History: 1850 – Present 2009 – 2010

Week 17 Story of the World Volume Four: Chapter 22 General Resources Children’s Encyclopedia of American History The American Story Usborne The Twentieth Century Usborne Book of World History Histories The Women’s Rights Movement Biographies Amelia Earhart: Flying Solo Mapwork & Timeline Right in the middle of World War I, England had another battle to fight. Ireland wanted its independence. Label England on your map. 2. One of the revolts in Ireland happened in Dublin. Label Dublin on the map. 3. In 1921, England signed a treaty that would make Ireland the Irish Free State. Label the Irish Free State on the map. 4. Six counties in the north of Ireland decided they did not want to be part of the Irish Free State. Label this area on the map with the correct name for these six counties. Cut the appropriate figures & place them on the timeline correctly. Writing About History Research Project Summary Peaceful Demonstration Summarize research in one to two paragraphs. 1. Complete Complete Chapter 9 Bringing Down the House The Woeful Plight of Mary Mallon pg 11, 38-39 pg 180

22: The Easter Uprising


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