Madeleine Deschamps Turcotte (b.

1859) Heroine of the 1885 Resistance
Madeleine was born at St. Francois Xavier, the daughter of Jean Baptiste Deschamps and Isabelle enr! dit "ller!. She married #oel or #apoleon $urcotte %b. &'(&) son of Jean Baptiste $urcotte and "ngeli*ue +a*uin on Ma! ,, &''- at St. Ignace, .illow Bunch. #apoleon was born in &'(& at $urtle Mountain %#orth Da/ota). is father, Jean Baptiste $urcotte and grandfather 0ital $urcotte were both signators of the &'12 $reat! of the $urtle Mountain 3hippewa Band. Madeleine4s husband and her father were both active in the 5esistance. was married to 5esistance activist Fran6ois 0andal. er sister

"fter the fighting ended Metis and Indian families fled in all directions7 north, west, east and south to #orth Da/ota and Montana. B! &'',, there were an additional &88 Indians $hese increases resulted in part from 3hippewa and and 2-8 Metis living at $urtle Mountain, #orth Da/ota. Metis who came to $urtle Mountain after having participated in the second 5iel 5ebellion. .ith 5iel4s defeat and death, and in man! cases because the! had lost land in Manitoba, these people returned to $urtle Mountain as a place of refuge.& For these refugees, the timing couldn4t have been worse, due to severe winter storms and summer droughts &(& people at $urtle Mountain died of starvation during the winter of &''9:&'',. "fter the &''( battles the $urcotte4s were one of the families that moved to $urtle Mountain 5eserve. $he! are included in the ;ctober &'12 Mc3umber 3ensus of the $urtle Mountain 3hippewa alf:Breeds. ;n the &18< voter4s list of Mi=ed Bloods off the 5eservation #apoleon appears as > <(' %Band > &8&2). It is believed that the! lived in the Dunsieth area.

3ompiled b! ?awrence Bar/well 3oordinator of Metis eritage and istor! 5esearch ?ouis 5iel Institute


Stanle! #. Murra!. @$he $urtle Mountain 3hippewa, &''2:&18(.A In Central Anthology of North Dakota History: Journal of the Northern Plains. Bismar/B State istorical Societ! of #orth Da/ota, &119B (-.