REMOTE VIEWING THROUGH THE EYES OF ANOTHER REMOTE VIEWER Remote viewers at Hawaii Remote Viewers' Guild are

trained to obtain primarily visual data. We train our sub to put the data on what we call "Blackboard"- an area o our visual perception when we close our eyes. !n this e"ercise #ick's class was workin$ a tar$et. %s the students worked& #ick positioned himsel so that he could not see what any o the students were doin$. He was in the same room& but all o the viewers were behind him. 'his was done in real time. 'he students worked their sessions& and #ick looked on Blackboard. %s they worked& #ick "ta$$ed" the ima$es bein$ perceived and drawn by the students. !t is actually (uite simple. He went into the )d$in$ position& lookin$ on Blackboard& and cued his sub with the intent to put up ima$es bein$ seen and sketched by the students. Here are some o the results. * the in inite number o thin$s the viewers could have drawn in their sessions +and the drawin$s are (uite varied, #ick was able to "ta$" these ima$es. !n e ect he remote viewed what the students were remote viewin$.

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