I will discover the secret of Life

By Mary Shelley Characters: Victor Frankenstein, Elizabeth and The Monster

My dear Elizabeth loved me very much.She was beautiful. .Introduction • I am Victor Frankenstein.I was born in 1810 in Geneva. My younger brother William was born when I was twelve years old.My father and mother loved me very much and my early life was happy.But I have a secret I discovered the secret of life.

I will discover the secret of life .

• It’s alive!!! • It’s alive!!! Ag!!! .

• Let me go because the laboratory is on fire .

The monster and Victor ran and they saved their lives • Ag! .

what are you doing here? I’m here because you fainted in the laboratory .Victor woke up in a strange bed and he saw Henry Clerval • Henry.

The monster saw a house and he went into the house. Some time later he went to Victor’s hometown. .

Love. It said My dear Victor: Your brother William is dead.A feew days later Victor received a card. Your father .

Victor went to the mountains to relax .

Victor saw a person in the mountain • • • Oh! No! The Monster is alive. He didn’t die in the laboratory. You are Victor Frankenstein .

The Monster wanted Victor to create a woman and Victor created a woman .

But Henry Clerval killed the woman Monster and the Monster killed Henry .

On their wedding night Victor and Elizabeth went to a hostel .The Monster saved Victor and Victor and Elizabeth got married.

Elizabeth was in a room and Victor was behind a door and he had a gun. He went to her room and Elizabeth was dead . Victor didn’t see the Monster but he heard Elizabeth.

Vicor went to the North Pole and he saw the Monster. The Monster was burning to death. .

I am Victor Frankenstein and I didn’t discover the secret of life I destroyed one life .

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