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DAW Publishing

Elizabeth R. Wollheim and Sheila E. Gilbert

Our Purpose...

Increase web and store tra ic or the Daw !oo"s website and Daw !oo"s distributors through a comprehensi#e digital and print campaign. $tilize to target a broad audience within the Philadelphia metro area. $tilize digital products to e icientl% and e ecti#el% target a speci ic geographic audience be ore e&panding to a national campaign.

'he Internet Presence

(urrent web readership

)ot enough to measure on Dawboo" *+" this month on

,-./. 0ollowers on 'witter 1-1/* 2i"es on 0aceboo"

3our Audience

Strong Asian and A rican American readership Strong showing in people with Graduate school or (ollege education Incomes o#er 4566"

Reaching the <other< Readers. 'he Phill% Slice...

7 million uni8ue users 95.* million uni8ue users on mobile 91.: million readers o the In8uirer- Dail% )ews and SportsWee" ;*.5 million unduplicated lo%al brand users across multiple plat orms each month

'he People o Phill%= Strength $nduplicated

Our readership=

Income= 4566"9 >ost with Graduate school or (ollege education ?er% strong A rican American readership *@ read the paper and /@ read mobile and

>ost o our readership does not cross plat orms.

Social >edia

'witter 0ollowers

Dail% )ews 11-/6* 'he In8uirer 7.-676 1/-5,: Dail% )ews /-5:: 'he In8uirer :-+5. *-761

0aceboo" li"es

In eed ad#ertisements.

Audience 'argeted
>ultiple wa%s we deli#er %our message to the desired audience=

(hannel ABealth- 0inance section- etc. C !eha#ioral A'he Internet trail.C GeoDtargeting A!% D>A or zip code.C Da%part targeting A'he When.C Audience targeting ADemo and Ps%chographics.C

Print- E#er%where 3ou Read

Website splash )ewspaper side bars and headers in the In8uirer and Dail% )ews

Sizes and Spaces



Surround our F ront doorG with use o roadbloc" media and rails- creating high impact and #isibilit%. .+1&76 e&pands to .+1&166 beneath the na#igation bar- abo#e the old. .+1&+/ ad unit displa%ed beneath the na#igation bar- abo#e the old. 166&*66 clic"able branding placement t%picall% tied in with sponsorshipsHta"eo#ers.

766&*66 ad unit in right rail. 766&1/6 unit displa%ed right rail. ARuns in 766&*66 spotC. +1:&.6 unit displa%ed under the header. ARuns in sliding billboard spotC. Speci ic channel sponsorships in an e&clusi#e mannerI566@ SO?. 5*6&*66 within article pages onl%.

>EDI$> RE('A)G2E=







Sample Ad#ertisements
You have to be a bit of a liar to tell a story the right way. Patrick Rothfuss-The Name of the Win !"W #ooks
Words are pale shadows of forgotten names. As names have power, words have power. Words can light fires in the minds of men. Words can wring tears from the hardest hearts. Patrick Rothfuss, The Name of the Wind aw !ooks


55 targeted editorial newsletters distributed to 166"9 opted in subscribers

Rolling out new email design to promote ad placement Entertainment dealsJ

/:6"9 opted in or deals email.

Other- ?isual Options



'he Sound o a ?oice

PreDroll #ideo

5 million impressions per month Attach brand image to our Editorial #ideo Sponsor a custom #ideo programming series that has content rele#ant to the ad#ertiser and desired b% users o

Sponsored #ideo

(ustom #ideo

Sample ?ideo

Perhaps something li"e this... http=HH%outu.beH:*o.$!wp?LM


2imited budget- but would lo#e to tal" about 5.* million uni8ue #isitors Onl% %our ad on the page

Wh% Phill%J

,th largest mar"et

: million people >ore pro essional degrees per 56-666 residents than other large metro areas. 1nd highest award rate or !achelor o Arts degrees. / top tier medical schools

O#er 566 colleges and uni#ersities

16@ o $S doctors train in Philadelphia

'he Pac"age

Run in In8uirer and Dail% )ews

'he month o Lune- , >onda%<s Sliding !illboard PreDRoll ?ideo Phill% Deals at 4/ (P>



Our Deal

Beadline page !HW N 45, (P>

, >onda%<s N 1*6" copies; 45,-/*6

Sliding !illboard N416 (P>; 416-666

PreDRoll ?ideo N 4+/ per 56-666 ; 4+-/66 or the month o Lune Phill% Deals N 4/ (P> ; 4171 per month. 'otal= 4,1-1.1

'han" %ouO D'im (hamberlain