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21] But when they had put to sea from Argos and arrived for the second time at Aulis, the fleet was wind ound, and !alchas said that they could not sail unless the fairest of Agamemnon"s daughters were presented as a sacrifice to Artemis# for the goddess was angry with Agamemnon, oth ecause, on shooting a deer, he had said, $Artemis herself could not %do it etter&,' and ecause Atreus had not sacrificed to her the golden lam . [E.3.22] (n receipt of this oracle, Agamemnon sent )lysses and *althy ius to !lytaemnestra and as+ed for ,phigenia, alleging a promise of his to give her to Achilles to wife in reward for his military service. -o !lytaemnestra sent her, and Agamemnon set her eside the altar, and was a out to slaughter her, when Artemis carried her off to the *aurians and appointed her to e her priestess, su stituting a deer for her at the altar# ut some say that Artemis made her immortal. [http.//*e0t/ApollodorusE.html]