The Modus Operandi of Demons.

Christians are called upon to fight the good fight of faith by resisting the devil‟s deception, temptations, accusations, and attacks. We should use all the spiritual weapons at our disposal – especially faith in the crucified and risen Christ, prayer, and the sword of the Spirit (1 John 5:4-5; Rev. 12:11; Jas. 5:16; Eph. 6:17; Heb. 4:12). Sadly, many believers disregard these methods of spiritual self-defence, and resort to unbiblical forms of deliverance like, among others, exorcism. They argue that compulsive bad habits in a Christian‟s life are caused by demons, and that these habits can only be eliminated by the binding or casting out of the demons that are allegedly at the root of sinful behaviour. What does the Bible say about Satan, listen to Ezekiel 28. [cincopa AAMAmFLP1dkK]

The Modus Operandi of Demons – Scriptural Evidence
Scriptural evidence, however, is completely against the idea of a Christian having a demon inside of him. It borders on blasphemy to state that a Christian who is born of the Spirit, one in whom Christ has come to dwell, can at the same time have an indwelling demon. “If the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed” (John 8:36; NIV). Only unsaved people can become demonpossessed. Christians can certainly be deceived by demons, particularly if they are ignorant of certain biblical truths, but they cannot be possessed by demons. Demons are often wrongly equated with sin, even to the extent of calling them by the names of certain sins. Even when Scripture refers to a “lying spirit” (cf. 2 Chron. 18:22) it is telling us the nature of that spirit and not its name. All demons are lying spirits because they proceed from Satan who is the father of lies (John 8:44). There is no biblical evidence of the existence of demons of lying, demons of seduction, demons of greed, demons of lust, or demons of anything else that would indicate that they are the embodiment of specific sins. Satan and his demons are operating in the extrasensory, spiritual realm from where they unleash vile thoughts and evil suggestions like fiery darts upon their victims (Eph. 6:16). These thoughts or influences enter the person on the level of his subconscious mind without revealing their origin and then suddenly occur to him as his own thoughts. If they are accepted and heeded the victim has been successfully deceived to believe spiritual lies, or tempted to commit moral sins. For this important reason, every thought that occurs to a believer should be brought into captivity to the obedience of Christ (2 Cor. 10:4). If the thought does not comply with Scriptural principles it should be resisted and rejected. This is the way in which ideas, which all emerge from a specific spiritual realm, should be tested (1 John 4:1). Thoughts which come from God through

zeroes in on a particular target with the express purpose of deceiving or harassing him. Decisions which emerge from Satan‟s sinful suggestions obviously give rise to sinful acts. demons can manipulate our reactions and behaviour patterns. if the devil can convince us that . For example. when a demon. Reg Bendixen (The Christian and the Demon World. Paul warned an entire congregation against this very real danger: “But I am afraid that just as Eve was deceived by the Serpent‟s cunning. Each time we read a newspaper or magazine. But thoughts which come from the devil will darken your mind. By deception. like a sniper in wartime. who do not believe. With the access which he and his demons have to people‟s minds he strives to keep them in the dark concerning the truth of the gospel. but that was not a demon which entered him. This assault is both general and specific. The moment they start believing some of the deceptive teachings of Satan. spiritual clouding gradually sets in. The fiery darts of Satan have access to the mind of a believer. eccentric people abide by a strict moral code. Satan merely capitalised on Ananias‟ desire for personal gain by filling his heart with the idea to lie to the Holy Spirit. who is the image of God.His Word and the working of the Holy Spirit will give you enlightened eyes of the mind and lead you on ways of righteousness. watch a film or listen to the radio. whose minds the god of this age has blinded. we are receiving a blast from the Satanic master-mind. 1974) says: Of course. and this is pounding all of us all the time. The very atmosphere we move in is charged with the evil presence of Satan. Peter said: “Ananias. For instance. induce you to reject Christ and His gospel. and he prefers to act in spiritual darkness where people have very little or no discernment between truth and error. Satan is the ruler of darkness (Eph. speaking of the fashion of this world which is to follow the „prince of the power of the air‟. A demon is able to control or manipulate the behaviour of an individual believer in the degree to which he can deceive him. The words which Ananias spoke were his own inventions stemming from the flames of covetousness which Satan had fanned in his heart. If that were the case. it is veiled to those who are perishing. should shine on them” (2 Cor. and instil evil passions in you. But we must understand very clearly that the effectiveness of their assault against us lies solely in their ability to deceive us. or atmosphere. Even though demons cannot possess Christians they are nevertheless very real and are actively engaged in attacking us. Then there is the individual attack. He prevents them from seeing the light. lest the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ. 6:12). 4:3-4). to which he readily agreed. Satan influenced him to lie. as the original Greek implies. there is at the moment an all-pervading trend towards immorality and permissiveness which urges us to believe that only old fashioned. 11:3). Peter would have cast the demon out. forms convictions. why has Satan filled your heart to lie to the Holy Spirit?” (Acts 5:3). your minds may somehow be led astray from your sincere and pure devotion to Christ” (2 Cor. Paul says that the minds of unsaved people are completely darkened by Satan: “If our gospel is veiled. and takes decisions on how to express himself. we do not for a moment suggest that demons are not real. or that they do not attack Christians. In a very clever way he also tries to darken the minds of believers who are already saved and are walking in the light. and we would have to separate ourselves right out of the world to escape his influence. and therefore also to his “heart” where he contemplates different thoughts. Ephesians 2:2 gives a graphic description of this.

speaking lies in hypocrisy. It is crucial then for the church to understand what God has revealed about these enemies. seared as with a hot iron. The teachings of demons are false doctrines taught by errorists whose views are instigated by demons. 6:12). But God‟s spiritual enemies do not directly confront their victims with error. friend who has no serious relationship for dating a man who is not a doctor. some people will abandon the faith (cf. That is why he is under her nose. he can to that extent control our behaviour. you have a real woman! GOD blesses you and your family. Meanwhile. having their own conscience seared with a hot iron” (1 Tim. 4:19). This is Satan‟s standard operating procedure (cf. Mr. we will be overcome by guilt feelings and react accordingly. Eph. “I did not go to school to become a dr. Satan dwells in the realm of lies and deceptions. quoting Bravo. and our relationship with Jesus will be clouded. We will become depressed and discouraged. giving heed to deceiving spirits and doctrines of demons. “Women have been socially conditioned in this society to believe that the measure of a man is a “paycheck” or degrees or status”…my cousin receive flak from her fellow Dr.” She doesn‟t want that guy right under her nose. 2 Cor. In latter times. In his comment on this scripture. That is why it stays a dilemna forever. There a few out there. That is why she can‟t find a man. She will want him when it is too late. Duane Litfin says the following in The Bible Knowledge Commentary (1983:739.” Paul refers to the key role of false teachers who are used by deceiving spirits to spread lies and destroy people‟s faith: “Now the Spirit expressly says that in latter times some will depart from the faith. which Paul viewed as still future though casting their shadow already. 1 Tim. And that is why he is under her nose. It is more often due to the conscious strategies of God‟s spiritual enemies (cf. In this condition they are ready to do Satan‟s bidding. hispanic women. or when he doesn‟t want her at all. He selects likely representatives and renders their consciences beyond feeling (cf. Instead they work through hypocritical liars. in the area in which he has not recognized the truth of the work of Christ in him. I just want a man that is decent and treat me nice. Her answer. How can she be with a guy she doesn‟t want? There is no easy solution for this dilemna. 4:1-2). She wants someone else. edited by John Walvoord & Roy Zuck): “As the repository and guardian of the truth. the church must be aware of the strategies of the truth‟s enemies. J. and when we believe his deceptions. it is obvious that white women. … Scripture clearly indicates that all the problems of a believer lie only in the area of his darkness. and asian women get it…” . they still don‟t get. his ignorance and his unbelief. radio shows. 1:19) to follow after the false teaching of deceiving spirits and demons. Eph. to just date a dr. … According to this teaching the situation will degenerate as Christ‟s return approaches.we are not washed in the blood of Jesus.” I love my cousin for this! “With all the e-mails. 11:13-15). Spiritual error is seldom due to innocent mistakes. and books on why black women have so much trouble with men. tv shows.

Black people are the only race that did not come to the USA by choice. By the time Mr. She saw my potential and said if I remained a security guard it wouldn‟t have mattered one bit ( I only started my ebay store 5 yrs ago) because I was what she prayed for and needed in her life. We (black folks) got it from here on. Stolen or Strayed. And now I own one of the largest and fastest growing ebay stores ever ($790. 1. . (same hospital) …. Who are the head of households in most black families? The women. Some of her friends scoffed at us at first but now all are either divorced and lonely or never found happiness. When we married I was a security guard and she was a Dr. she‟s on call tonight. Their plan is so good they have to do very little to keep it going. stank attitude and disrespectful to black men. My wife just said to tell you all Hello for her. I‟m still loving and growing with MY WOMAN in Frisco. In the Christian faith man is the head. Bill Cosby stated in his 1968 documentary. if this is to long many readers will lose focus My wife is 4 yrs older than myself. This behavior is NEVER demonstrated to white men. Two however have married friends of mine and we‟re all living similar lives (Coincidence I‟d guess) If your reading this you can have the same. Cosby was able to negate some of the stereotypes in 1992 with The Cosby Show many black families have been obliterated.. Out of sync with the GOD many of us have embraced. A man to love her fully and truly without hang ups only a big heart never mind a big paycheck. Black History: Lost. The media (white man) has done a wonderful job on us. The most effected means to wipe out a race is destroy the family. However. Flowers good laughs and my honesty won her over. Therefore we did not come with a plan or any unity. the constant attack in the media was on the black man.000 last year and growing) in its short history. 4. This is not to say men are better and/or women are less. We‟ve had 3 vow renewals and 2 of the best most well adjusted kids. I could go on with the many factors on why we/black women don‟t get it. neck swiveling. most black women will never get it. 20 yrs and many great laughs plus 1000′s of hot steamy nights and days later. She‟s still a Dr. 2. 3. We were brought here under the guise of Christianity (there interpretation). The media has black women believing that strong is loud.Anonymous.

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