!t so. but the card was stuck in her fingers= #(y sub ect was sceptical and claimed it had something to do with the position of her wrist making it hard to drop the card. kind of. and had taken various trainings and read various books. when the sub ect of hypnosis came up. years ago & was sitting in 5a *oncha 7ine )ar in 5etchworth /arden *ity #where & live$. 't that time & had been practising as a 1ypnotherapist for about a year. and right near the beginning . for the first time. 8o lengthy trance induction. because for about >? seconds the sub ect #my friend!s girlfriend$ was unable to drop the card. but after many sub ects. & never elicited any strong hypnotic phenomena because & had never been taught to and wasn!t really sure how. chatting to some friends about this and that.$ 8ow. and even then those myths didn’t seem quite right to me. This piece had caught my imagination for some reason so & had listened to it on the audio over and over < and now.avid *alof #recommended listening$. )y my standards at the time it was a raging success. But the truth was I new little about hypnosis beyond the myths that I had been taught. progressive muscle relaxation$. &n my hypnotherapy practise.avid does this thing where he has delegates hold up a sheet of paper and very 2uickly sets it up so as they are unable to drop it < their fingers become hypnotically stuck 8o obvious trance induction and all done in under a minute. so naturally people where seeing me as the expert at the table. & was going to try it on a real live human being= & set up my sub ect holding my business card between thumb and index finger and then began the piece proper #making like &!d done it >??? times before. of course $@ 'nd it worked=== 7ell.

but & really think that it is time to start sharing this stuff because people have been asking me and &!d like them to have the chance to udge the value for themselves. and over the last A years & have been experimenting with hypnosis and hypnotising across a range of different contexts < in formal hypnotherapy. )ut & am getting ahead of myself because & haven!t even introduced myself yet= (y name is . from various "sticks! to amnesias and the occasional hallucination or two.ames -olph. which is part of the reason & have been hesitating in giving this information out. and & am truly delighted that you have taken the time to download this report and are now taking the time to read it= 4bviously &!m a 1ypnotist@ &t took me a while of experimenting with hypnosis before & was comfortable saying that.uring that time & reckon & have discovered some things that & think are pretty important 6 stuff that you need to know if you really want to get into hypnosis and reach the top of your game! 8ow & know that that!s a bold claim. ust look it up$. 4ne thing & have come to realise over this time is that hypnosis has little or nothing to do with "trance! or any other kind of altered state that people are "in! or "out! of or "under! in any way whatsoever. but & now can and & am= &!m also an 85Per and a (entalist #no sniggering please. which serves to underpin my understanding of hypnosis and allows me to routinely elicit strong hypnotic phenomena from sub ects without apparently doing any actual "hypnosis! at all= 'nd & am going to share the fundamentals of this model with you in this report. 1ypnosis is much more about everyday cognitive processes being drawn into what & like to call a hypnotic loop! 8ow.and many learnings & do it a lot different now and get much more consistent results. . mentalism performance settings. impromptu demonstration and educational contexts. & have also expanded out from this routine to develop a whole range of "induction6free! hypnosis pieces. & also want to make it clear up front that &!m no hypnosis guru and make no claim to be < &!m actually pretty new to this field really= 5 . over time & have built a model for this loop.

please do let me know how it has helped you=$ 6 . it has been a pleasure to see you work #ou have some great ideas and an infectious attitude to everything. but "ames has helped me understand some of the finer points of why it works and how to make it rock solid and reliable. &reland$ !"ames has the unparalleled knack to spot the leverage points that create the largest number of choices for his %hypnosis& clients with absolute minimal effort$. so you stick all their body parts to anything and everything as you springboard' (o as ) sticks even more. In my opinion. you can notice that y is happening *reat stuff + cheers "ames $ . /rofessional Hypnotist.ublin. He has turned it into a fle)ible routine that can be used at any stage of the hypnotic process.$ 1arry /uinness 6 &relandBs Premier 0treet 1ypnotist #. Hypnosis Trainer.com/$ you will be able to learn enough about my approach to experiment a little and hopefully transform your own approach to hypnosis for the better= #&f you do. author of 0eality is /lastic and creator of The 1anchurian -pproach %232’s and 4ive Training& 'nd of course it is my hope that through this report and my blog #http://hypnosiswithouttrance.arren 'ltman < 1ypnotist #5ondon.wordpress.&!m also no university professor or big6brained +instein type. 3ader )ensetti < 85P (aster Practitioner and Trainer #5ondon C3$ !I love how you can pace and lead with this stuff. C3$ #Talking about the .$ -nthony "acquin .hypnotic sticky fingers’ se2uence$ !I knew the routine worked well. but what & do have is an in2uisitive mind that ust won!t accept things that don!t fit. you are one of the few hypnotists working today with a modern attitude to both the performance and the theory behind it. and over the last few years what & have found is that virtually everything I have ever read or been taught about what hypnosis is and how it works just doesn’t ring true! 0o & have let much of it go and built some new models to explain hypnosis in a way that helps me to do it better! )ut of course it is no good to you if it only works for me < so & have been sharing bits and pieces with friends and colleagues to test out my approach. 1ere!s some of the feedback &!ve had so far: !"ames.

but sometimes it is time to move on. on the other hand. and & think you!ll benefit from it becoming part of yours. 7hen you do this and streamline your thinking and approach. This is what this report is about < the first steps taking a modern.Why should ' read this Report5 There is no should 6 if you do hypnosis as well as you wish to and are happy with what you do and what you believe. & am not claiming to be doing this single6handedly. streamlined approach to hypnosis that cuts out all the "hypno6 theology! that can hold you back. 0parrowhawk Publications$: Yesterdays liberating insight is today’s jailhouse of stale thinking! & think that it is time to challenge the hypno6myths of old and bring hypnosis fully into the E>st century. 8ow. to paraphrase )rad )lanton #-adical 1onesty. but it is part of my personal agenda. these myths all had their moment. you need to do only that which works and strip away that which doesn!t. &f. the ideas contained within will really help you to do this. For all kinds of reasons the world of hypnosis seems to be filled with myths and confusion about what hypnosis is and how it actually works 6 myths that originate from the >Dth and E?th century pioneers of hypnosis and are passed down to us through successive generations of hypnosis teachers and authors. you are looking to deepen your understanding and become a more effective hypnotist. it will make a real difference to your efficacy as a hypnotist. then there is really no need to bother. & believe that to be the most effective hypnotist you can be. 7 . because.

but & do know that none of them really know what hypnosis is 0ome may think that they know. and many of them have great "models! or explanations of hypnosis that are useful. or the experience of a powerful emotion. 0o this is my most basic definition 6 hypnosis is: The alteration of a persons subjective experience through means of verbal and non-verbal communication This definition is 43. The second key element is imagination < it is easy to perception 8 . or hypnosis to be a more dynamic form of placebo #& haven!t made up my mind yet. but none of them really know "the truth!. )eliefs are powerful in that they shape our perception and experience. but it is limited because it says nothing of how communication can alter experience. 8ow & also know that you don!t need to know < but to be your very best as a hypnotist you need to work by a set of assumptions and models that liberate and guide you to take only the most effective action. or the relief from physical cravings for cigarettes@ or whatever. and may not for some time$. Personally. 0o you may have someone experience their hand as being stuck to a table. or their name as gone from their mind. 'nd that goes for me too. To me.What -n (arth 's Hypnosis5 & have no idea how many people there are on this planet who are proficient in "formal! hypnosis. & believe there are E key elements here: 8/ The en+a+e"ent and "odification of >eliefs/ 0/ The capturin+ and leadin+ of i"a+ination/ 4ut of these two. the first is primary < it is the modification of beliefs that is the key to altering perception. hypnosis is a way of altering a person’s sub5ective e)perience through means of verbal and non+verbal communication. positive physiological changes simply because they believe they are receiving effective treatment. & consider placebo to be a form of hypnosis. This is too big an area to go into into fully in these pages. but consider for a moment the power of the placebo effect < people experience powerful.

5et me say that again: Hypnosis is the en+a+e"ent of a person?s beliefs and imagination in creatin+ for the" an altered subjective reality/ 'nd effective communication skills and techni2ues are the tools that enable the hypnotist do it. or of hypnosis being something you can be "in! or "under!. 0o. cant youF 1ow long would you have to focus on that before you really feel like scratchingF 8ow you have read this and maybe tried it out. and notice how it would feel if you did@ even if that doesn!t feel totally itchy yet. essentially hypnosis is a process of engaging people’s beliefs and imagination in creating for them a new sub5ective reality. 7hat we have here is a pure process definition < no funny states of mind necessary= 5et!s deal with "trance! now= 9 .and experience can be changed through the application of imagination. do it again with full focus #without reading it$. you can already feel the change in sensation. Gou!ll note that there is no mention of "trance! here. 1ere!s a 2uick exercise: /o ahead and imagine that you have an itch on the end of your nose.

The belief being that when a person is in that state they become "suggestible!.$. while my definition is describes a process. to answer the 2uestion you need to consider what it is that you want to achieve with hypnosis. dating back to hypnosis pioneer "ames Braid #>HDI6>JK?$.g. then the state model is ust fine. it is simply because I regularly elicit hypnotic phenomena from people without using a .The Trance Myth There is a long history. 10 . & hope that you are wondering how it is that & know this and can say it with such conviction= 7ell.hypnotic induction’ or altering their state in any particular way. muscle tone. breathing rate. and are able to chat and laugh. of thinking of hypnosis as some kind of "special state! often referred to as "trance! #or simply "hypnosis!$. &f all you want to achieve is a relaxed "trance!. and the deeper they are in that state the more able they are to manifest various hypnotic phenomena on demand. 0o whatF 7ell. then the state model becomes more of a hindrance than a help6 %because hypnotic phenomena have got nothing to do with trance!!! 8ow. skin colour changes. )ut if you want to achieve hypnotic phenomena #what & call a "new sub5ective reality’$. This theory is still by far the most pervasive in the world of hypnotherapy < take a look at the 7ikipedia definition #as at time of writing$: !"ypnosis is a mental state or set of attitudes usually induced by a procedure known as a hypnotic induction# which is commonly composed of a series of preliminary instructions and suggestions $ 8ow this definition contrasts 2uite radically with the definition & offered in the previous section: Hypnosis is the en+a+e"ent of a person?s beliefs and imagination in creatin+ for the" an altered subjective reality/ The most basic distinction is that the 7ikipedia definition describes hypnosis as a "state or set of attitudes!. The sub ects display no "trance analogues! #changes in physiology which aid to indicate trance < e. pulse rate. eye movement etc.

without any recourse to the concept of trance whatsoever Though before we do that. &t is only when its effects take us out of our everyday reality that we notice that it is happening and then we have to explain it away somehow. something must be making all that weird stuff possible= )ut the truth is that hypnosis happens every day without us realising it 6 we ust don!t notice because we accept its effects as our everyday reality. there is one last thing & would like to say about trance@ 11 . and a special mental/neurological state fits the bill ust perfectly < after all.&f you are reading this then you have probably already seen the video of hypnosis with the girl at the music festival < she is laughing and interacting with me ust as she would in a normal everyday waking state because that is what she is in Gou may also have seen the video of the guy stuck to the chair in the pub < & ask him 9you seem perfectly awake to me: and he replies 2uick as a flash 9& am: < his reply is genuine #not because & hypnotised him to believe he was not hypnotised < & didn!t$ 0o why is the trance myth so pervasive in the world of hypnosisF & believe the biggest reason is that people need an explanation for what is happening because it seems so strange and even magical. 'nd explain it we can.

you will realise that trance is ust a hypnotic phenomena #altered sub5ective reality$ like any other. ust to say.$ 8ow & use this kind of trance in con5unction with hypnosis and value it highly as a therapeutic/transformational tool. &n fact. 0o. muscle tone.Trance is Cool )efore we move to my explanation of how & believe hypnosis really works #this will be a model. & want to be clear that & am not saying that there is no such thing as "trance! or that trance is wrong. not a truth$. eye movement etc.on *hase calls relaxotherapists$ will have had experience of this #ever had finger signals disappear when the trance goes too deepF$. 'nd doing this will have a surprising benefit: &ropping the trance myth and learning 'no-trance’ hypnosis will actually make you a better tranceworker! &t!s true= The reason for this being that trance is most easily generated and managed by hypnosis. Trance is great for transforming habitual cognitive patterning and facilitating access to different levels of client "self6knowledge!. pulse rate. Gou see it has been the other way round all along < hypnosis generates trance rather than trance generating %or being& hypnosis 7hen you learn the "no6trance! process model of hypnosis that & am going to share with you. skin colour changes. & am not suggesting that hypnotherapists stop using trance where it is useful to do so. 7hat & am saying is simply that: 8/ Hypnosis and trance are not the sa"e thin+ 0/ Trance is not necessary for hypnosis )y trance & am talking about a state of turning inwards #what in 85P would be called a "downtime trance!$ characterised by relaxation and a probable shift in brainwave activity #perhaps to alpha or theta$. deep trance is actually a hindrance to hypnosis 6 hypnotherapists who utilise hypnotic phenomena #rather than what . breathing rate. but that doesn!t make it hypnosis.g. This is the kind of trance that is typically #though not necessarily$ marked by traditional trance analogues #changes in physiology < e. 12 . 4nly that you give it up as an e)planation for hypnosis and hypnotic phenomena.

& want to introduce to you the idea of Ideodynamics. &t is important to understand this because without a 2uantifiable change in reality hypnosis is not taking place. The term was first used by 7illiam )en amin *arpenter in his >JIE paper discussing the means through which the 4ui a board produced its results. 13 . we see the ideomotor effect at work in generating many classic hypnotic phenomena. may well be trance if you have a use for it=$. 4r the idea that a hand is stuck to a table6top engages the appropriate muscle action to make it so outside of consciousness. &n this paper. 's a pre6curser to discussing the 1ypnotic 5oop. a psychological phenomenon wherein physical motor6activity is generated unconsciously in response to ideas and emotions. )ut ideomotor action doesn!t account for the full range of "hypnotic phenomena!. (y understanding is that the term ideodynamics was first introduced by +rnest -ossi and . *arpenter laid out a theory that muscular movement can be independent of conscious desires or emotions. The only way to know if the process is working is if you are getting the outcome you are going for #which. &n hypnosis. -ossi and *heek use the term only to refer to phenomena associated with what is classically called the ideomotor effect. 'rm levitation is a good example 6 in response to the idea of lifting.Ne* Realities & want to stress once again that hypnosis is about engaging and leading cognitive processes in order to alter a person!s reality. which is why & use a broader model of ideodynamics when thinking about hypnotic responses. incidentally.avid *heek in their book 1ind+body Therapy' 1ethods of Ideodynamic Healing in Hypnosis. the appropriate muscles engage to make it happen outside of consciousness.

0o you may get "arm6lock! but not amnesia < for example. you are going to find that different people seem to manifest some "hypnotice phenomena! more readily than others. anaesthesia.g. amnesia. &deomotor 6 (otor system responses #e.$. and so attempt to take them into a deeper trance@ and sometimes this gambit works. when you are out and about hypnotising loads of different people.For my mind. E. 0o they may find ideomotor easier than ideocognitive. 0o let!s take trance #once again$ out of the e2uation.g. )ut if they don’t do ideomotor well but do ideosensory more easily. and for that reason any given individual will find some classes of hypnotic phenomena easier to manifest than others.ac2uin < he had the sub ect picture someone they loved and feel the 14 . etc. #The first person & saw so this was the excellent Freddy . 7ith someone who does ideomotor well.g. A. and other times it doesn!t.$. & believe that part of the reason is that people are ust different in their "cognitive styles!. for example evoke a strong emotion and then overlap to a ideomotor response.. 0o & use the term ideodynamics to cover this whole range. feeling calm etc. sticking. . many will actually be cross6boundary compounds. you can simply suggest that their arm will begin to lift all by itself. &deoemotive < +motional responses #e. and off it goes. *atalepsies. feeling happy. you can suggest a sensation of lightness. heat. because you can often "overlap! from a class that a sub ect finds easier. to a class that they find more challenging. movements$. confusion. or invite them to feel where their unconscious mind will begin the movement. hypnotic phenomena fall into A catagories: >.$. &deocognitive < mental processing responses #e.g. Please be aware that while some hypnotic responses fall clearly into one or another of these categories. &deosensory 6 0ensory system responses #e. 0o what is the differenceF Those still following the trance model may likely conclude that the sub ect isn!t deep enough for the latter. tingling. Gou can also overlap from one to another. &magine that you are trying to get an arm lift. This is worth being aware of. 1ow is this idea usefulF 7ell.

& would like you to bear this broader concept of ideodynamics in mind when we look at the hypnotic loop. sensory. emotive or cognitive effect. 5ets look at the loop= 15 . because part of that loop is a physiological response. &!ll say no more on that for now. *hanges in these areas are changes in physiology #though perhaps & should use the term neurophysiology so as to rule out confusion when considering the emotive and cognitive areas$. then link that in to the hands locking together. you will seriously limit your success. 'll & will say now is that you can massively increase your flexibility as a hypnotist by learning to tailor your suggestions to match peoples preferred channels #L'3 being most important$. and it is this which produces the motor. +xcellent stuff=$. 'll of this stuff is useful in developing your flexibility < if you only have one way to approach things.ustatory & am not going to say much on this because there is so much written elsewhere about it in the 85P #8euro6linguistic Programming$ literature that a 2uick google search will turn up more than you need to know #search for L'34/.associated emotions. There can be a whole world of difference in response between 9feel that arm lifting: and 9see that arm lifting:. and don!t believe everything you read$. & will briefly mention the concept that people mentally process across I channels #called "representational systems! in 85P$: @isual Auditory $inaesthetic -lfactory . 7hile & am on the sub ect of people responding differently due to their cognitive styles.

The four key elements here are: 16 .'ntroducin+ the Hypnotic Loop )efore we go any further. but practically speaking how does it all workF &t is my belief that the most fundamental mechanism of hypnosis is what & call the hypnotic loop & also believe that whilst most hypnotists don!t consciously think about the hypnotic loop in the terms that we will use here. 4nce they have that belief. To do this we need to generate within our sub ect a hypnotic loop: A hypnotic loop is a circular process #feedback loop% that consists in a selfAperpetuatin+ loop of belief# imagination# physiology and experience/ (ll hypnotic phenomena are generated out of hypnotic loops The aim of the hypnotic loop is to model the ideodynamic process of hypnosis in such a way as practically aid us in making cool stuff happen. please take a moment to refresh yourself with our basic #trance6free$ definition for hypnosis: Hypnosis is the en+a+e"ent of a person?s beliefs and imagination in creatin+ for the" an altered subjective reality/ 7e!ve talked briefly about ideodynamics. This e)perience of stuckness becomes their new sub5ective reality. 0o lets get to it@ 's you will remember. 0o to start with lets see how the hypnotic loop model relates to a practical example: &magine that we want someone to experience an altered sub5ective reality < we want to stick their hand to a table6top= To do so we need to engage their cognitive processes in such a way as they come to believe that their hand is stuck. which confirms or even reinforces the initial belief < and so it loops back round. our aim with hypnosis is to engage and manipulate the sub ect!s beliefs and imagination so as to create for them a new temporary or permanent reality. their imagination generates a physiological response that simulates stuckness. all good hypnotists understand it at least intuitively < because you probably need to understand it to be a truly effective hypnotist.

. A. 7ithout getting into to much detail. 'lthough belief is the prime driver. 7e!ll come back to it again later. but before we do &!d like to talk a little more about belief and share with you another simple model. to create an e)perience which confirms/reinforces belief. E. can you already see how this model could be useful to you as a hypnotistF To begin with.>. 17 . so we could begin with imagination. which & believe can aid our thinking. )elief &magination Physiological -esponse +xperience Belief drives imagination.. That!s the first look at the hypnotic loop. it presents four points through which you can enter the loop. which modifies physiology. ensuring we pay attention to all the elements. we don!t always have to enter at that point. or with leading experience by directing focus. or pacing physiology experience. 7e can also start to be aware of loops as they are taking place < through this awareness we can guide the loops toward the outcomes we #including the sub ect$ desire.

the Prover proves. 9The Thinker can think about virtually anything. &t operates on one law only: 7hatever the thinker thinks. or that the +arth is floating in spaceM comparative religion and philosophy show that the Thinker can regard itself as mortal. as immortal. belief is the fundamental driver 6 our primary ob ective as a hypnotist is the engagement and modification of belief. the human mind behaves as if it were devided into two parts. the Thinker and the Prover.: #-obert 'nton 7ilson. as both mortal and immortal #the reincarnation model$ or even as non6existent #)uddhism$.e a plausi>le reason *hy *hat is happenin+ is actually possi>le… 18 . and this can be a useful entry point into the loop$. 1istory shows that it can think the earth is suspended on the backs of infinite turtles or that the +arth is hollow. &t can think itself into living in a *hristian universe. The Prover is a much simpler mechanism. The reason being is that people always reflexively imagine #or perceive. and even think itself well again. if you prefer$ that which what they truly believe to be true #although they can also imagine that which they disbelieve also. or a 8a%i universe < among many possibilities. 's psychiatrists and psychologists have often observed #much to the chagrin of their medical colleagues$. a scientific6relativist universe. 'nother way of thinking about this is to use the model of the Thinker and the Prover: 's . understand this: &f you are going to have someone believe in the alternative sub ective reality that you wish to lead them into@ …they need to ha. a (arxist universe. the Thinker can think itself sick. PEI$ 7hat 7ilson is talking about here is how human beings prove their beliefs as truths < even going as far as to alter their physiology to do so. Reality and the Bi+ Because 7ith the hypnotic loop. 8ow. /rometheus 0ising 6 E??I 8ew Falcon Press.Beliefs.r. 's a hypnotist it is essential to understand this and to develop the key skill to of being able to engage a sub ects beliefs on many levels.5eonard 4rr has noted.

e. please remember the importance of establishing the big because. their /rover will be sure to prove that it!s not. or because of a "special state of mind! 7hatever reason you choose from a practical perspective #though not necessarily ethical$ doesn!t really matter. because of the power of *hrist. this is something & really believe #you may wish to google 9the map is not the territory$.er you ha. +ssentially people need a because < i. so long as it is plausible to the sub5ect. 7hen doing hypnosis. Belief in you as the BHypnotist? C that is. because it sets the frame for the whole .e na"ed it as >ein+% 2. this is possible because the hypnotist has powers. because they will be uncomfortable telling "lies! to their sub ects. 'nd by the way@ %this is where the trance myth can be really useful! 8ow. because of chi energy.onathan *hase and 'nthony . a lot of hypnotists will need to keep on believing in the trance myth. because of voodoo. & often refer to this reason #whatever it may be$ as the big because .@because if they think it is not possible. Gou are looking to get the sub ects "buy6in! because without it you really have nothing. 7hen you learn to set up the big because with subtlety and finesse 19 . >elief in your s)ills and co"petence/ &t is not enough that someone believes your big because if they don!t believe in you= The easiest way to deal with part E is to believe in yourself < believe you are The 1ypnotist= This is a point much emphasised by leading contemporary hypnotists such as . the overarching reason that makes everything else possible. but consider this: )othing that you offer as a big because is a lie# it is simply a way of thinking about things *a metaphor# if you like+! 'nd & am not being cute here.ac2uin #& thoroughly recommend their works < see the recommended reading at the end$.hypnotic interraction’ #whether overt or covert$. 'nd be aware that this "buy6in! operates on E levels: 8/ Belief in the process #Bhypnosis? or *hate.

.D 7hen doing hypnosis. but often it is because by the sub ects current belief system. 7ithout this skill you will be close to nowhere AN& -N( M-R( TH'N. you!ll often find that with the same sub ect you can get certain phenomena but not others. some of the altered realities are plausible #believable$ and some are not. 4ften you ust need to make some small ad ustment so as to engage their beliefs towards your outcome. lets get back to that hypnotic loop= 20 . http://hypnosiswithouttrance. but & will endeavour to teach at least some of it on the blog.com/ 4. you will be a good way there to becoming an excellent hypnotist. & have a process of linking and escalating hypnotic phenomena which & call the hypnotic ladder There is no space to go into this here. and there may often seem to be no rhyme or reason to this.3. But there is 0ometimes it will be ust that you managed the loops badly.wordpress. 0ometimes you have to introduce new beliefs into the system to make things work.#though these are not always necessary$.

for the full "hand6stick! tutorial. because it is beyond the scope of this report$ & have set the frame for the specific hypnotic work. thus generating. then do a few simple. 7hen setting up a big because. 4nce & feel that they are "believers! & will then say something like 9let me show you something really interesting@ this is not hypnosis as such but will give you a good insight into how hypnosis works@: Through my actions #mind tricks$ and indirect suggestions #& can!t go into the languaging here. 1ere it is again: . let!s move beyond the theoretical and into the practical. belief is key < we want to get the Thinker to think what we want it to think= 7hile the Hypnotic 4oop model is essentially modelling the same process as the Thinker8/rover.elief fires and shapes the imagination.A Practical Loo) at the Hypnotic Loop 0o as we have discussed. & will often do it subtly and indirectly #i. *hich creates the ne* eEperience C and the *hole thin+ is *hat creates and "aintains the altered subjective reality/ 'nd the really cool thing is that the newly created experience feeds back into the belief system #because it provides evidence to support the belief or modify it further$. 't this point & am engaging their beliefs in what & can do. strengthening and perpetuating the loop. The three becauses & use mostly are "hypnosis! #whatever they think that is$.wordpress. self working "mind tricks!$. it has in it more detail that is useful to us as hypnotists. *hich in turn tri++ers the physiological response. so the hypnotist has the  21 . please visit the )log at: http://hypnosiswithouttrance. & may mention that & am a hypnotist.e. To understand this 1ypnotic 5oop better.com/ Bi+ BecauseD 7e need to give the sub ect a reason why this is going to happen #although we won!t have told them it is going to happen yet$.  Belief C Loop 8/ The frame is set. 7e!ll use the example of sticking a sub ects hand to a table6top. "energy! and "the power of the mind!. This is ust an outline description.

#&ncidently. (Eperience C Loop 0/ The experience of stuckness becomes more complete. while you do not possess any special powers. & never push this overtly. it can be very useful if the sub ect believes that you do.       'nd so the loop continues so long as nothing happens to break it. but & don!t always discourage it either until afterwards. the sub ect does that for themselves 6 you 5ust run the process that sets up and maintains the loops. at which point & make it clear that everything that happened was due to the power of the sub5ects own . 'nd here is one of the primary keys to understanding hypnosis: (s a hypnotist it is your job to set up# maintain and manage hypnotic loops for the subject Gou do not have any magical powers and you do not directly create the sub ects altered reality. '"a+ination C Loop 0/ The imagination is further engaged.inner mind’. Physiolo+y C Loop 8/ 1is physiology responds by firing the appropriate neural pathways and altering muscle tone in such a way that simulates what is imagined. This is an empowering gift to give someone < do good things with your hypnosis always. Belief C Loop 0/ The experience of stuckness compounds the belief in the possibility. Physiolo+y C Loop 0/ The physiology responds more powerfully. and starts to morph it into a belief that it is happening.sub ect place his hand on the table and sets the conditions so as the sub ect begins to entertain a belief that their hand may be beginning to stick #this is done with a mini loop using pacing and leading language < see the full tutorial for details$.$ 22 . (Eperience C Loop 8/ The sub ect experiences a little stuckness.  '"a+ination C Loop 8/ The sub ects mind imagines what it would be like if it were sticking so as to either confirm or deny the possibility.

com/ Thinking about this now. you can become much more precise and effective as a hypnotist because you can monitor the loops to know where you need to make ad ustments to strengthen.The Po*er of 2nderstandin+ The Loop 7hen you start to understand hypnotic loops and how to generate and maintain them. maintaining and modifying loops effectively and efficiently. you!ll need to work up a few skills for setting up. 'nd there is a good chance that you get the trance but the responses that it is supposed to facilitate ust don!t happen #"cause the loops for those responses were not set up properly$. &!ll be teaching as much as & can about this on the blog: http://hypnosiswithouttrance.wordpress. perpetuate or modify them: Ta)e care of the loop and the hypnosis ta)es care of itself )ut if instead you are relying on "trance! then you will miss all the detail while you focus on whether they are displaying "trance analogues! or not #or rely on hoping for the best$. can you already imagine how this will make a difference to you and your hypnosisF 23 . 's a hypnotist. & highly recommend that you study this concept of hypnotic loops and find out where it takes you < have a mind for taking care of all the elements= To do this. monitoring.

but & will be teaching much of this on the blog by various ways and means.$ey S)ills for Mana+in+ Hypnotic Loops To manage loops effectively you need to be able to do four basic things:     0et up loops (onitor and (aintain loops Transition between 5oops *lose loops &n doing these things there are a number of skills that are necessary and/or desirable to possess. 7herever you are. though you will probably be aware of areas where you can tighten your game. and these skills are learnable by all.irecting 'ttention &f you are an effective hypnotist already. you will possess all of these skills to some level. & am talking about such things here as:         +stablishing and (aintaining 'uthority and *onnection 0ensory 'cuity 5oop Thinking and Perceiving 5inguistic Pacing and 5eading 0kills 5inguistic 5inking 0kills 0eeding &deas /iving . &t is beyond the scope of this report to cover these four areas individually or to go into teaching the skills. For now. 24 .irections and 0uggestions #direct and indirect$ 1olding and . the blog is there to be a real resource for your development. to give you an idea of some of the more important skills. &f you are ust starting out. get learning and get practising.

&!ll also be doing a full "hand stick! tutorial to demonstrate more fully the principles of working with hypnotic loops.com/ where &!ll be going into a lot more practical detail in the video tutorials.hypnosiswithouttrance.wordpress.com http://hypnosiswithouttrance. not only of the material covered in this report. &f you have any feedback or 2uestions for me about anything in this report. (uch of what we have covered here is theoretical.wordpress. 'nd & am especially keen to hear ho this material is working for you= (any thanks for reading= !a"es Rolph Hypnosis Without TranceTM amesNhypnosiswithouttrance.com/ &f you have received this report by any means other than signing up for it. but also covering additional areas such as the hypnotic ladder and hypnotic focus.com @and make sure you sign up formally= 25 .What (lse and Where NeEt5 & hope that you have got real value from this short report. and that it has got you thinking about taking a modern approach to hypnosis and doing some fresh thinking and taking your understanding and practise of hypnosis to a new level. please visit http://hypnosiswithouttrance. but is not ust theory for theory!s sake. please do email me or leave a comment on the blog. to ensure that you get all future updates please do visit@ http://www. & hope it will have wetted your appitite to find out more about how this stuff works in practise < if so.

avid *alof .onathan *hase .udy -ees.Reco""ended Readin+FListenin+ The following books have all bar two been highly influential to me in developing my skill and approach as a hypnotist. The reason & have included these is that both 85P and *lean language are two disciplines that have shaped my approach massively. and 9lean 4anguage by 7endy 0ullivan and . and these & believe are the best introductions to the two fields respectively.yes Hypnotherapy 1onsters < 1agical (ticks 0eality is /lastic 9lean 4anguage -ichard )andler -ichard )andler )avister and Lickers .ave +lman 0tephen 1eller 'nthony . and it is for that reason that & recommend then.ac2uin 0ullivan O -ees 26 . Please be aware that there is no need to read any of this stuff to understand my approach. but all of them are cracking reads and full of excellent information #not all of which & agree with=$. The two that have not are Teach Gourself 85P by 0teve )avister and -manda 3ickers. Time for a 9hange 0ichard Bandler’s *uide to Trance+formation Teach #ourself :4/ Hypnotic Techniques %-udio& 2on’t 4ook in His .

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