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Command Arguments Aliases Flags Permission Description Command Source file /god None None s (Report back to sender)

worldguard.god Enable godmode on self /com/sk89q/worldguard/bukkit/commands/ /god [players] None worldguard.god.other Enable godmode on a pla yer /ungod None None worldguard.god Disable godmode on self /ungod [players] None worldguard.god.other Disable godmode on a pl ayer /heal None None worldguard.heal Heal self /heal [players] None worldguard.heal.other Heal a player /slay None None worldguard.slay Slay self /slay [players] None worldguard.slay.other Slay a player /locate [player] None None worldguard.locate Locate a player /stack None None None worldguard.stack Stack items /region None None None None Region management commands /com/sk 89q/worldguard/bukkit/commands/ /worldguard None None None None WorldGuard commands /region define <id> [<owner1> [<owner2> [<owners...>]]] /region def /region d None worldguard.region.define Defines a region /com/sk89q/worldguard/bukkit/commands/ /region redefine <id> /region update /region move None worldguard.region.redefine Re-defines the shape of a region /region claim <id> [<owner1> [<owner2> [<owners...>]]] None None worldguard.region.claim Claim a region /region select <id> /region sel /region s None Load a region as a Worl dEdit selection /region info [world] <id> /region i None Get information about a region /region list [page] [world] None None worldguard.region.list Get a l ist of regions /region flag <id> <flag> [value] /region f None worldguard.regi on.flag Set flags /region setpriority <id> <priority> /region priority /region pri None worldguard.region.setpriority Set the priority of a r egion /region setparent <id> [parent-id] /region parent /region par None worldguard.region.setparent Set the parent of a reg ion /region remove <id> /region delete /region del /region rem None worldguard.region.remove Remove a region /region load [world] /region reload None None Reload regions from file /region save [world] /region write None None Re-save regions to file /region addmember <id> <members...> None None worldguard.regi on.addmember Add a member to a region /com/sk89q/worldguard/bukkit/co mmands/ /region addowner <id> <owners...> None None worldguard.regi on.addowner Add an owner to a region /region removemember <id> <members...> /region remmember /region removemem /region remmem None worldguard.region.removemember Remove a member from a

region /region removeowner <id> <owners...> /region remowner None worldguard.region.removeowner Remove an owner from a region /stopfire [<world>] None None Disables all fire spread temporarily /com/sk89q/worldguard/bukkit/commands/ /allowfire [<world>] None None Allows all fire spread temporarily /worldguard version None None None None Get the WorldGuard vers ion /com/sk89q/worldguard/bukkit/commands/ /worldguard reload None None None worldguard.reload Reload WorldGuard configuration /worldguard report None None p (Upload to pastebin) worldguard.repo rt (p flag requires Writes a report on WorldGuard